Friday, May 30, 2014

Surgeon - Rinse FM broadcast 14th May 20

Anthony Child, aka Surgeon, is rightly recognised as one of the most important figures in British techno. He’s been a pivotal figure in the genre for nearly 20 years, having first cut his teeth in the early ’90s Birmingham scene. His own productions – powerful, hypnotic tracks that blend beautifully balanced percussive motion with unstoppable forward drive – have been released on labels such as Tresor, Downwards and his own Dynamic Tension, and have been hugely influential on successive generations of techno artists both in the UK and further afield.
Surgeon is equally renowned for his adventurous DJ sets. While assembled around a techno axis, they draw all manner of other styles into their orbit, including his influences such as noise and industrial musics. He was also one of the first people outside of the dubstep scene to begin regularly playing the genre’s early forms, and highlighted its connections with techno which have become increasingly explicit over the subsequent years.
His monthly show on Rinse FM showcases his broad-minded approach in action. “I want to keep a strong momentum going through the show,” he says, and while staying firmly rooted in club music, “I always like to stretch the boundaries of what that could be.” So expect to hear an exquisitely curated selection of tracks, all mixed together in Surgeon’s immediately distinctive style, drawing you deep inwards, but always retaining a capacity to shock and surprise. “My idea for the show is to begin with new music that I’m enjoying, primarily what I’m playing in my DJ sets,” he explains. “During the last part of the show I’ll play some older techno tunes, not necessarily ‘classics’, but some that listeners may not have heard before – it’s a way to join the dots between older and newer techno music.”

Listen to Surgeon on second Wednesday of each month: 23:00 – 01:00 GMT
Live on 106.8 FM if you're in London or on website.

Claro Intelecto - Remember - Delsin 105dsr
Mike Parker - Spitting Electricity - MOTE039
Psyk - Automatic - Mote Evolver MOTECD02
Northern Structures - Eastern Bridge - Sonic Groove SGD1465
Patrick Walker - Entry Point - Graphene
Pangaea - Pob - HADAL2
Kamikaze Space Programme - Rattle Ralf - Mindcut04
Paul Woolford - Erotic Discourse (Kowton Remix) - Hotflush HFRMX011
Dronelock - Clusters (Mark Broom) - Weekend World
Dead Fader - Dettol - Blood Forest LP - Robot Elephant Records
Claro Intelecto - A Nightmare Before Bedtime - Delsin 105dsr
Quartier Midi - Houston - Grokenberger Records 001
Datura Dilema - I Am A Falling Star - Subsist sub-d25
The Soulless Party - Tales from the Black Meadow (Main Theme) - The Crooked Circle THAUMATROPE1
Peverelist & Kowton - Raw Code (Surgeon remix) - Livity Sound Livity012
Mr Jones - Reality Check (Inigo Kennedy Remix) - DSNT004
Hans Bouffmyhre - Bring It Back (Oscar Mulero Remix) - Sleaze Records SLEAZE093
Ontal - Lithosphere - Overdraw OVERDRAW001
MØNIC - Blood Hound - Osiris Music OSMUK039EP
Lag - Trema - Mord
Modeo - Take The Time - Subsist Records SUB-d24
Donato Dozzy - Sotto Ma Sotto - Stroboscopic Artefacts SA023
Bicep - NRG106 - AUS1462
Wesley Matsell - Total Order of Being - Boarder Community 44BC

Brendon Moeller Live At Verboten May 2014

Brendon Moeller has essentially spent almost everyday of his life since 1994 in a home recording studio. Through research and practice he has evolved into a prolific producer with 10 full length albums under his belt along with dozens of singles and remixes. He has performed live and DJ'ed at Fabric, Berghain and Cielo on numerous occasions. He also runs his own label "steadfast records." His love of a hybrid of hardware and digital resources for production shines through. His music has been championed by the likes of Francois K, Speedy J, Danny Howells, amongst others. An eclectic sensibility stemming from a love of many genres of music is always evident in Brendon's work.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

PoleGroup Radio present: Raffaele Attanasio [18.04.14]

Cassegrain – Skin
Oscar Mulero – Blackstar
Gonzalo MD – Black Enemy
Subjected – SD1
CTRLS – Displacer(Sleeparchive)
Mike Storm – They Were
Sleeparchive – A man dies in the street 1 – 3
Planetary Assault Systems – Sucktion
Sleeparchive – A man dies in the street 2 – 5
Spherical Coordinates – SCFLS-17
Raffaele Attanasio – RA-1
Oscar Mulero – The Nine(Loktibrada mix)
Vatican Shadow – Remember your black day

