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Detroit Techno Militia - The Grid

Detroit Techno Militia presents THE GRID - 04.03.2014
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Featuring DJ sets by DJ Psycho [Detroit Techno Militia] & T.Linder [Detroit Techno Militia]

Monument 45: Deepbass

Deepbass was introduced to the scene in 2009 his music is best described as deep, dark, atmospherical techno.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland. His passion for electronic music started from a young age where he would spend his weekends in record stores searching for music, he discovered artists like Speedy J and Jeff Mills who really opened his eyes to the world of techno.
He started producing music in 2008 and from there his sound evolved, always minimalistic, elements of ambient, hypnotic rhythms and deep rolling bassline's. In 2010 he launched his label Informa Records as a platform to express himself and to explore further into his brand of deep techno.
The label is going strong has now had to opportunity to work with artists such as Modern Heads, Cio D'Or, Mark Broom, Edit Select Echologist, Ness, Hironori Takahashi, nAX_Acid and many more high quality artists.
Deepbass has had a string of releases on some great labels such as Dynamic Reflection, Aconito Records and Shapeless Records. He has a number of live shows and Informa showcases under his belt which have taken him to Tresor - Berlin, Studio 80 - Amsterdam, Moog - Barcelona, Plunk - Moscow and a number of other clubs in city's across Europe.

SlamRadio - 090 - Ø [Phase]

UK based techno producer, Mastering engineer and on/off artwork designer Ashley Burchett, better known as Ø [Phase] joins in the mix on Slam Radio with a crafty blend of deep dancefloor devistation.

Gabriele Mancino - process part 378

Born in Palermo in 1981, fascinated by house music and vinyl, Gabriele Mancino buys his first Turntable in 1999. In the same period he starts to working into his best friend’s record shop where he can discover many types of new musical genres wich will be fondamental for the creation of his dj set, spacing from deep-house and nu-funk to tecno-Detroit.
From there he starts his first experiences as Dj in gigs as: Zwischenraum festival (Berlin), Sottomarino giallo (Mi), Binario 1 (Mi), Motorshow festival (Bo), Vola (Ct), Zo (Ct), Native (Me), Movid@ (Pa), Pascia’ (Tp), Grog (Cl), Black out (Cl), Wintercase festival(Pa). In 2002 spins the vinyls in the after-party of Jamiroquai’s concert in Catania and in 2010 is selected for the national event Elettrowave challenge.
He starts to work as producer in 2008 for the italian label Recline under the name “MAH!” also remixed by Francesco Farfa. At the moment he works with differents indipendent labels like Sincopat, Sleep is commercial, Multi Vitamins, Caramella, Yulia. and for some projects with Ricky Montanari, Uglh and Avenir.

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ROLANDO 'the spirit of Detroit'

With this post we want to celebrate one of the Dj/Producer that has indelibly marked the techno scene in Detroit.


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Erratic Podcast 65 | Sleeparchive

An artist whose music productions in techno are nothing but extraordinary, much of his musical influences stem from the EBM, Industrial and Synthpop genres from the 70s and 80s. This 1-hour mix is a heartfelt tribute to the electronic soundtrack of that era (as well as to Roger’s youth). With a tracklist that spans more than 30 years of history across these genres, this is a collection of time.

Container Podcast [34] Conrad Van Orton

Conrad Van Orton born in Rome in 1985. His real name is Andrea Zanchetta, and his aka is a Fincher's "The Game" tribute, and a tribute is also the one that gives the name to the label he opens with his partner VSK aka Francesco Visconti: the Consumer Recreation Services Recordings. Since he was just a boy, CVO always been interested in djing, focusing on scratch, and for this reason he follows both the electro music and the Italian rap evolution in the later 90's.
In 2000, when he's fifteen he totally goes clubbing, which he anyway followed since Daft Punk's "Homework" album and the purchase of the first Technics' turntables. After some arrangement year between several kind of electronic club-oriented music as House, Italian Progressive and Elcectro House, he identifies in Techno and Minimal Techno his real music personality, also thanks to the rising friendship with VSK.
In 2006 they starts to work together in a studio but job, issues and "life stuff" obstructs the project finalization.
At the beginning of 2010 some law issue, after a short period in jail, forces CVO to stay several months locked in his house. Here he starts to work on a lot of project, improving his producing technics and focusing all the blue mood, the rage and frustration in the music he creates.
The anger, the will to evade (literally), the growing sense of heaviness raised just from the chance to make music every time he wants and all the obstacles he finds on the way to freedom will become his life thread and "main topic" of his sound. Soon his touch becomes darker, industrial and with a definite negative mood. The absence from live clubbing allows him to start an introspection and self oriented path regarding the music he picks for the dj-sets he records in his room, that will be his personal prison until November 2012.

Invite's Choice Podcast 183 - Roger Gerressen

ESHU Records' founder Roger Gerressen has been an active member of the Dutch scene for quite a while now, participating in group projects like ARC#, Dilated Pupils, A.L.M.A. and, ofcourse, ESHU itself. He recently started a new alter ego called Gasometric Run, trying to create intricate beats for the dancefloor as well as the mind. A double 12" by Gasometric Run will be out shortly and more new projects and collaborations will be announced soon.

DJ Hyperactive - Submerge night at Bahrein [Live In Buenos Aires]

DJ Hyperactive
Chicago original and skilled DJ since the late 80s, Hyperactive has pushed an evolving sound across the borders of house and techno and has 2 decades of smashing releases and remixes to his name on a host of influential labels such as 4TRK, Droid, Figure, Truncate, Missile, Plus 8, Contact, Planet of Drums, and the list continues.
Since the late 90s he’s run 4 Track Records out of Los Angeles, with the likes of releases such as Music Box coupled with re-edits of Missile famed track, Wide Open by label owner and Berghain resident Len Faki on his Figure imprint.

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Phon.o fabric x 50 Weapons Promo Mix

Phon.o who this spring has dropped a pair of fresh EP's on his home label and who has also recorded this club focussed mix to show us what we can expect from his DJ set at the weekend. You can listen to that in the player below while we also have a quick catch up with evolving producer as we discover how Cracking Space Pts 1 & 2 marks a desire to set out Phon.o's true sound and finally work in a lifetimes worth of musical influences along the way.

