Monday, June 16, 2014

ERFUNDEN | Pod 035 | MTD

Nicola Belligoli aka MTD was born in Mantua in 1986, after several years of interest in electronic music, particularly in techno, and after experiencing the production world, he decides to open his own label together with its historic partner Tracy.
In the winter between 2010 and 2011 Sonntag Morgen comes to life, initially only with digital releases and then also on wax. Now in its third year it counts more than 30 releases on digital and 4 on vinyl. With the launch of the label MTD finds room to exhibit the best of his idea of Techno. Hypnotic and rough sounds influenced by dub and experimental moods. This will eventually lead him to collaborate with many Italian and international labels.
Today in his discography we can find a large variety of works supported by numerous artists of the international music scene.

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Erfunden | a project unites music and art as a conceptual whole. different view of the work aimed at is to show the other side of the various musicians and artists, to give an opportunity to show their alter ego. erfunden is something mystical and mysterious. each podcast as a kind of story, which is based on the hidden meaning and soul of the creator
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