Raffaele Attanasio was born in a family of musicians. He cultivated a passion for music since he has been a child, infact he started to have piano lessons. At the age of 12 he started to take ones first steps in the world of djing and after 5 years he made his first productions. In this period he was really into techno music, electronic music and classical-contemporary composition. In 2007 he took the piano graduation which improves his artistic language. Raffaele Attanasio is a pianist, arranger and producer. During his career he collaborated with artists such as Orlando Voorn for the personal compilation on Nightvision Records. Now he is supported by important artists such as Len Faki, Luke Slater, Ben Sims, Kirk Degiorgio, Chris Liebing, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Oscar mulero and Dustin Zahn. Raffaele made remixes for Trapez, Gynoid and the last is called Telrae for Reimut Van Bonn. At the moment his success Black Bloc Ep (NON 001, 2011) is on charts. It's the first output on the spanish label. It's about a work made up of solid and snare techno groove. It's also going to come out the remixes version (NON002, 2012). The artist has choosen Italy as his home. Raffaele wishes one day the public will be less xenofile because it should be proud of italians talents and don't make them live the "Bel Paese". European artists should be less envious of italians.

Tsinoshi Podcast #23: RVDE

We are pleased to introduce a special techno podcast made by our friends RVDE for Tsinoshi Bar

01. Isis – “Charmicarmicarmicat shines to earth” (RVDE extra ambience re-works)
02. Deepbass – “Transporter” (original mix)
03. RVDE – “Lakhjar” (original mix) – [INTRS1004]
04. PVS – “Arsenal” (original mix)
05. Marcel Fengler – “Jaz” (The Traveller remix)
06. Nicole Moudaber – “One day later” (original mix)
07. Mark Broom – “Hypnotic regression” (Edit-Select remix)
08. Perc – “Headphone heart” (original mix)
09. Andrea Belluzzi – “75″ (original mix)
10. Bas Mooy – “Ann meth” (original mix)
11. MTD + Conrad Van Orton – “Birth 0.1″ (original mix)
12. RVDE – “Veslar” (Ricardo Garduno remix)
13. Jesper Dahlback + Cari Lekebusch – “Flooded” (original mix)
14. RVDE – “Ruutwik” (original mix) – [INTRS1004]
15. Hound Scales – “Thinner” (original mix)

Since their birth Rvde published two Ep's gaining good feedback around and refining their sound in the meantime. First one came from Black Reel and shown the producers skills as well. Then "Hymnes" Ep came out on Intellighenzia Electronica, with remixes by Mr. Jerome Sydenham and one of the label's chief M23.
After these releases Rvde got lots of contacts all over Europe and America too, sharing the stage with many djs (such as Alan Fitzpatrick, Gary Beck, Mark Broom itself, Brando Lupi and Ben Sims just to name a few) and recording several podcast for well known blogs and radio shows.
One year after Intellighenzia Electronica releases the third Ep of the italian duo. "Veslar" Ep contains three original tracks and three remixes. The sound brings to another level different elements such as obsessive drum patterns and cutting edge loop-synth lines, maintaining that deep raw approch and focusing on a modern wiew of techno.
Producers and djs that arranged the remixes of "Veslar" are Mark Broom, Ricardo Garduno and Tommaso Marasma. One of the biggest names around, one of the hottest artist of the moment, and one of the most representative name of the label. Expect different styles in these reworks, from heavy as fuck hypnotic sounds to old school rough drums feeling through dark pads and funky glitchs.
Next projects for Rvde will include a bunch of remixes and new podcast each month, even bookings will be intensified later this year.

MONOLITH Podcast #10 Leo Anibaldi

Leo Anibaldi, pioneer and worldwide reference of avantguardistic techno and electronic music lands on Monolith Records with this great podcast.


