Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Leo Anibaldi - 5 Years De:tuned Mix Series (Part 2)

Born in 1972, Leo Anibaldi discovers his passion for electronic music at the age of 15. Thanks to the advent of early personal computers such as the Commodore Vic 20 and 64, he begins to create his first loops. After one year, Anibaldi starts to play in clubs under the pseudonym DJ Mc, when it was impossibile to find any trace of electronic beat in Rome. He became an enthusiastic analog synth collector and he decided to spend his daily life on the creation of beats and grooves. In 1990, Anibaldi begins his recordings career at ACV Records, where he will make more than 20 albums such as: Attack Random, Riders of the Future, Noise Generation, Muta, Cannibald and Aeon. In 1991, Anibaldi meets Lory D, and from a small garage located in the north of Rome, they start the alternative music movement soon known as The Sound of Rome, which spread techno music in Rome and the whole of Italy. In those years, Anibaldi concentrated in bringing his analog live set around the world, appearing at large events such as one of the first Love Parade editions in Berlin. In 1995, he decides to sever ties with ACV Records and moves to Rephlex, which released the album Void. 2008. Cannibald records was born, Leo’s personal record label and he is back with a new Ep and two albums, Leo Anibaldi's Classics '90-'95 (2009) and 2000 Cuts (2010). Cannibald records is the sublimation of twenty years of experience in the world of electronic music by a veteran dj/producer. Cannibald Records is devoted to the search and experimentation of new sounds and original grooves,in order to offer an always actual and timeless sound: from freaky house to weird electronica to the darkest techno tunes.


01. Reload - Le Soleil Et La Mer - INF 004
02. Bill Laswell - Aum - 12AXM 4
03. Max 404 - Quiddity (last visit)- EEVO 016
04. The Black Dog - It Felt Like It - BD 003
05. Coil - Windowpane - LOCI 3
06. Bacteria
07. Electribe 101 - You're Walking (Ambient Groove Mix) - MERX 328
08. Urban Tribe – Covert Action - PE 65271-1
09. The Prince And The Wizard - The Wiz Is A Genius - CL-4429
10. Musicology - Telefone 529 - B1201
11. Aboriginal
12. Sweet Exorcist - Jack Jack - WAP 13
13. Psyche - Elements - PE BFC 96-LP
14. The Step - Yeah You (Robert's Dub) - WAP 8R
15. Arrival (Dub Version)
16. Polygon Window - If It Really Is Me - WARP LP 7

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