Read the interview here:

THE SCORE THE RETURN by Billy Mathieson

Radio UR
A movement that wants change by sonic revolution. We urge you to join the resistance and help us combat the mediocre audio and visual programming that is being fed to the inhabitants of Earth, this programming is stagnating the minds of the people; building a wall between races and preventing world peace. It is this wall we are going to smash. By using the untapped energy potential of sound we are going to destroy this wall much the same as certain frequencies shatter glass. Techno is a music based in experimentation; it is music for the future of the human race. Without this music there will be no peace, no love, no vision. By simply communicating through sound, techno has brought people of all different nationalities together under one roof to enjoy themselves. Isn"t it obvious that music and dance are the keys to the universe? So called primitive animals and tribal humans have known this for thousands of years! We urge all brothers and sisters of the underground to create and transmit their tones and frequencies no matter how so called primitive their equipment may be. Transmit these tones and wreak havoc on the programmers!

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ERFUNDEN | Pod 035 | MTD

Nicola Belligoli aka MTD was born in Mantua in 1986, after several years of interest in electronic music, particularly in techno, and after experiencing the production world, he decides to open his own label together with its historic partner Tracy.
In the winter between 2010 and 2011 Sonntag Morgen comes to life, initially only with digital releases and then also on wax. Now in its third year it counts more than 30 releases on digital and 4 on vinyl. With the launch of the label MTD finds room to exhibit the best of his idea of Techno. Hypnotic and rough sounds influenced by dub and experimental moods. This will eventually lead him to collaborate with many Italian and international labels.
Today in his discography we can find a large variety of works supported by numerous artists of the international music scene.

Links /

Marvin-UR040 - Detroit Mix 30

My name is David Peacock, my dj name is Marvin-UR040 I first got into dance music as a clubber in the early 90's going to Raves up and down the country and spending alot of time in clubs in the North East of England. In 1995 I became interested in djing and started buying records, soon after I bought some dj equipment and started learning how to mix. It was 1999 when I decided to enter one of my techno mixtapes in the Bedroom Bedlam competion of Muzik Magazine, the tape won and I was featured in the magazine. In the time between winning Bedroom Bedlam in 1999 and 2005 I continued entering competions as well as playing in bars and clubs, in 2001 a tech house cd came second in the Reader mixes section of IDJ magazine, then in 2003 a techno cd came 5th again in IDJ magazine which I then won in 2005 now called Raw Talent. In 2011 Underground Resistance advertised for new dj's so I applied and was successfull I was then given the number 040.
The type of music I play is mostly house, techno, or electro from the 90's to now with an emphasis on Detroit, I also play a slower minimal set but since being given the number 040 (Underground Resistance) I try and play Detroit influenced music.


Born in NYC, Craft bought his technics 1200's & Vestax mixer at age 14 with his own life savings in 1994. He taught himself the skill of beat matching and studied the art of blending tracks smoothly to perfection with persistence. He began producing music in 1999 under the name "Craft". He performs regularly in the NYC underground techno scene for his established "Twice as Proper" techno events and international showcase events and festivals. He evolved from the Vinyl-only days to CDj’s of all types, and now often performs with live layers of effects with his controllers.

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Podcast 104 MAX DURANTE ||

Nessuna playlist, nessun brano, solo pura improvvisazione: così il podcast di Max Durante si presenta alle nostre orecchie. Ripetizioni cicliche, ipnotiche, sequenze che vogliono raccontare o meglio illustrare come fossero delle fotografie sonore la storia di un paese al capolinea: l’Italia.
There is no tracklist for this special podcast signed by Max Durante: a unique improvised live session. An endless sequence of hypnotic loops and rude sounds which want to convey the decline and fall of Italy.

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RYC Podcast 075 | Dadub

[pic captured by Sonia Marazia - Matera, 2013]

RYC Podcast 075 | Dadub (Berlin)
Dadub is a meeting of two minds, Daniele Antezza and Giovanni Conti, a duo whose output is underpinned by a mutual curiosity. The result? Startling electronic music productions, one of the best live acts in the scene and the innovative Artefacts Mastering studio.

The collaboration started not in their native Italy, but in Berlin. Daniele arrived in Berlin with the kernel of Dadub, a project he'd begun in 2008 with a release on the label A Quite Bump. Daniele came via Rome where he'd plunged himself into production, studying electronic music. Giovanni had been drawn to Berlin to work on interactive digital arts projects, honing his knowledge of hardware and software. Once they met it was only a matter of time before Dadub became a two-man project.

ERFUNDEN | Pod 034 | Albert van Abbe [podcast + Interview]

Erfunden | a project unites music and art as a conceptual whole. different view of the work aimed at is to show the other side of the various musicians and artists, to give an opportunity to show their alter ego. erfunden is something mystical and mysterious. each podcast as a kind of story, which is based on the hidden meaning and soul of the creator...

[Cyclo Sound] [re_work Loop Consortium] present: SubDubSound

[Cyclo Sound][re_work Loop Consortium]is a musical project created by Ashh Ist.
In this project, bringing together the signposting label and the best avant-garde artists of the electronic scene.
IDM as Inteligent Dance Music!!

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"Anti" Dez Set 20/04/2014

Dez aka Davide Rovito, is a veteran of electronic scene since 1990. he developes his attitude with “Passaggi E Mutazioni Di Fine Millennio” a multimedial performance focalized on the social meaning of art in the underground culture. after that he lives for two years in London where plays and collaborates with “The Institute Of Goa”, few years later starts the Random/Noize project with Ilic e M. Luciano and in '96 comes the first release on Marco Carola's Design Music label. From '96 to '98 he is a “!livello 57”'s resident dj in Bologna, where Davide and Ilic begin to perform their liveset. After Bologna's period he opened with Random/Noize two techno-oriented labels: “Informale” and “De Styl”,, and later on participated in another minimal techno project with Mario Masullo, Ilic and Terrae launching “Defrag”, label & booking. In 2008 Dez move from Napoli to Milano where he lives till 2011, working with with Electronix Network Distribution, , now is back in Napoli collaborating with label such as Etichetta Nera,,and relaunching Defrag.

