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Mad Alba, Darkcube liveset at Tresor / Detroit Techno Militia / The Grid Episode 23

Madalba, was born in July 1985 in Bari. Since she was very young her interest in different musical cultures such as house and dance trends of the moment spread through rock and punk, leading to Techno and club-culture. ?At 22 she approaches the local scene as dj-girl with numerous performances in the club circuit in collaboration with some of the most renowned local promoters. Than she developed a continued and careful research into the musical experience in Rostock and Berlin, where she has been impressed and inspired by the radical Techno sound of Berghain. The musical experience gained over the years brought her to start djing only with vinyls building up a strong reputation as underground Techno dj, allowing her to play in clubs such as Tresor, Abount Blank, SK Robinson, Mikz and Tacheles in Berlin where she basically lives. In July 2011 she created T_MooD, a podcast dedicated to the underground techno culture's diffusion from Berlin to Italy. In September 2011 she moved to Detroit where she played in the most popular clubs such as The Works, Exodus and other in collaboration with Dj Seoul and Tom Linder - Detroit Techno Militia.This travel has definitely and radically changed is approach to the Techno concept, wich she cosiders more a social phenomenon and a means of complaint then simply a musical genre. 
In December 2011 she started the collaboration with the female crew Femme Fraktale. Since January 2012 she is resident of the party Homopatik in About Blank, Berlin. InMay 2013 became official member of Bang Tech 12, Detroit.

Notorious for his darkside jungle sets as well as his ability todynamically span a broad spectrum of techno and electro, DARKCUBE's gotquite the rep in both Detroit and the San Francisco bay area. He's heldresidencies in both cities, year after year, and played his share ofunderground warehouse events. DARKCUBE's been repping Detroit alongside international headliners since 1999, all across North America. His DJ sets have run the gamut of techno, electro, industrial, and ghettotech; He's also an accomplished drum and bass DJ, securing several residencies in San Francisco and Detroit, as well as playing a large number of underground events all across North America. During the last several years, Darkcube's been quite busy in the studio, with a techno release on the DTM imprint under his belt (DTM004 : Amygdala); he also has forthcoming techno releases on Mineral Musica (NYC), and an absolutely tearout upcoming drum'n'bass release with partner SPKTRM on Gein's Bad Chemistry label. He also is part of several live collaboration projects, most notably Death Squad / Guys On Drugs (with fellow Detroit artists E. Spleece and Vacuum/SECRETS).

In early 2007 Detroit Techno Militia formally launched their record label in a partnership with Cratesavers Muzik. After three very successful 12" vinyl EP releases, DTM001, DTM002, and DTM003, they amicably split with Cratesavers and took all of the responsibilities in-house. Their next two 12" vinyl EPs, DTM004, and DTM005 were independently released and distributed. Many of these releases have been charted and played by some of the biggest international names in techno music. DTM's music is regularly featured by legendary DJ, Dave Clarke on his radio show "White Noise" on the Dutch national radio station, 3VOOR12. Today, the Detroit Techno Militia continues to release music on their own vinyl label, their digital label: "DTM Digital", and other internationally distributed record labels.

"It's a battle for the soul of the music"

Part 1: DJ set by Mad Alba at Tresor [Homopatik. Berlin, Germany/Bari. Italy] 
Part 2: DJ set by Darkcube at Tresor [Detroit Techno Militia. Detroit, USA]

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