Wednesday, June 11, 2014

[Cyclo Sound] [re_work Loop Consortium] present: SubDubSound

[Cyclo Sound][re_work Loop Consortium]is a musical project created by Ashh Ist.
In this project, bringing together the signposting label and the best avant-garde artists of the electronic scene.
IDM as Inteligent Dance Music!!

. Demdike Stare - Library Of Solomon Book (Modern Love) 
. Polar Inertia - Indirect Light (Dement3d) 
. Kangding Ray - Antar (Stroboscopic Artefacts) 
. Atom TM - Tiefebene (Clicks / Glitch) 
. Biosphere - Hyperborea (Touch) 
. Borful Tang - Meet the Band (Stroboscopic Artefacts) 
. Dadub - Unbroken Continuity (Stroboscopic Artefacts) 
. Fennesz - Shift (Touch) 
. Aphex Twin - # 1 (Warp Records) 
. Desolate - Escape (The Invisible Insurrection) 
. Clark - Pleen 1930's (Warp Records) 
. Atom TM - Voralpenthema II (Clicks / Glitch) 
. DSCRD - L'Envers Des Clefs II (Dement3d) 
. Demdike Stare - Hashshashin Chant (Modern Love) 
. Mika Vainio - Magnetosense (Touch) 
. L.B. Dub Corp - Indulgent Dub (Stroboscopic Artefacts) 
. Ghislain Poirier - oui-dire (12K) 
. Andy Stott - Dark Details (Modern Love) 
. Lusine - Haze (Ghostly International) 
. Walls - A Virus Waits! (Kompakt) 
 ***Copyright is the respective owner!! please support the artists, buy a track on the best vinyl/digital store!!!

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[our influences] 
Kompact records, Play House rec., Mille Plateux, No Standard Productions, tobias., nsi. non standard institute, atom™ & pink elln, odd machine, sieg über die sonne, mfp, pink elln, the electronic dreamplant, phobia, zoon, metazone, vo ese, Masaki Sakamoto, Perlon, hardwax (berlin), decks record, k 12, Scape rec., Red Planet, Somewhere In Detroit, Metroplex, Cybotron, Klein & M.B.O., Inner City, Kraftwerk, "Mad" Mike Banks, Jeff Mills e Robert Hood, Cosmic Jazz, Sun Ra Orchestra, Autechre. Planet E, Fragile Records, Paperclip People, Innerzone Orchestra, Plaid, Amon Tobin, LFO, Richard Devine, Orbital, The Future Sound Of London, Boards of Canada, Cylob, Apparat, Unit, Caribou, Mouse on Mars, Jackson and his Computer Band, Four Tet, Warp Records, Rephlex Records, Planet Mu, (John Cage, Christian Wolff, Earle Brown, Meredith Monk, Malcolm Goldstein, Morton Feldman, Terry Riley, La Monte Young, Philip Glass, John Cale, Steve Reich,Michael Nyman, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Pierre Boulez, Iannis Xenakis, Wagner, Brahms, Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss, Toshiro Mayuzumi, John Cage, Roberto Carnevale, Jimmy Giuffre, Paul Bley, Steve Swallow, John Coltrane, Chico Hamilton, Charles Mingus, Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman, Pharoah Sanders, TPO (via Irnerio Bologna), LINK (via Fioravanti Bologna), RkC fm

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