Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Lapuse Jürgen present: TIME

Jürgen Lapuse stands for 100% pure Techno. Whether on radio shows or in clubs, he always fills the crowd with enthusiasm. His work on 4 decks presents a higher level of mixing, it is not simply about connecting two tracks.Using his high-quality equipment, Jürgen always wants to create something new and extraordinary out of his varied selection of tracks.

He is very passionated to reach amazing work using new sounds, loops and the latest technology of mixing. With his accurate sense of harmony and speed he gets every audience freaking out. Thanks to his early experiences with Techniks CD players he was able to enlarge his
knowledge of djing. Over the last few years, Jürgen has been collecting a lot of tracks, which he uses nowadays to create a complete new piece of art.

Techno changed my life :)


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