Ancient Methods - Radio Sessions Mix 2014

Ancient Methods: a mythical creature found near the dark core of techno.
With just seven 12-inches released since first sightings back in 2007, Ancient Methods has become so closely intertwined with the Berlin (and European) techno scene that it’s almost surprising they haven’t been around much longer. This week they visited FluxFM‘s studios for our Electronic Beats on Air radio show and recorded a mix that, although always close to the four-to-the-floor kickdrum, also explores electronica territories with Raster Noton or the ambient minimalism of Voices from the Lake. However, with names like Joey Beltram, Lucy and Sleeparchive on the tracklist, you can be quite sure to get the full Ancient Methods ‘pitch black techno war funk’ dosage here—a term coined by Boomkat in 2007 that is still as fitting as ever.


The authors of the mix are Andrew Bowen and Dimitri Ploumpidis, publicly known as AnD, electronic music producers, sound designers and Djs based in Manchester. Bowen is originally from Belfast and Ploumpidis is from Thesaloniki but they both have distinct temperaments matured by their completely different social and cultural environments. While one is very impatient, the other one is extremely calm and relaxed. However, this kind of situation adds more color and sensation into their unexpectedly harmonious collaboration. Bowen started collecting records and went to various “raves” in the late 90s and this was probably the essential turning point in his career that indirectly lead him to meet Ploumpidis, who had a great interest in D.I.Y. electronic instruments as he is a certificated designer of electronic circuits. The duo’s paths crossed when they were studying music production at the School of Sound Recording. Step by step they have developed their unique moving sound, permeated with industrial music motives and quickly immersed into intense world of techno. The last 5 years were enormously productive for the duo, they have released numerous records on such conceptual and constantly growing labels as Electric Deluxe, Modal Analysis, Geoff Presha’s Samurai Horo, Black Sun Records, Repitch Recordings, Horizontal Ground and others. Recently they have opened Inner Surface Music, a 100% vinyl imprint to release other artists’ promising recordings.

CLR Podcast 273 | Truncate

Truncate is an alias/record label started by Audio Injection in early 2011 focusing more on deep, raw techno and house. Since being introduced to electronic music back in the early 90's, Audio Injection has been hooked. At the early age of 15 he started Djing and playing out at local underground events and raves around the Southern California area. You would find him spinning various styles from house, acid, & techno to hardcore techno. After years of DJing he then decided to learn to produce his own music, which landed him his first releases on labels such as Monoid, Stimulus, 4 Track & local label Droid Recordings. Since being associated with local event production group Droid Behavior in 2003, you can find him as a resident at the infamous Interface warehouse events as well as a regular producer for Droid Recordings. Over the years his music has gained worldwide attention and onto the playlists of many big players which eventually led him to gigs at some of the worlds biggest clubs including Berghain in Berlin and Fabric in London. He is also now regularly touring all over the world in Australia, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Central & South America, all throughout Europe and the U.S.A. In early 2011 he started a project called 'Truncate' which focuses on the deeper, and more raw side of techno. His Truncate releases have been gain support from big players such as, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Chris Liebing, Speedy J, DVS1, Luke Slater, Ben Sims and many more. With his heavy remix, production and touring schedule there is no slowing down in the near future for David as he continues to shape his own sound, putting Droid Behavior and Los Angeles on the techno map.

Smoke Machine Podcast 100 Kobosil

Kobosil‘s first vinyl release, his remix for Barker & Baumecker‘s "Silo", released on Ostgut Ton at the beginning of 2013, impressed with it‘s punishing drive, subtle, hypnotic synth sounds, escalating hi-hats and crystal clear production and spawned all kinds of speculation who might be behind the previously unknown Kobosil name. Then his debut 12“ emerged just a few months after the "Silo" remix. With influences ranging from stark, raw machine techno, dark, purist, pumping acid, noise and distortion, the 4 bold tracks on this EP made a whole range of djs pick and play different titles from the 12“ and stand out productions "Emil" and "Think & Think" made their mark on techno dance floors way beyond Berlin. Another 4-track 12" on Ostgut Ton's sister label Unterton soon followed and the track "Osmium" from this EP was licensed for the FABRICLIVE 73 CD mixed by Panagea. Simultaneously Kobosil introduced his dj sets as clubs started booking him on the strength of his first two releases alone and reports of fresh, no bars techno, informed by a whole range of electronic music styles, skilled mixing and well constructed sets followed. Kobosil had arrived and it wasn't long before he made his debut on the Berghain Klubnacht floor. Hailing from Neukölln, Berlin, the only 22 year old Kobosil combines his talent with trained instruction, just about to finish a BA in audio production, which he studies since 2010, this young producer knows his stuff. An avid vinyl collector, he has an almost nostalgic, passionate approach to music, combined with a truly futuristic outlook on where techno is heading. Deeply rooted in classic origins but reinvigorated and pushing sound frontiers and limits.

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Electric Deluxe Podcast 119 Bas Mooy

Rotterdam home-based dj/producer Bas Mooy (1976) has been active on many fronts in the techno scene since 1999. Heavily influenced by a city that breaths industrial strength twenty-four-seven, he gradually found his way into creating an unique dark sound, which lead him to the forefront of the European techno scene. In 2002 he kickstarted the already legendary Audio Assault record label with label partner Jeroen Liebregts aka Radial, which resulted in the birth of sublabel Arms one year later. Since then the Audio Assault family built a strong and constantly growing fan-base worldwide, showcasing an impressive catalogue with a constant output of stand out twelve inches, setting the standard for today’s quality dark techno. For many years he has been a member of the Rotterdam underground collective ‘Strictly Techno’, creators of over a hundred legendary parties since 1996. Bas has played at many ‘top of the bill’ clubs and festivals around the globe and is a regular guest at the highly respected Awakenings parties in Holland. Over the years Bas has been a hard working and devoted producer, spending many hours in the studio and putting out music on respected labels such as Mote Evolver, Perc Trax, Gynoid, Planet Rhythm, Blank Records and of course his own imprints Audio Assault and Arms. With the start of his new label 'Mord' Bas shows no sign of slowing down in 2013!

Jonas Kopp & Tadeo B2B

One hour set B2B by Jonas Kopp & Tadeo @ Rising management night played the last Friday 6th of June/2014 in Loft Barcelona.


