Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Monument 68: Mike Wall

In the 90’s Mike Wall made his first experiences with electronic music. In these years, he started mixing tapes and playing his first gigs in the East Germany. But he released under the name Mike Wall for the first time on the record label Modulat in 2005, and since then things started looking up for him.

In 2006, his début vinyl was released on the London minimal label named “Safari Electronique”, which is home to very talented producers such as Italoboyz, Delete and Arnaud le Textier, Cesare vs. Disorder, Christian Burkhardt, just to name a few. Since then, a lot happened and he released on labels like smallroom music, Hidden Recordings, Sleaze and his own label Wall Music. With the foundation of Wall Music/Wall Music Limited, he took a further step into independence and he began to push unknown artists and labels with the credo of having the best fun out of it. So far this year you could get hold of his new Album “DREI” released on Wall Music Ltd.


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