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ERFUNDEN | Pod 034 | Albert van Abbe [podcast + Interview]

Erfunden | a project unites music and art as a conceptual whole. different view of the work aimed at is to show the other side of the various musicians and artists, to give an opportunity to show their alter ego. erfunden is something mystical and mysterious. each podcast as a kind of story, which is based on the hidden meaning and soul of the creator...

Albert van Abbe, hailing from Eindhoven, is definitely one of the underdogs of the electronic music scene. Hidden away from the big European techno hubs, and being quite happy with that, he feels that he can create original output. Being active in the underground arts scene since 2001, van Abbe has steadily been making name for himself. This led him to start his own label No Comment in 2010. No Comment is a platform releasing a strain of quality releases including collaborations with artists like Convextion, Sleeparchive and Gerald Donald. Van Abbe's main focus alongside the label is performing live. He has been crafting and presenting his live performances worldwide under different monikers since 2002. Uncompromising, visceral and melancholic are words that come to mind while experiencing his performances and listing to his records, reviewers often characterize van Abbe's works as ''floating in between Drexciyan wave and Raster Noton bleep''. Next to the live performances, his lustful collection of vinyl is rapidly growing as well. The best way to learn about Albert's love for deeper dance music is to hear him DJ. His long sets at his own intimate Drum events for example, communicate his warm relationship with the sound he loves so much.

Erfunden's Pod 034 by Albert van Abbe

Interview with Albert van Abbe

1. To start out, can you tell us how you got into djing and producing electronic music? Tell us a bit about your music background.

Albert: The thing is I don't really have a background in music, I come from a graffiti background and started making music from one day to the next in 2001. I just had the feeling that I had to do it although nobody around me was involved with Electronic music. The Dj-ing started a couple of years after that in 2005 when a friend moved to another city and left his set Technics SL-1200's with me...

2. How do you describe the music you make and play? 
A: Musical catharsis. 

3. There’re a lot of electro elements in your music, what’s the turning point to make you transforming into techno? 
A: I was always making 4/4 material in the past but was never really convinced about the sound that I created. That all changed when I started the No Comment platform in 2010 / 2011. 

4. What’s the concept behind the label “No Comment”? 
A: The concept behind No Comment (the label is now obsolete) was that I wanted to present my own personal sounds without any boundaries or rules. You could say a had (and still have) ''no comment'' on the rest of the scene, I just really like to focus on presenting my own material. 
Furthermore I could say there is very little discussion or comments from other people that I incorporate back into the my music. I don't really like to talk or analyze my material to much as i think the works are more original that way. 

5. Your sound is specific and differs a lot from the masses of "plastic" music. Which devices do use to make music? How is the studio process going? How long does it take from the very first idea to the result? Is it somehow planned, or always spontaneous? 
A: I am proud to say almost all the sound that I produce is created digitally, this is after years and years of producing with hardware only. I am still working in a studio of a friend where he has all the classic Roland machines and a very big modular set-up so I am very happy to have excess to this set-up as well very close to my home. 
As I said when I am working by my self it's almost all software based and I think I prefer that. The process of creating is purely intuitive, I always seem to know the next step to take from the small base i started with until the track is finished. A sketch for a track I can do pretty fast but it takes a lot of listening back, arranging and rearranging before a tune is finally finished. 

6. What are you working on at the moment? 
A: I am working on a two-tracker for Shipwrec's sub-label Deep Sound Channel that will be out in September (DSC006), this will be the final Deep Sound Channel release. Then I am working on VANABBE02 as well that will be out before the end of the year. Next to that my Ostinato E.P. for the Swedish label Trolldans will be out in May and my remix for Markus Suckut's Lethal will be out soon on his SCKT label to. 
My first date at Berghain is confirmed for the summer and I am working on a new Live-PA that I will present there. 

7. Do you favor other music genres besides techno/electronic? What’re their influences toward your work? 
A: I listen to a lot of Jazz and Hip-hop music but I don't know if they influence my own work directly. Some listeners and friends say they can tell, I don't really know. 

8. To finish the interview can you tell us what artists you are enjoying to listen at the moment, what is your favorite track ever, and what are your future music plans? 
A: As far as techno producers go I would say Prince of Denmark is what I listen to a lot at the moment, really like the material that Kobosil is putting out to. One of my favorites tracks ever is Dopplereffekt's Z-Boson but I-F's I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less is also one of my favorites. 
I plan to put out the releases I have scheduled this year (and next year). I will start performing more and will probably join the right bookings agency.

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