Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dabub at Secret Thirteen Mix #100

Dadub is a meeting of two minds, Daniele Antezza and Giovanni Conti, a duo whose output is underpinned by a mutual curiosity. The result? Startling electronic music productions, one of the best live acts in the scene and the innovative Artefacts Mastering studio.
The collaboration started not in their native Italy, but in Berlin. Daniele arrived in Berlin with the kernel of Dadub, a project he'd begun in 2008 with a release on the label A Quite Bump. Daniele came via Rome where he'd plunged himself into production, studying electronic music. Giovanni had been drawn to Berlin to work on interactive digital arts projects, honing his knowledge of hardware and software. Once they met it was only a matter of time before Dadub became a two-men project.
Twinned by a fascination of process, and a love of Lee Scratch Perry's mix board experiments, they take dub and push it into the deepest corners of techno and out to the ambient fringes. Frustrated by identikit sounds in electronic music they set about pouring their technical knowledge together in search of innovation.
They describe their approach in the studio as 'like making scent'. Dadub take sound and process it to extract depth and expose human warmth. With this studio outlook it was natural for Dadub to move into mastering. They delved in and Artefacts Mastering emerged: mastering that involves no presets and a policy of adjusting every track entirely from scratch. It's exactly this type of discipline, their use of open strategies instead of formulas that also makes Dadub so dynamic live. Live they layer dubbing and synthesis, they take Dadub material and deconstruct or reconstruct it spontaneously. Their sets are seriously deep and have been showcased internationally at Barcelona's Sonar festival, Germany's Melt! festival and in clubs from Berlin to Moscow and New York.
There's something alchemical about Dadub whether live, on record or when commanding the studio. And when considering their mixes for CLR or Electric Deluxe and Electronic Explorations, it's clear that when given space and length they're ambitious. This adds anticipation for the forthcoming Dadub productions, particularly their first album, which they are currently synthesizing into existence.

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Dadub - Vibration - [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Luigi Russolo – Risveglio Di Una Città
Inner8 – Studio II su feedbacks & riverberi [Unreleased]
John Cage – Williams Mix (1952)
Technophonic Chamber Orchestra – Introphonic [Suite Inc.]
Vladimir Ussachevsky – Sonic Contours
Grün – Deep Green [Dromoscope]
Iannis Xenakis – Concret PH
Bretschneider & Steinbrüchel – Basis [12K]
Dadub – Unbroken Continuity [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Retina.it – Zucchine Alla Scapece [Hefty Rec]
TCO – Prune [We Play! Records]
Brian Eno – Signals [Virgin]
Dadub – Vibration [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Demdike Stare – Kommunion (Alternate Version) [Modern Love]
Grün – Fioritura [Dromoscope]
Dadub – Soundscape 1 (Atonal Festival 2013 Liveset) [Unreleased]
Ina Ynoki – Kosmos [Dromoscope]
Dadub – Arrival (Atonal Festival 2013 Liveset) [Unreleased]
Ina Ynoki – Mutant [Dromoscope]
Barry Truax – Basilica
Fabio Perletta – Field: Atom(s) Entropy [Farmacia 901]
Resina – [Track 12, from Disco Compatto Numero Uno / Idroscalo d'Autore]
The Bug – Skeng (Autechre Remix) [Ninja Tune]
William Basinski – Melancholia I [2062]
Arovane – Evlecc [DIN]
Resina – Muschià [Mousike Lab]
Alva Noto – Prototyp P [Raster-Noton]
Jan Jelinek – Moiré (Piano & Organ) [~scape]
Julien Neto – Voy [Type]
Deru – Spread Your Arms [Merck]
Arve henriksen – Opening Image [Rune Grammofon]
Pan•American – Inside Elevation [Kranky]
Lullaby From Itsuki Village (Flute & Sitar)
Ceephax – Nordic House [Firstcask Records]
Mogwai – A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters [Chemikal Underground]
Japanese Traditional Vocal And Instrumental Music
Marsen Jules – Œillet En Delta [City Centre Offices]
Marsen Jules – Œillet Sauvage [City Centre Offices]
Lula Pena – Rosa [Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation]
Colleen – I’ll Read You A Story [Leaf]
King Midas Sound – Surround Me [Soul Jazz Records]
Chris Clark – Indigo Optimus [Warp Records]
Rechenzentrum – Ahab [Kitty-Yo]
Icarus – Fijaka [Recordings Of Substance]
Shuttle358 – Frame [12k]
Julien Neto – III [Type]
DeepChord Presents Echospace – First Point Of Aries [Modern Love]
Rhythm & Sound – Aerial [Rhythm & Sound]

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