Saturday, February 14, 2015

Secret Thirteen Mix 131 – Polar Inertia - Live Recording

"We are no one because we want to be no one,
And to be no one we have to be everywhere and nowhere"

Polar Inertia is a hazy entity formed in 2010, appearing at first as an electronic music act.
Operating like a White-Out, they have built up a fog that surrounds the nature of their activities.
Beyond the music and the records, the members of Polar Inertia are also the authors of texts, photographic works, printed artworks, videos and specific live performances for different context.
They have often been invited to contribute to various revues, editions or art books. Their course of creation thus takes the direction of a polymorphic artistic process, bound to evolve in various fields of contemporary creation.

For Secret Thirteen journal we have worked on a special slowed down techno recording in the spirit of the live sets we have did for Polar Inertia’s recent exhibitions in Brussels and CCA, Tbilisi.
A couple of months ago we have changed all our gear and equipment, and collected new machines but somehow never had enough time to meet
altogether and wire them. Finally, we have decided to hook up our new musical gear and equipment to improvise the future of Polar Inertia’s sound.

It was one of those studio jams you do not want to rush to. We took our time. Slowed down the tempo to 112 bpm and sent all synths through a
multitrack recorder to catch every moment of the jam session. During hours of knob twisting we went through several states of mind and different styles.

What we are sharing with Secret Thirteen readers is an edited version of what happened that night.


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