Thursday, May 29, 2014

RYC Podcast 073 | PVS

PVS (Marco Piovesan) is the project that is the union of all the musical influences acquired over the years and with the raver experience, the desire is to experiment in a unique style. He began playing in 1999 in his city Rome, where he was making his own style and his idea of techno.
Discovered by Freddy K who'd followed him as a mentor, while learning and working for him, he well matured musically and lands on labels such as Conrad Von Orton’s CRS rec, Freddy K’s Key Vinyl and Max_M’s M_Rec Ltd.
His idea of techno is the only and exclusive desire to express himself in music, his life, his experiences and his philosophy. A desire that an artist has inside which you can not repress or suppress.

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