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atom ™ - uhomix (jan2015)

Atom™ (also known as Atom Heart and often confused with Señor Coconut, real name Uwe Schmidt) is a German composer, musician and record producer of electronic music. He is often regarded as the father of electrolatino, electrogospel and aciton (acid-reggaeton) music.

Alexander Kowalski - DJ Set Damage Music Berlin Label Night 16.01.2015 Part 2

Alexander Kowalski belongs to the generation of German techno producers who were strongly affected by the social upheaval following the fall of the Berlin Wall and by the enormous sense of freedom in East Berlin during the ensuing years. As with many of his peers like Modeselektor, Marcel Dettmann, Apparat or Paul Kalkbrenner, Alexander came from the former GDR (East Germany). In spite of the hazards, he successfully engaged in a musical career during the nineties, and today he holds the international scene in suspense with his productions.

TheBlackDog Live@Trouw

A lot of people love music. A lot of musicians love music, despite it being their job. After all, how many bin men love black bags? How many salesmen love their target? For musicians, work means another day in the studio, another set of A&R men to make happy, another day knowing you‘ve sold your soul for a strapon! Working in music is poisonous. Yet a lot of musicians love music anyway.

DJ Pete: Wax Treatment Podcast 044

Looking at Berlin’s Techno landscape, there’s no way missing the landmark which is DJ Pete. He’s not only an eye wittness to Techno’s zero hour in Berlin, but he also became one of the early forces shaping the german capital’s underground dance scene for the years to come. He quickly went from being a consumer to actually write Berlin’s Techno history as a producer, remixer and an international dj, as well as part of the Hardwax record store crew.
Listening to Pete dj, it is hardly surprising his experience spanning two decades constantly shines through. His sets comprise a wide range of the most important currents electronic music went through over the last 20 years. His energetic djing is based on loop-y Techno with a tinge of Industrial, tougher House tracks, the proverbial Berlin Sound, as well as classic US Techno.

Derrick May Live @ Dommune 23.12.2014

Biography by John Bush
Of the Belleville Three, the cadre of early Detroit producers who tested the limits of spirit within electronic dance music and changed the integrity of the form forever, Derrick May's reputation as an originator remained intact despite more than a decade of recording inactivity. While Juan Atkins is rightly looked at as the godfather of techno, with a recording career beginning in the electro scene of the early '80s and encompassing some of the most inspired tracks in the history of dance music; and Kevin Saunderson is the Detroit producer with the biggest mainstream success through his work with vocalist Paris Grey as Inner City, May's position as an auteur eroded slightly during the 1990s due to a largely inexplicable lack of activity. As far as influence counts as part of the equation, however, May recorded the techno tracks which top dance producers point to as the most original and influential. The classic Derrick May sound is a clever balance between streamlined percussion-heavy cascades of sound with string samples and a warmth gained from time spent in Chicago, enraptured by the grooves of essential DJs like Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles. May's Transmat Records label was the home of his best material, cuts like "Nude Photo," "Strings of Life," "Kaos" and "It Is What It Is," most produced from 1987 to 1989 as Rhythim Is Rhythim. And though his release schedule all but halted during the 1990s, he continued DJing around the world and honed Transmat into one of the most respected techno labels in the world.

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Rvde is a project active since 2012.
They published four ep's on Black Reel Records, Intellighenzia Electronica Records (with remixes by Mark Broom and Ricardo Garduno), Somewhere Recordings (with remix by Dj Datch) and several remixes for artists such as Energun and Plukkk, then in late 2014 comes the first vinyl "Veslar".

Slumber Session: Synkro

Manchester’s Joe McBride pens elaborate, emotive & intellectual soundscapes, drawing in influences across a spectrum of bass culture and electronica.
Having released with Exit Records, Brownswood, Styrax, Auxiliary & Med School, as well as remixes for Model 500, Snow Patrol, Lowb & a plethora more, Synkro has most recently found a home at R&S sister label ‘Apollo’.
Major support for Synkro’s music has come from names like Chris Coco, Giles Peterson, Mary Anne Hobbs, Prefuse 73 and dBridge. A truly staple artist in the timeline of UK Bass.

RYC Podcast 029 | Jeroen Search

RYC Podcast 029 | Jeroen Search (Bergen op Zoom)
Jeroen Search simultaneously is one of techno’s most influential producers and well-kept public secrets. Consistently putting out quality music since the mid nineties on among many others his own genre-shaping Search imprint, he still resides where he has been for many years now: the absolute cutting edge.
Named by many as a source of inspiration, Jeroen Search embodies a clear and honest interpretation of techno. His tracks, while audibly open to new and exciting musical influences, always remain true to that typical, inimitable Search-sound. He has seen little to no need to completely reinvent himself at any stage as most, if not all, of his work communicates itself with great ease due to its truly timeless nature.

Monument 68: Mike Wall

In the 90’s Mike Wall made his first experiences with electronic music. In these years, he started mixing tapes and playing his first gigs in the East Germany. But he released under the name Mike Wall for the first time on the record label Modulat in 2005, and since then things started looking up for him.

