Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Phon.o fabric x 50 Weapons Promo Mix

Phon.o who this spring has dropped a pair of fresh EP's on his home label and who has also recorded this club focussed mix to show us what we can expect from his DJ set at the weekend. You can listen to that in the player below while we also have a quick catch up with evolving producer as we discover how Cracking Space Pts 1 & 2 marks a desire to set out Phon.o's true sound and finally work in a lifetimes worth of musical influences along the way.

Read the interview here: www.fabriclondon.com/blog/


EOMAC - Spectre - Killekill
SEVERN BEACH - Stitches - Audio Culture Label
CUSTOMER - Hunderpantsie - Whistleblower Records
DOC DANEEKA - Treptow - Numbers
REDSHAPE - Dogz - Running Back
MARTYN & FOUR TET : Glassbeadgames (8 Hours at Fabric Dub) - Ninja Tune
PEDESTRIAN - Ultramarine Express- Born Electric
FORMALLY UNKNOWN - Will Never - Capital Bass
COSMIN TRG - Izolat - 50weapons
MARKE FORCE - Chicago (Trevino Remix) - Transit
PHON.O - Schn33 - 50weapons
RACHEL ROW - Follow The Step (KiNK Beat Mix) - Defected
PHON.O - Whi5tleblower - 50weapons

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