Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Has several albums from KOMPAKT under the name KAITO.
11 years ago, he released the mega hit piece 'Special Life', which was also included in Francois Kevorkian's MIX-CD and created a sensation.
After that, he released the 2nd album "Hundred Million Lightyears", a long awaited album by dance music freaks.

Upon the release of this 2nd album, which includes the title song that was also in KOMPAKT/Total 6, he gave live performances at big events such as the 5 Days Off Festival in Amsterdam, Kompakt Night in Berlin, and MonegrosDesert Fes in Barcelona. His performances sent the world's biggest party animals into a frenzy.
Meanwhile, he also released an album "GENESIS" on KLIK RECORDS under his real name in Greece.
Tours within Greece were taken several times over the years, which bought him high acclaims for both his lives and DJ techniques. In 2007, he released his first DJ MIXCD, "Contact to the Spirits", from KOMPAKT under the name KAITO. Then in 2008, he made another first-time attempt, an album with vocals collaborated with Keiichi Sokabe, the "Life, Love".
And now, in 2009, 3rd KAITO album "Trust" has been released from KOMPAKT! after the year in 2011, HIROSHI WATANABE also released "Sync Positive" from KLIK records again. and now it preparing to come out new Kaito 4th album in 2014 from KOMPAKT.

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