Born in 1976 in 1990 he began a passion for Techno,Dub Techno,Minimal,Electro,Deep his style was created by various artists such as Pink Floyd,Kraftwerk,Jeff Mills,etc. Big fan of vinyl the vinyl is part of his nature as a DJ lived in different cities of Italy and Switzerland,France! In 2001 it's time to take his style as a producer begins to compose his music with machines groovebox from Roland and Korg. In 2007 he moved to his native Sardinia,trying to find his own style as novation begin the first productions in digital format its first production in 2011 is on CD is his first vinyl in limited release. Journey Universe EP comes out in 2012 with the remix of Hironori Takahashi for the label Mono Records. In 2012 comes up with Parallel Clouds EP with a remix by Jeroen Search is produced by the label Cannibald of Leo Anibaldi techno pioneer made Italy. In 2013 comes up with Elliptic EP with a remix by David Hausdorf is produced by the label Etichetta Nera. In 2014 released on limited vinyl Sorting II Etichetta Nera with remixes of Dez, Quail,Gez Varley aka G-Man (former LFO) Always in 2014 Roberto Figus deals with two remixes by G-Man. Comes out in 2014 Clouds II EP digital format with 3 original tracks + remixes by David Hausdorf and Stardice for the label Evasion Room Records. Roberto Figus collaborates with several labels looking to extend his style

Classic Peacefrog Mix by Marco Passarani

After recently celebrating PaceFrog records 20th anniversary, they thought that it was about time shared this mix of Marco's favourite Peacefrog tracks taken from PaceFrog extensive catalogue. We hope that you rediscover some classic gems that you may have forgotten and that it brings back some pleasant memories.

Fireline Mix - A Guy Called Gerald

In nine albums and over fifty releases that span a 25-year career, A Guy Called Gerald has built a genre busting body of work that stands out for consistent innovation, excellence and refusal to compromise.

UnderStudio #010 - Claudio PRC

Ryo Murakami - Untitled [Depth Of Decay]
Norm Talley - Deep Consciousness (Ness Unconscious Rework) [Phorma]
Function - Modifier [Ostgut Ton]
Ness & Rasmus Hedlund - Verso Pohjois (Deepbass Remix) [Informa]
George Paar & Giorgio Gigli - Life Is Not Dead Yet (Giorgio Gigli Variation) [Par Recordings]
Ness - RK First Stage [M_Rec Ltd Grey Series]
Donato Dozzy & Brando Lupi - Liquid [Orange Groove]
Obtane & Giorgio Gigli - Chemistry Of Human Life [Zooloft]
Claudio PRC - Kar [Prologue]
Iori - Calx [Prologue]
Peter Van Hoesen - Attribute One [Time To Express]
Sigha - Suspension [Hotflush]

DVS1 - The Interview

Godzilla and Chinchilla teamed up with Portuguese/German Record Label Con+ainer Music for this interview with DVS1 for Gare Porto. It's close, personal and interesting: DVS1 shares his opinions on the state of electronic music, how he views it's industrialization, how difficult it is to manage his personal life while touring for months, his past challenges and future goals.

Ctrls - DAI podcast

Ctrls recorded an exclusive podcast for Lithuanian collective DAI.

Tobias. live - A Series Of Shocks - Release Party at Berghain 6.4.14

Tobias. How does one achieve to become a mainstay in a scene as temporary as electronic music? In the case of Tobias Freund, all the answers are there, yet they will most probably not apply to anybody but him. Sure, it might help to gather encyclopedic knowledge through the years about music ranging from Post Punk to Stockhausen and all points in between (and much beyond), but if you are not able to shape that into a personal artistic vision, it is very likely that your potential audience might prefer the artists your very knowledge consists of. In the works of Tobias Freund, inspirations are more to be suspected than to be pinned down. You feel they must be there. They just have to, if only for lack of better explanations. Still, his works are so original and individual that they have become a part of said knowledge themselves. Nobody else sounds like him, they just try to. He owns his sound. Certainly, it might help if you know what you are doing in terms of creating music. Tobias Freund’s process of learning what you are doing stretches back to 1980. Since then, he worked as engineer in the high-end studio of German producer legend Frank Farian for many years, getting to know everything on the mixing desk you could tweak. And he gathered more analogue hardware than others have plugins installed, and got to know it as well. And when he felt he was ready to become an artist himself, he knew exactly what to do with the ideas he had in mind, and thus his music made an impact right from the very start. Transferring his overground work into underground output, his aliases since the early nineties read like an inventory of German electronic music: Metazone, Zoon, Phobia, and especially Pink Elln. Then he put the full stop behind his first name and started releasing tracks that refined the live approach to his broad variety of music between Acid, Ambient and Techno to reduced but jacking grooves that displayed as much attention to detail as to floor impact and became an integral part of the defining sounds emanating from Germany to rule the clubs worldwide since the turn of the millennium. And it might help as well to extend your abilities to the work with other artists. Tobias Freund already started this as part of the electronic cassette circuit in the 80’s in groups like Von Ese or Hypnobeat, but a decade later his much loved group Sieg Über Die Sonne (with Martin Schopf aka Dandy Jack) graced the clubs with twisted and multi-faceted Techno Pop, and when it went on hiatus two decades later the project nsi. (with Max Loderbauer) and the Non Standard Productions imprint were initiated, to quickly become an institution for groundbreaking explorations in freeform electronic experimentalism. And there is Odd Machine, a joint venture with Ricardo Villalobos and Uwe Schmidt (aka Atom™) in particular, with whom he also forms a live and recording act that puts the weight of their experience into according action. He produced and remixed international stalwarts like Efdemin, Cassy, Ellen Allien, Los Updates, Delano Smith, Margaret Dygas or Aérea Negrot, on seminal labels like Sähkö, Playhouse, Ongaku, Cadenza, Perlon, Logistic, Wagon Repair, Mule Musiq, and, of course, Ostgut Ton. And this is just an excerpt. With Tobias Freund a lot of things fall into place. He knows sound from the inside out, thus he is able to develop his own as well as lend his expertise to others. And even if the studio might be his favourite instrument, he knows so much about any hardware to produce electronic music that he can push the music forward any way he wants to. There is no need to divide his works into avant-garde or club contexts, because he effortlessly merges his whole spectrum into a performance that is all him, transforming the complex textures and gripping rhythms that make his music so fascinating into experiences where listening and dancing are one, and a whole life of music leads to ever new innovations. As it happens.

