Thursday, August 07, 2014

Spectral Rebel Podcast #4: Claudio PRC

Born 1987 in Sardinia, Italy. Claudio PRC is a techno/experimental dj and producer who releases music on several labels like Prologue and Stroboscopic Artefacts. Co-founder of TGP (The Gods Planet) label with Ness, he worked in different projects with artists like Svart1 and Terence Fixmer. In 2012 he presented his debut album "Inner State" on Prologue. The long-player builds on the Claudio's reputations for droning, atmospheric and high calibre dark techno. During the years Claudio has performed in clubs and festivals all over the world, to name a few: Tresor and Berghain (Berlin), Eleven and Seco (Tokyo), Cocoricò (Riccione), Corsica Studios (London), Batofar (Paris), Gare Porto (Porto), Moog (Barcelona), The Wall (Taipei), rural and Freedommune festivals (Japan), Boom festival (Portugal), Supynes (Lithuania).

Hello Everyone and welcome for the 4th Spectral Rebel Podcast episode.

Svart1 - Su Peccadu [The Black Cloak Wore]
The End Of All Existence - The Final Hours [The End Of All Existence]
Modvs - PL2 [Hypnus]
kNS - Nigrum [Semantica]
Korova - Blow Out [RSVD]
Deepbass & Ness - Dimension [Dynamic Reflection]
S100 - Revoke [Semantica]
Edit Select & Teste - Ascend [Edit Select]
Svreca - Disorder [Warm Up]
Deepbass - Sequence 2 [Edit Select]
Planetary Assault Systems - Serc [Mote Evolver]
Claudio PRC - Ter [Trolldans]
Tozzy - Subterrel [Hypnus]

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