Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ancient Methods - Radio Sessions Mix 2014

Ancient Methods: a mythical creature found near the dark core of techno.
With just seven 12-inches released since first sightings back in 2007, Ancient Methods has become so closely intertwined with the Berlin (and European) techno scene that it’s almost surprising they haven’t been around much longer. This week they visited FluxFM‘s studios for our Electronic Beats on Air radio show and recorded a mix that, although always close to the four-to-the-floor kickdrum, also explores electronica territories with Raster Noton or the ambient minimalism of Voices from the Lake. However, with names like Joey Beltram, Lucy and Sleeparchive on the tracklist, you can be quite sure to get the full Ancient Methods ‘pitch black techno war funk’ dosage here—a term coined by Boomkat in 2007 that is still as fitting as ever.

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