Move D Live At Mutek 2010

A designer of utterly unique and involving soundscapes informed by roots in rave-era ambient music, Move D (aka David Moufang) can best be described as taking the intelligence and deep textures of IDM and imbuing them onto the softer, sexier parameters of the Chicago house/Detroit techno axis. His tracks build slowly, taking time to reveal their full breadth, but the many fans already on board with Moufang’s style know that Move D is all about the journey and little to do with a final destination. In 2010 MUTEK invited him to perform one of his ambient style house sets live. Opening the night at Métropolis in front of the red velvet curtain, with only a simple spotlight on him, he concocted a delicious and slow building narrative His records with partner Jonas Grossmann as Deep Space Network and his own solo releases as Move D are among the furthest outreaches of techno's push towards the stars. Moufang grew up in Heidelberg listening to his parents' collection of early Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk records but the most overwhelming influence on his childhood was outer space, the result of a trip to the cinema with his father to see 2001: A Space Odyssey. "I was space crazy as a child," Moufang told journalist Tony Marcus in 1995, "when the other kids were riding around in their little cars I'd be building my own spacecraft. I'd put in a small engine, put rubber on the wheels so it made some noise and stand there with a walkie-talkie and my headphones on. It was very techno..." Moufang's grandmothers were both classical concert pianists. He can still remember favourite childhood moments, sitting under the piano as they played, surrounded and lost in sound. By the age of 12, he taken up drums (he eventually went on to study classical percussion) and took up the guitar a few years later, this time taking lessons from two separate jazz guitar teachers. He played guitar in a band called Rivers & Trains well into the '90s. Occasionally he even plied his trade as a DJ, spinning electro, funk and jazz. It wasn't until 1989 that he discovered techno when a friend of his, D-Man, invited him to a club he was running in the industrial suburb of Mannheim. When Moufang walked into the Milk! Club that night - like so many others before and after him - he discovered a scene that changed his life. Discovering Detroit, 808 State, Nexus 21 and the first stirrings of ambient techno, Moufang became a committed clubber. Through D-Man, he met Redagain P who converted Moufang's nickname "Mufti" into the more kinetic Move D. Moufang's first records were made with Grossmann as Deep Space Network. Their first two albums, EARTH TO INFINITY (1992) and BIG ROOMS (1993) suggested a significant, unpredictable and innovative talent which was confirmed by the release of HOMEWORKS (1993), a Source Records compilation that included solo tracks such as "Pulsar" and "I've Been On Drugs" alongside collaborations with D-Man. Ranging from subtle, Detroit-inflected grooves to wired electronic jazz, Moufang's music seemed to operate on ambience, slow motion and subdued rhythm, a sound that was rooted, as Tony Marcus later pointed out, "in the jazzy, laid-back but still hip-tugging tradition of Larry Heard, Carl Craig's "Microlovr" or "The Wonders Of Wishing" and New York's Burrell Brothers... listening to [Moufang's records] is like a sweet and lazy adventure into sound, a space where time and stress are suspended." REAGENZ (1994), a collaboration with SpaceTime Continuum's Jonah Sharp, was an astonishing fusion of beautiful, experimental electronics that reached out to a point that even Detroit's most visionary producers hadn't yet achieved. Recorded between Heidelberg and San Francisco, it sounded like pianist Bill Evans might have if he'd grown up surrounded by Star Trek instead of modal jazz. Moufang's debut album, KUNSTSTOFF (1995), was equally remarkable. Tracks such as "Soap Bubbles" and "In/Out" oscillated between soft, dreamlike textures and the spiked electronics that Detroit was beginning to explore. The glittering production surfaces were a legacy of Moufang's days as a student at the School of Audio Engineering, but the music they encompassed was equally compelling. It was an album full of contrasts - between the jagged drugfloor grooves of, say, "Nimm 2" and the gentle, synthetic lullaby of "Beyond The Machine" or between the pristine sounds Moufang conjured with and the haloes of analogue noise which surrounded others. Amazingly pretty and wildly innovative, KUNSTSTOFF remains one of the most accomplished techno albums to emerge from Europe so far. The collaborative ventures that followed - including EXPLORING THE PSYCHEDELIC LANDSCAPE (1996) and A DAY IN THE LIVE (1997) with Pete Namlook - preceded an experimental single for Sheffield's Warp label. Moufang had been a big fan of the label's "bleep techno" output in the early '90s and "Cymbelin" was, in some ways, a homage to that sound, twisting beats and synths into a bass heavy groove. But the producer's ability to soften almost any structure with aching prettiness transformed the record into a unique fusion. Another unique fusion was suggested by the release of CONJOINT (1997). A collaboration between Moufang, jazz veteran Karl Berger, Jamie Hodge (of Born Under A Rhyming Planet) and Gunter "Ruit" Kraus, it was Moufang's most overtly jazzed outing so far, but provided spectacular evidence of his growing abilities as a producer and composer. Currently working on a number of new projects - including a new Deep Space Network album and a second Conjoint album - Moufang continues to explore the boundaries of electronic music.

Monolake Live at Ego Düsseldorf June 5 1999

Monolake is a collaborative project, founded in 1995 by Robert Henke and Gerhard Behles, who stopped being an active member in 1999 due to his involvement with Ableton. Monolake became a solo project of Robert Henke, with occasional support by Torsten Pröfrock / T++, most notable for the CD release Polygon Cities (2006). As a studio project Monolake is defined as an "'open project'", led by Robert Henke but potentially open for other collaborators as well. Since 2009 Monolake Live performances have a visual component created by Dutch artist Tarik Barri. In the 1990 Gerhard Behles and Robert Henke developed a Max based sequencer application called 'PX-18', which allowed them to perform improvised, pattern based electronic dance music concerts. The basic concept for the Monolake performances since then is the ability to switch between different states or patterns in real-time and adding expression by altering the sound those patterns trigger or contain. The concept later became popular as 'Session View' in their Ableton Live music software. In order to be able to gain more haptic control and more intuitive access to structure and sound, Henke started building MIDI controllers (Monodeck, Monodeck II) and explores the possibilities of touch surfaces (iPad) for musical interaction. Since early 2009 Monolake Live performances explore surround sound and also include a visual component by Dutch artist Tarik Barri. During the concerts, Barri is navigating in realtime through an imaginary 3D landscape using his own software, 'Versum'. In 2010 Henke and Barri were granted a residency at EMPAC, Troy to develop a Monolake Live performance with 24 audio channels in a dome arrangement, paired with six channels of video. This is a live recording, captured at Ego club in Düsseldorf, June 5 1999. The music has been created with a self written step sequencer, the PX-18, controlling a basic sample player and effects engine, all done in MaxMSP, running on a Powerbook G3. The step sequencer had some unique features, e.g. the ability to switch patterns independently in each track, which later became an important part of a certain music software.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Psyk @ Cassette (Madrid) 13-04-2014

First part of 6hrs set at Cassette Club on his 8 year Anniversary month.

