Thursday, July 17, 2014

Invite's Choice Podcast 188 - Dubit

The project Dubit ranges from Techno to Experimental Electronic Music. Is the free expression for a free interpretation, telling a story upsetting the canons trying to translate in the clearest way possible emotions and themes in sound. The creation of it has no limits: from hardware to software, from analog to environment recordings.

Always involved in Djing, in new Productions and Collaborations in the electronic music scene and audio/video sphere, founder of Several Reasons Recordings [] and Soluxion Records [] he lives in Berlin and is active Performing in Europe and not only.
Treating Sound Engineering, Psychoacoustics and Post Production, he founded Soluxion Lab a project studio based in Berlin and in growth and in expansion [].

Field recordings of environmental sound events, either natural or produced by anthropic contexts, provides the main source of sound research for the electronic productions. 'Concrete' materials become the basis for acoustic and anthropological research, sonorizations applied to visual and performing arts and experimental techno compositions.

To study, to apply and to experiment. This is that the project "Dubit" wants to mean.

Dubit is also founder, mastering engineer and sound designer at Soluxion Lab, check it for more info:

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