Monday, November 18, 2013

Samuel Kerridge - Train Wreck Mix

Samuel Kerridge has quickly made a name for himself, responsible for one of 2012's most remarkable and self assured debuts 'Auris Interna' on the ultra-picky Horizontal Ground. This didn't go unnoticed by Downwards label boss Karl O'Connor, and Samuel followed with two more critically acclaimed EP's.
Kerridge has found a perfect home for his highly original productions of unfettered sonic exploration, re-defining the relationship between rhythm and sound design with decimating kick drums and feedback, and unearthly amounts of distortion until you're left with a dripping, toxic style of techno.  It’s not from Detroit, but it’s more about where Kerridge is at – creating seductive, darkly soulful music.  Not afraid to question people's perceptions of clubbing, he Co-founded the Contort events in Berlin, not only as an outlet for his own artistic vision, but to bring back a level of creativity and magic to a stale club scene. With compilations, remixes, and an album all due out before 2013 closes, the future is extremely bright for this artist. 

+++ tracklist +++

A Pleasant Euphoria - Shapednoise - Hospital Productions 
Heaven's Gate Suicides - Covered In Sand - Mira 
Frankie Teardrop - Suicide - Red Star 
Gift - Shampoo Boy - Blackest Ever Black 
God & Faith - Alberich - Hospital Productions 
Vaporware 02 - Donato Dozzy - Spectrum 
Black Sun - Kerridge - Downwards 
Calm In Bird Form - Basic House - Digitalis 
Scare Tactics - Kerridge - Downwards 
Tangent - Emptyset - Subtext 
Sparkle feat. Ike Yard - Certain Creatures  - Styles Upon Styles 
Abaxial Masks With Sockets Closed To Hide The Face When The Destroyer Comes Alive  - Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Hospital Productions 
Violetshaped Remixes - Keith Fullerton Whitman - Violet Poison 
Transfer #1 - Yves De Mey - Modal Analysis 
Rediki - Kevin Drumm - Bocian Records 
Reduced Life Expectancy 3 - Monica Hits The Ground - Horizontal Ground 
Erox - Stave - Trensmat 
Plane - Emptyset - Subtext 
Shortwave - Shackleton - Skull Disco 
The Power Of Doubt - Surgeon - Dynamic Tension 
Selectiv Compliance B - Whirling Hall Of Knives - Trensmat 
Another Body - Surgeon - Counterbalance 
Break  - Stave - Trensmat 
The Third Room - Alexander Lewis - Blackest Ever Black 
No Love Lost (RCA Session Version) - Joy Division - Intersound Recordings

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