Psyk, aka Manuel Anós, is nowadays firmly pegged to the actual techno scene. He doesn't seem to deviate from his trajectory justifying thus his precocious artistic ascension (signed his first release with MINUS, at the age of 19)

Getting starched in his Birthplace Madrid, very close to the home where he have been initiated to Plastikman ́s musical melancholy and Jeff Mills boiling techno he's actually continuing serenely his career.
Where many artists would have been disoriented, contented by weak ambitions, he have been refining his art, submerged passionately in underground clubs but goes back home to breath out fresh air.

His worldwide sets in best clubs and festivals, have been crystallizing his talent as DJ. Thanks to fusions combining the deepest, puristic and raw techno and strong influences of house and minimal, his sets with hypnotic rhythm and full of special care in planning and progression of these, have made him one of the most talented DJ's in recent years.

Psyk's singularity illustrates a maturity which is very present in his music: from KRAFT ́s unanimously entraining, raw techno music to more dark and deep titles of LOWDOWN, CRYPT and DRUMCODE and MOTE-EVOLVER Releases.
Like a conscientious artisan, Psyk deals carefully with his compositions adding somberly power with a subtle touch that makes him gain continuous praising from illustrious and not illustrious artistic figures as a constant guarantee of his quality.

No wonder if we see him offering his talent under the patronage of emblems like LUKE SLATER, LEN FAKI, ADAM BEYER or making DUSTIN ZAHN ́s label more dynamic when he doesn't participate in his "NON SERIES"

By developing, refining and purifying his sets, Psyk concentrates all his effort to concretize faithfully the agitating ideas of his mind.

Erratic Podcast 77 | Go Hiyama

Co-founder of Hue Helix and a veteran since the 90s, his detailed sound and exquisite productions are catalogued amongst the best of the best – Planet Rhythm, Warm Up, Audio Assault, Perc Trax, Stroboscopic, and Token. For the occasion, he was kind enough to put together a fantastic beast of a mix for us, pushing 40 tracks in just over 70 minutes. Hypnotic, powerful and simply delightful, this is the real deal - Go Hiyama, folks. Enjoy!


01. SamulI Kemppi / Liss Modulation / LC series
02. Ugandan Speed Trial / UST 1 / Downwards
03. 400PPM / Piqutte Plant / Avian
04. Kalon / Man Is The SuperiorAnimal (Regis remix) / Sandwell District
05. The Persuader / Fusion Of Thoughts / Stockholm LTD
06. Grain / Untitled / Fat Cat
07. Tensal / AB2 / Tensal
08. Ajtim / Fay (Northern Structure remix) / Ensydaen Records
09. Surgeon / As You Breathe / Semantica
09. Refracted / Stimulus / Shades
10. Charlton / Know Yourself / Krill
11. DJ Emerson / Paperplane (Mark Morris Deep mix) / XLR1507
12. Liss C / Wet (Sleeparchive remix) / LC series
13. SNTS / N3 / SNTS
14. Kangding Ray / Tempered Inmid / Stroboscopic Artefacts
15. Ness / Diagnostic Function / Prologue
16. Sleeparchive / 5 / Tresor
17. Polar Inertia / Major Axis (Silent Servant remix) / Dement3d
18. Ben Klok / The Clock (Ben Klock’s Timepiece) / Rekids
19. Oscar Mulero / Electric Strom / Pole
20. Coldgeist / Artefacts (Developer remix) / Weekend Circuit
21. Surgeon / THX 1138 pt4 / Unknown
22. Jeff Mills / The Hands Is Faster Than The Eye / Purpose Maker
23. Chevel / Harash Times / Non series
24. Shifted / Bloodless / Mote Evolver
25. Skirt / Miismo / Semantica
26. Regis / Purification / Downwards
27. Jeff Mills / The Deep / Purpose Maker
28. Joe Cocherell / Poptones / Frozen Border
29. Israel Vines / Precipice / Semantica
30. Oscar Mulero / Breakdown / HueHelix
31. Svreca / Disorder / Semantica
32. 69 / Rushed - Loop / R&S
33. nAX Acid / Kuroshio / Informa
34. Chevel / Own / Non series
35. Elyas / Adiccion / Modularz
36. BMB / Dead Sun / Libeation Technologies
37. Authecre / Doctrine / Warp

GO HIYAMA's Facebook Page
GO HIYAMA's Resident Advisor Page

Erratic is comprised of a small team of passionate curators hosting proper Techno parties in New York City. |

