Saturday, June 07, 2014

BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix - Marcel Dettmann (April 2014)

Ruff, rugged and raw. Mentioning Marcel Dettmann as well as his feeling for and vision of electronic music, his way of dealing with it, is impossible without these attributes. Whether you take his DJ sets (Marcel has been made a resident DJ at the old Ostgut and also at Berghain from the very start), Dettmann’s productions for the self-conducted MDR label, his remixes for the likes of Fever Ray, Junior Boys, Modeselektor as well as Scuba, or if nothing else his debut long player for Ostgut Ton into account, all the various contrasts and distinctions that come with it are manifested in these qualities.

Techno as Marcel Dettmann defines it, is neither a movement without history nor wistful nostalgia. In the hands of the Berliner, the well-known game of hi-hats, bass lines and kick drums draws its tension and momentum from a historically grown tradition and the conscious decision to break the rules. Reformation and solid construction outplays the use of any gimmicks. Dettmann pours Detroit’s oil into European engines, puts British bass music under the control of Chicago’s very own Jack, cuts classics with abstract nuances and connects yesterday with tomorrow and today. In the unrelenting manner of a great DJ, he generates moods and connections that are age- and classless, but never irrelevant or tasteless. Marcel Dettmann links up the art of improvisation with careful preparation and finally gives techno some of its often painfully missed serious physical constitution back.

Area Forty_one - Reminiscence - DELSIN RECORDS
L.B. Dub Corp - Take A Ride (Feat. Benjamin Zephaniah) (Original Mix) - OSTGUT TON
Conforce - Abundance Of Selves - DELSIN RECORDS
Tobias Freund - Fast Null - OSTGUT TON
Rolando - Time Adjustment - ROLAND ROCHA RECORDS
Reade Truth - Blessing Of Luh - N S Y D E
Prince of Denmark - Your Body - FORUM
Planetary Assault Systems - Riot In Silo 12 - MOTE EVOLVER
Physical Therapy - Million Years Crushed (Norman Nodge Remix) - ALLERGY SEASON
Ø [Phase] - Self Deceit - TOKEN RECORDS
Laibach - Eurovision (Marcel Dettmann Remix) - WHITE LABEL
Esteban Adame - Rise & Shine - EPM MUSIC
Chris Clark - Superscope - WARP RECORDS
Dario Zenker - WM2 - WHITE LABEL
Joey Anderson - Come Behind The Tree - SYNCROPHONE RECORDINGS
Marcel Dettmann - Apron (Luke Slater PAS Remix) - WHITE LABEL
Marcel Dettmann - Seduction (Anthony Parasole Remix) - OSTGUT TON
Marco Shuttle - Sing Like A Bird - TIME TO EXPRESS
Mike Storm and GRG - Rainy Mondays - ORBIS RECORDS
L.B. Dub Corp - Nearly Africa - OSTGUT TON
Crystal Maze - Orchidea Nera - ECHOVOLT
Dillon - A Matter Of Time (Marcel Dettmann Remix) - WHITE LABEL
XDB - Ganivon (Answer Code Request Remix) - DOLLY
Staffan Linzatti - View From The Collapsing Centre - BALANS HOLLAND
Orlando Voorn - Gain Upwards - WHITE LABEL
Louis Haiman - Ghost Of Gratiot - ICON OF DESIRE

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