Saturday, February 08, 2014

Alex Mason - Detroit Session 02.2014

I started 1990-91 my DJ career. In the beginning more attached to UK-Hardcore/Grindcore ,followed later my faible for dark electronic music like EBM and Industrial. 
After when i was the first time in the legendary club Omen in Frankfurt in 1993 i was totally infected to Techno. This experience was so impressive to me while i enjoyed the spirit between the DJ and the crowd. It shifted me completely into another world full of energy and trance. 
Consequently delighted by the following partynights in different other clubs also i bought my own first turntables and a lot of records every month. I had the honour to get bookings in some of legendary german and british clubs like Ultraschall (Munich) , Club 8th May (Chemnitz), Tresor (Berlin), Prag (Stuttgart), Rhythm Factory (UK) and many other locations to play alongside acts like Anthony"Shake"Shakir, Jay Denham, Robert Görl (D.A.F.), Oliver Lieb, Scan 7, Stephen Brown, DJ Bone, Oliver Huntemann, Joel Mull, Terence Fixmer, 
Jerome Sydenham, Robert Q. Ingram. Johannes Volk, Myon, Colin Dale, John Heckle, DJ T-1000 and many more.

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Alex Mason said...

Thank you very much guys! :)
Regards to Italy!