Pure Session | Dany Angelelli

Born into a family of musicians, recording studios and musical instruments, is approaching the world of DJing in 1989 at age 13, influenced by DMC videotapes. After several years of hard work to refine his technique of mixing, is able to perform as a resident in legendary clubs in the region of Lazio, all Sundays in the afternoon, (Clemalù - Canneto - Coliseum-La Zanzara-Boca-Doing). Arriving early '90s, and with the advent of musical influences from Detroit and England, Dany participates in what might be considered the first Rave in Italy "The Magic Eyes" on Canneto - Borgo Sabotino. It is immediately fascinated by this new sound called "Techno", very different from disco-house proposal at that time, very melodic with vocals. The change is immediate, Dany still very young flies to London, home of the Sound and Rave to buy techno vinyls to play at rave in Rome. Participate at his first rave in 1992 as a disc jockey at "Rave Chamomile". In 1993 he was resident at the "06 Disco Winter " with Lory D, representing the main importer and creator of techno and electronic scene Roman and Italian. This last, along with Leo Anibaldi and a handful of other artists, gave life and body, to the Sound of Rome. Musical and artistic movement born spontaneously as well as in Detroit and other cities were born cultural movements and subcultural.These were the artists who influenced totally Dany, outlining what is its true matrix. In 10 years Dany playing in over 200 festivals, rave parties and disco clubs. Play with major artists of the capital, remember Mauro Tannino (R.I.P.), Leo Anibaldi, Luca Cucchetti, Walter One (R.I.P.), Francesco Zappalà, Robert Armani and much more. In the second wave of techno - Roman Movement Virus. In 1999, Dany has decided to leave the public stage as no longer in line with the new sound offered by other artists. The art of DJ'ing continues without leaving the vinyl, and participates in minor parties and illegal raves, some in Austria and in Switzerland where he moved for a long time. Produced over the years numerous tracks in alternative circuits, but without any commercial purposes. Only in 2010 began collaborating with various labels in the mainstream: Submoover Records, Luminar Records and more label. In DJ sets, that Dany sees as a form of spiritual message, consisting of substrates that evolve in continuous change and progression. A trip to 360 degrees which is found in products, which are designed in different styles and genres explored and known in more than 20 years of experience.

2x1210 | Vinyl + Digital Stuff | Serato Scratch Live | No Autosync


01. Perc - Galloper - Perc Trax
02. Perc - Lurch - Perc Trax
03. DMX Krew - Trees Are Dancing 2 - Concrete Hands Records
04. Objekted - Balloons - Power Vacuum
05. AnD - Dtadtmat - Electric Deluxe
06. Sawlin + Subjected - Texture 5 - Electric Deluxe
07. Sawlin + Subjected - Texture 2 - Electric Deluxe
08. Sawlin + Subjected - Texture 1.2 - Electric Deluxe
09. Perc - Dumpster - Perc Trax
10. Perc - Take Your Body Off - Perc Trax
11. An-i - Convo - Power Vacuum
12. JoeFarr & J. Tijn - Mustard Sucker - Power Vacuum
13. The Exaltics - Nichts aber auch nichts - Solar Music
14. Osborne - T.N.T. - Spectral Sound
15. Limited - Transient X 4 - Limited
16. Unmaterial Stuff

BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix - Marcel Dettmann (April 2014)

Ruff, rugged and raw. Mentioning Marcel Dettmann as well as his feeling for and vision of electronic music, his way of dealing with it, is impossible without these attributes. Whether you take his DJ sets (Marcel has been made a resident DJ at the old Ostgut and also at Berghain from the very start), Dettmann’s productions for the self-conducted MDR label, his remixes for the likes of Fever Ray, Junior Boys, Modeselektor as well as Scuba, or if nothing else his debut long player for Ostgut Ton into account, all the various contrasts and distinctions that come with it are manifested in these qualities.

Techno as Marcel Dettmann defines it, is neither a movement without history nor wistful nostalgia. In the hands of the Berliner, the well-known game of hi-hats, bass lines and kick drums draws its tension and momentum from a historically grown tradition and the conscious decision to break the rules. Reformation and solid construction outplays the use of any gimmicks. Dettmann pours Detroit’s oil into European engines, puts British bass music under the control of Chicago’s very own Jack, cuts classics with abstract nuances and connects yesterday with tomorrow and today. In the unrelenting manner of a great DJ, he generates moods and connections that are age- and classless, but never irrelevant or tasteless. Marcel Dettmann links up the art of improvisation with careful preparation and finally gives techno some of its often painfully missed serious physical constitution back.

Area Forty_one - Reminiscence - DELSIN RECORDS
L.B. Dub Corp - Take A Ride (Feat. Benjamin Zephaniah) (Original Mix) - OSTGUT TON
Conforce - Abundance Of Selves - DELSIN RECORDS
Tobias Freund - Fast Null - OSTGUT TON
Rolando - Time Adjustment - ROLAND ROCHA RECORDS
Reade Truth - Blessing Of Luh - N S Y D E
Prince of Denmark - Your Body - FORUM
Planetary Assault Systems - Riot In Silo 12 - MOTE EVOLVER
Physical Therapy - Million Years Crushed (Norman Nodge Remix) - ALLERGY SEASON
Ø [Phase] - Self Deceit - TOKEN RECORDS
Laibach - Eurovision (Marcel Dettmann Remix) - WHITE LABEL
Esteban Adame - Rise & Shine - EPM MUSIC
Chris Clark - Superscope - WARP RECORDS
Dario Zenker - WM2 - WHITE LABEL
Joey Anderson - Come Behind The Tree - SYNCROPHONE RECORDINGS
Marcel Dettmann - Apron (Luke Slater PAS Remix) - WHITE LABEL
Marcel Dettmann - Seduction (Anthony Parasole Remix) - OSTGUT TON
Marco Shuttle - Sing Like A Bird - TIME TO EXPRESS
Mike Storm and GRG - Rainy Mondays - ORBIS RECORDS
L.B. Dub Corp - Nearly Africa - OSTGUT TON
Crystal Maze - Orchidea Nera - ECHOVOLT
Dillon - A Matter Of Time (Marcel Dettmann Remix) - WHITE LABEL
XDB - Ganivon (Answer Code Request Remix) - DOLLY
Staffan Linzatti - View From The Collapsing Centre - BALANS HOLLAND
Orlando Voorn - Gain Upwards - WHITE LABEL
Louis Haiman - Ghost Of Gratiot - ICON OF DESIRE

RYC Podcast 074 | Annie Hall

RYC Podcast 074 | Annie Hall (Detroit)
She's one of the most elite Spanish producers. At her production level, the technique developed into authentic mental journeys advanced electronics, exciting and expressive, fit for the dance floor or tolisten at home. Her productions have seen the light in the catalogs ofSemántica records, Minuendo, Miga, Software records, D1 Recordings, Icon of Desire, Micron Audio & Detroit Underground label where she currently works.
Besides this her new venture is with Kero as 'vinyl cutters' - Riverside Manufacturing (RVSD ™) is a new company where she does handmade limited edition vinyl. She works with artists and record labels for custom records and projects in the art of vinyl.RVSD ™ is on the banks of the Detroit River between Windsor, Canada and Detroit, USA.
In recent years She has performed at many of the best festivals and clubs all over Europe, USA and Canada, festival-Sonar (Barcelona), festival-DEAF (Dublin), JMM club (Turin, Italy), Bleep 43 - (London), Launchmeat-festival (Prague), Cyneart-Dressden festival (Germany), Baazar-(Porto) - Friendly Integration (Los Angeles California) - Blank
Code (Detroit), Movement Festival Detroit, and many more..