Electric Deluxe Podcast 117 Raffaele Attanasio

Raffaele Attanasio(also X-501(X501)) was born in a family of musicians. He cultivated a passion for music since he has been a child, infact he started to have piano lessons.
At the age of 12 he started to take ones first steps in the world of djing and after 5 years he made his first productions. In this period he was really into techno music, electronic music and classical-contemporary composition. In 2007 he took the piano graduation which improves his artistic language.

RYC Podcast 107 | DJ Hyperactive (Chicago)

RYC Podcast 107 | DJ Hyperactive (Chicago)
DJ Hyperactive was born and raised on Chicago’s South Side. Rocking vinyl for over 30 years and soon jumped in the studio at the start of the 90s. His early output surfaced on his own imprint, Contact Records, along with releases on pioneering labels such as Drop Bass, Communique, Sounds, Analog, UC and the list goes on. In ‘97 DJ Hyperactive headed west to kick off the opening of Higher Source Records & Gear in Huntington Beach. This move also marked the start of 4 Track Records (now 4trk). After nearly a 20 year run in Los Angeles, he decided to return to Chicago and set up camp again.

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Terrence Dixon's Population One Live In Detroit - Recorded At The Movement After Party, Detroit 2014

Terrence Dixon's Population One project - a special live set at the official Movement after party 26th May 2014. * Originally broadcast on Hessle Audio's Rinse FM Podcast 18/12/2014

RYC Podcast 103 | Sleeparchive

Very rare podcast. What this man put together is something special, as Brewer has elected to deliver a sort of mixtape,
one that largely eschews club-ready sonics for sounds that are more ambient and introspective. This session will glide you through pensive soundscapes, patches of noise, and soaring melodies. When A Clash of Ideals comes to a close, there's little question that the listener has just completed a rich musical journey from somebody how's a true Techno hero.But it all starts here..

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Only For Robots 069 - Brendon Moeller live @ Smart Bar [13.12.14]

When it comes to post-Basic Channel dub techno, Brendon Moeller is one of the go-to guys. Since leaving his native South Africa for New York City in 1993, the dub technician has been proudly laying down his musical legacy on labels like Astralwerks, Mule Musiq and Six Degrees Records; working with revered vocalists like Paul St. Hilaire, Mikey Dread and Mutabaruka and fomenting relationships with scene institutions like fabric, Berghain and Francois K.

''My parents detected my interest in music at an early age so sent me for piano lessons. However, this kinda alienated me from my desires as the teacher ended up trying to impose all this classical stuff on me when all I was interested in playing was Hall & Oates and Queen. After 2 years of piano I quit and spent all my time playing tennis before I began playing drums in a band when I was 19, at which point the fire was ignited once again.''

''The band was fun for a few years but was never as serious for the other members as it was for me. About the same time I was hearing early acid house and ambient stuff, so in late 1993 decided to sell my car and buy a ticket to NYC. I worked as a waiter six days a week and, in mid 1994, purchased my first drum machine, sequencer and synth...''

Since then, the dub landscape has been for ever changing at his hands: sometimes under his own name, sometimes as Beat Pharmacy (almost exclusively on Francois K's Wave Music) and sometimes as Echologist, he is behind seven full length albums to-date, each of which has breached the musical boundaries of what went before. Taking cues from jazz, techno, dub, afrobeat and psychedelia, Moeller's aims are simple.

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ERFUNDEN | Pod 042 | Joachim Spieth

Erfunden | a project unites music and art as a conceptual whole. different view of the work aimed at is to show the other side of the various musicians and artists, to give an opportunity to show their alter ego. erfunden is something mystical and mysterious. each podcast as a kind of story, which is based on the hidden meaning and soul of the creator...
SoundCloud page

New episode 042 by Joachim Spieth

Bio /
Joachim Spieth is a long time DJ, producer and label boss of Affin. Whether through the music he produces himself, or the productions he releases on his own imprint, the sounds always operate in their own little pockets away from the norm. It all started with ‘Abi 99’ – one of the earliest 12”s Cologne stable Kompakt ever released. At the time it was supported by legendary UK radio DJ John Peel and, in turn, was followed up with more huge early success in the form of ‘Under Pressure’, a split single EP on Speicher with Michael Mayer.

RYC Podcast 105 | Deepbass (Glasgow)

Deepbass was introduced to the scene in 2009 his music is best described as deep, dark, atmospherical techno.
Born in Glasgow, Scotland. His passion for electronic music started from a young age where he would spend his weekends in record stores searching for music, he discovered artists like Speedy J and Jeff Mills who really opened his eyes to the world of techno. He started producing music in 2008 and from there his sound evolved, always minimalistic, elements of ambient, hypnotic rhythms and deep rolling bassline's. In 2010 he launched his label Informa Records as a platform to express himself and to explore further into his brand of deep techno.
The label is going strong has now had to opportunity to work with artists such as Modern Heads, Cio D'Or, Mark Broom, Edit Select Echologist, Ness, Hironori Takahashi, nAX_Acid and many more high quality artists. Deepbass has had a string of releases on some great labels such as Soma Records, Dynamic Reflection, Aconito Records and Planet Rhythm. He has a number of live shows and Informa showcases under his belt which have taken him to some of the worlds best clubs including Space, Ibiza & Berghain, Berlin.