Born in 1972, Leo Anibaldi discovers his passion for electronic music at the age of 15. Thanks to the advent of early personal computers such as the Commodore Vic 20 and 64, he begins to create his first loops. After one year, Anibaldi starts to play in clubs under the pseudonym DJ Mc, when it was impossibile to find any trace of electronic beat in Rome. He became an enthusiastic analog synth collector and he decided to spend his daily life on the creation of beats and grooves. In 1990, Anibaldi begins his recordings career at ACV Records, where he will make more than 20 albums such as: Attack Random, Riders of the Future, Noise Generation, Muta, Cannibald and Aeon. In 1991, Anibaldi meets Lory D, and from a small garage located in the north of Rome, they start the alternative music movement soon known as The Sound of Rome, which spread techno music in Rome and the whole of Italy. In those years, Anibaldi concentrated in bringing his analog live set around the world, appearing at large events such as one of the first Love Parade editions in Berlin. In 1995, he decides to sever ties with ACV Records and moves to Rephlex, which released the album Void. 2008. Cannibald records was born, Leo’s personal record label and he is back with a new Ep and two albums, Leo Anibaldi's Classics '90-'95 (2009) and 2000 Cuts (2010). Cannibald records is the sublimation of twenty years of experience in the world of electronic music by a veteran dj/producer. Cannibald Records is devoted to the search and experimentation of new sounds and original grooves,in order to offer an always actual and timeless sound: from freaky house to weird electronica to the darkest techno tunes.

Children Of Tomorrow [Radioshow Podcast] - Arnaud Le Texier - May 2014

Arnaud’s career dates back to 1990 when he first began managing record shops and building what is now a huge archive of knowledge, taste and musical dedication to his name. His five years residency at Paris’s Queen and memorable sets around Europe over the years that followed perfected Arnaud’s djing skills, earning him his spot in the worldwide scene where he continues to this day to be a prominent dj and production figure.

In 2000 at a Miami gig, Arnaud met British dj James Warren, the pair shared a vision and love of expressing deep and constructed minimal and techno sounds. The two artists decided to launch the UK based labels; Atcha Recordings and Kailash Records.

5 years later, Safari Electronique was born. Arnaud decided to launch this new label because he wanted something different and where he could sign all styles of electronic music. A label a bit more experimental and personal, which concentrates on techno and minimal sounds, sensuality and dance-floor grooves has since gone on to collaborate with best known and highly respected artists. Safari Electronique made his name by often being the first to discover who was about to become a big talent. This tells a lot about label owner Arnaud Le Texier's DJ Set. Through his focus on music quality and originality, as well as his performances on an International level, Arnaud Le Texier became one of the leaders in electronic sound.

At the beginning of 2006 Arnaud decided to move to London where he played in different clubs or parties such as T Bar, Kubicle, Half Baked, Secret Sundaze, Bread & Butter, Multi Vitamins, Wiggle etc … and he is a regular Dj at Fabric since 9 years. He made quite of an impression when he warmed the room 2 of Fabric for their 12th birthday, along side Ben Klock, Steffi, Peter Van Hoessen. Since 2 years he’s resident of 2 great parties in London: One More & Melt where he played alongside many great artists such as : DVS1, Rodhad, Efdemin, Dj Deep, Ryan Elliott, Lawrence, Nick Höppner, Virginia, Skudge, Radio Slave, Mark Broom, ROD, Tama Sumo, etc…

In 2008 Children Of Tomorrow was born. A label created by Emmanuel Ternois. Arnaud decided to join this project in 2011 and to focus on the techno side. For over more than 20 years they have both shared their passion for timeless techno Music. Raw and timeless are the main elements of the label. Arnaud is releasing his own music and confirmed talents such as : Terrence Dixon, ROD, Jonas Kopp, Ryan Elliott, Samuli Kemppi, Zadig, Antigone, Antonio De Angelis, Birth Of Frequency and many more have been involved with releases or remixes. Almost all the releases have been played or charted by huge artists such has Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, DVS1, Ben Sims, Rodhad, DJ Deep, Chris Liebing, Dave Clarke and many more.

In 2014 label boss Arnaud Le Texier together with his partners and colleagues decided to start a series of Children Of Tomorrow parties in London that focus on talented Techno producers.

Arnaud produced different EP's & remixes for Affin, Bass Culture, Cocoon, Children of Tomorrow, Syncrophone, Safari Electronique, SCI + TEC, Traum, etc... to name few since 1999 when he started to write his own music. He is a perfect blend of natural talent and raw flare with very distinctive music.

RYC Podcast 073 | PVS

PVS (Marco Piovesan) is the project that is the union of all the musical influences acquired over the years and with the raver experience, the desire is to experiment in a unique style. He began playing in 1999 in his city Rome, where he was making his own style and his idea of techno.
Discovered by Freddy K who'd followed him as a mentor, while learning and working for him, he well matured musically and lands on labels such as Conrad Von Orton’s CRS rec, Freddy K’s Key Vinyl and Max_M’s M_Rec Ltd.
His idea of techno is the only and exclusive desire to express himself in music, his life, his experiences and his philosophy. A desire that an artist has inside which you can not repress or suppress.