Monday, December 30, 2013

Reig ** 100% Trivmvirate 2013 Mix

Emilio 'Reig' Carrara was born in Rome in 1978. In 1993 he began to attend illegal rave scene and this gave to him a new birth, a passion for Techno music. He began composing electronic music at an amateur level with software such as Impulse Tracker. From 1999 he began to buy vinyl and playing in the underground scene Capitoline. Since 2005 he undertook with his partner Ed the production process at a professional level, culminating with the recording experience with Leo Anibaldi owner of Cannibald Rec.  Involved for years in the Oil & Gas industry, his name found marked on numerous electrical and electronical dismissed equipments in various plants around the globe, the Reig mark was first seen in Rome during the early 90's on subway trains, buses, trash cans and electrical panels – and then it spread in industrial plants, train stations and other intense power receptor in Europe and the Middle East.
During the last clashes of the Arabian Spring in Cairo on Feb.2011, huge shadows on the desert made clearly visible from the sky the Reig trademark, inscribed in a triangular shape across the Pyramids. Now Reig is involved in a new project, Trivmvirate Records

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