PoleGroup Radio/ Doka

Doka. Short, strong and consistently with the industrial raw and repetitive nature of techno. Doka was one of the initiators in the techno scene in the south of the Netherlands. In 2006 he introduced the successful concept TechNORm at the Nieuwe Nor venue in Heerlen.
After more than 40 editions with headliners such as Marcel Dettmann, Surgeon, Oscar Mulero, Speedy J, DVS1 and Luke Slater, the concept attracted the attention of other large organizations such as Planet Rose, Evotions and VOLLT resulting in successful collaborations. Nowadays TechNORm is replaced by a brand new concept named: Konstrukt. Konstrukt is evolving in Amsterdam with events in OT301 and Studio 80. Doka is a passionate producer and dj. In the middle of the “concrete jungle” of Amsterdam West, he works on his typical raw melodic techno sound. Doka releases on labels like Wolfskuil Records, Gynoid Audio, Format Records, On records, and ESD. With more and more gigs in large venues and party’s/festivals such as Awakenings, Tresor, CLR, Amsterdam Open Air, Incognito, Paradiso, Doornroosje, Melkweg, Have a nice day festival, Doka is a name to remember!

Behind The Stage - BTS Podcast 011 - Ness

Ness began his electronic music journey in the late 90's and his evolving interest and passion soon encouraged him to start a dj career experimenting with various genres – from trance to pure experimental. With a background in sound engineering and many years of research and fine-tuning, he gradually developed a distinct personal style with a strong focus on atmosphere combined with hypnotic vibes. In 2007 he opened his own record store in his hometown in Sardinia (Italy) and 2 years later he founded his first label - Mono Records. Acknowledged for his individual style, Ness has worked with labels like Phorma (Sweden), Synewave (USA), Dynamic Reflection (The Netherlands), M_Rec Ltd. (Italy), Informa (UK), Prologue (Germany), etc. and collaborated with artists like Claudio PRC, Deepbass, Attemporal, Rasmus Hedlund, etc.

Leo Anibaldi - 5 Years De:tuned Mix Series (Part 2)

Born in 1972, Leo Anibaldi discovers his passion for electronic music at the age of 15. Thanks to the advent of early personal computers such as the Commodore Vic 20 and 64, he begins to create his first loops. After one year, Anibaldi starts to play in clubs under the pseudonym DJ Mc, when it was impossibile to find any trace of electronic beat in Rome. He became an enthusiastic analog synth collector and he decided to spend his daily life on the creation of beats and grooves. In 1990, Anibaldi begins his recordings career at ACV Records, where he will make more than 20 albums such as: Attack Random, Riders of the Future, Noise Generation, Muta, Cannibald and Aeon. In 1991, Anibaldi meets Lory D, and from a small garage located in the north of Rome, they start the alternative music movement soon known as The Sound of Rome, which spread techno music in Rome and the whole of Italy. In those years, Anibaldi concentrated in bringing his analog live set around the world, appearing at large events such as one of the first Love Parade editions in Berlin. In 1995, he decides to sever ties with ACV Records and moves to Rephlex, which released the album Void. 2008. Cannibald records was born, Leo’s personal record label and he is back with a new Ep and two albums, Leo Anibaldi's Classics '90-'95 (2009) and 2000 Cuts (2010). Cannibald records is the sublimation of twenty years of experience in the world of electronic music by a veteran dj/producer. Cannibald Records is devoted to the search and experimentation of new sounds and original grooves,in order to offer an always actual and timeless sound: from freaky house to weird electronica to the darkest techno tunes.

Dany Angelelli | 00100 Party @ ESC Atelier Autogestito | [complete set]

Born into a family of musicians, recording studios and musical instruments, is approaching the world of DJing in 1989 at age 13, influenced by DMC videotapes. After several years of hard work to refine his technique of mixing, is able to perform as a resident in legendary clubs in the region of Lazio, all Sundays in the afternoon, (Clemalù - Canneto - Coliseum-La Zanzara-Boca-Doing).
Arriving early '90s, and with the advent of musical influences from Detroit and England, Dany participates in what might be considered the first Rave in Italy "The Magic Eyes" on Canneto - Borgo Sabotino. It is immediately fascinated by this new sound called "Techno", very different from disco-house proposal at that time, very melodic with vocals. The change is immediate, Dany still very young flies to London, home of the Sound and Rave to buy techno vinyls to play at rave in Rome.
Participate at his first rave in 1992 as a disc jockey at "Rave Chamomile". In 1993 he was resident at the "06 Disco Winter " with Lory D, representing the main importer and creator of techno and electronic scene Roman and Italian. This last, along with Leo Anibaldi and a handful of other artists, gave life and body, to the Sound of Rome. Musical and artistic movement born spontaneously as well as in Detroit and other cities were born cultural movements and subcultural.These were the artists who influenced totally Dany, outlining what is its true matrix.