Naked Lunch PODCAST #103 - DAVID BERG

1. A.Paul, Dolby D - Untouched (Dolby D Remix)
2. Diggler, Snello - Remotion (D. Diggler Remix)
3. Linus Quick, Syntec, Peter Kneer - Shred Head (Remix)
4. Adrian Hour - Ritual
5. Angy Kore - El Guapo De La Ciudad
6. Hristian Stojanowski - Eclipse
7. Hertz, Elton D - Nico (Hertz Remix)
8. Hristian Stojanowski - Interlocking
9. Mikael Jonasson, Kardinal, Lowkey - The Riot (Mikael Jonasson Remix)
10. Peja - Scheme Of Things
11. Dave Tarrida - Razesaurus
12. DJ Rush, Robin Hirte, Elbodrop - Evil (Elbodrop Remix)
13. Virgil Enzinger - Move Beyond
14. Clouds - Chained to a Dead Camel
15. Kevin Call - Zombies
16. Dave The Drummer, Tom Laws - Hydraulic Man (Dave The Drummer Remix)
17. Adam Beyer, Henrik B - Untitled

Invite's Choice Podcast 181 - J.C.

Born and raised in Madrid, Jose Cabrera’s take on music comes from a musical background of great variety from rap, rock, jazz, post punk to electronic music and being heavily charmed by labels such as ‘M-Plant’,‘Basic Channel’, ‘Axis’, ‘Chain Reaction’, ‘Mosaic’, ‘Downwards’, ‘Underground Resistance’ and ‘Dynamic Tension’. His musical style of simple, raw, stripped down and hypnotic techno is just a reflection of his influences. In 2012, he started the AHD label together with his friend Damian Schwartz, releasing records of the likes of Fred P, Dj F, Marcos Cabral and Epiphany and he produced his first EP for the argentinian label Greener Records in the beginning of 2013. Just after that he released an spit EP with New York producer, Fred P on his label Soul People Music and set the first release of his own label J.C. records, which came out in September 2013.His Endurance EP on the legendary Deeply Rooted label, owned by Dj Deep came out in November 2013. As well as a split EP on Tresor to be released in March 2014

Check all Invite's Choice podcasts via: Invite's Choice Podcast section.

BIS Radio Show #720 with Voices From The Lake

Donato Dozzy and Neel are Voices From The Lake, a duo that has redefined techno both in the live arena and in album format. Their debut full length for Prologue was widely heralded as a masterpiece for the way it displayed such an incredible ear for sound design at the same time as painting vivid, multi-layered landscapes of slowly unfolding rhythm and texture. Also excelling when playing live in serene environments like Japan's Labyrinth Festival, the pair explore experimental underwater sounds influenced by nature, African drums and minimalism. 


This podcast section celebrates its 20th instalment with psychedelic journey mixed by Ricardo Tobar.

InFiné likes South America - more precisely the psychedelic effects that most South American artists inject in their music. This mixed feeling of distorted happiness and hypnotic reality has certainly something to do with their ancient shamanic heritage. Most French people like that feeling as well. I would bet that this is a part of our disturbed relationship with our “glorious” past history. We are just particularly sensitive to the charms of the “lost paradise”. But enough of dubious theories...
The facts: Ricardo Tobar, native from “Viña Del Mar” in Chile, lives neither in London (where James Holden released his first EP), nor in Cologne, that other European capital for psychedelic techno (especially Traum Schallplatten), but in Paris. Last year he released his most experimental EP (Esoteric/Carnaval) for the French imprint In Paradisium, followed by his first album “Treillis” on Desire. We liked it a lot here. 

This 60-minute mix encompasses all what we like about Ricardo´s music. His ability to flirt with raw textures and analog sounds, to build a schizophrenic momentum, and then move on with an ethereal germ. We wish you a pleasant journey!

Tracklisting :
01- wolf eyes - chattering lead
02- hieroglyphic being - letters from the edge
03- container - rattler
04- elektriktus - second wave
05- slowdive - crazy for you
06- not waving - redacted 5
07- massinko - track 6
08- primal scream - invisible city (daniel avery remix)
09- psyche - the saint became a lush
10- marc piñol - edit service 21
11- le carousel - away (ivan smagghe rmx)
12 - the pyramids - birthspeedmerging suite part 3 reaffirmation (extract)
13- ferreira do nascimento - macongo me chiquita 

'Another Day At The Office' Features a mix by G.Mitchell aka Soul Saver

Gerald Mitchell, nato e cresciuto a Detroit, è un musicista, produttore, leader della band, dj e visionario sonora la cui musica ha avuto un impatto enorme sulla casa di Detroit e la techno. Dal suo lavoro sulla metropolitana di Resistance Interstellar Fugitives "Soul Saver" (aka UR 044), progetto per le sue autostrade celesti classici su Metroplex e produzioni di casa presto su Soul City, la musica di Gerald è sempre stato riconosciuto dalla sua forza soulful.
Il suo lavoro con metropolitana Resistenza / DJ Rolando ha portato l'inno "Cavalieri del Giaguaro" e ora Los Hermanos. Attraverso Los Hermanos, Gerald ha portato la sua esperienza di musicista dal vivo in un gruppo che esprime jazz fusion, gospel e funk in splendida musica elettronica. Los Hermanos ha collaborato e remixato con molti artisti ben noti, dj, produttori e programmatori di tutto il mondo e continua ad essere un leader nel panorama della musica elettronica in tutto il mondo.
Gerald ha iniziato la sua solista come DJ / Soul Saver dopo aver organizzato band di Los Hermanos per esibizioni dal vivo con nuovi progetti e remix dal jazz organico alla musica elettronica da ballo globale, ed è ora un produttore con una vasta gamma di generi musicali. "Crescere a Detroit una città con una forte eredità musicale come il blues, gospel, jazz, soul e il suono della Motown Credo che la musica è un dono dato da condividere con l'universo ..."

Los Hermanos Detroit