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Kevin Saunderson liveset at CODE 10 Anniversary [23.11.2013]

Respected and acknowledged around the World as one of the three Detroit Techno innovators, Kevin Saunderson is a legend in his own right, who has helped to reshape the future of Dance music as we know it!

Kevin was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1964, but moved at the age of nine to the place known as the 'Motor City', Detroit. He attended Belleville High School (West of Detroit), where his youthful urge to make music had been fuelled. There he befriended two other like-minded students (Atkins and May). After leaving school he attended Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, where he played Football. After 2 years, Kevin quit playing football in order to focus on music, so he joined his high school pals Derrick May and Juan Atkins, which unknown at the time would be the move that would help Kevin's career escalate.

Starting out as a DJ, Kevin soon developed new skills that led him into producing records, which he released on his own label, KMS Records. The demand for Kevin as a Producer and DJ was overwhelming overseas, as well as in the States. He introduced acts like 'Kreem', 'Reese', 'Inter-City' (later to become Inner City) and 'Reese & Santonio'. Kevin has had many other aliases too, such as; 'Tronik House', 'The Reese Project', 'EssRay', 'Kaos' and more recently, 'E-Dancer', which he uses to show his versatility at being able to create different facets of Dance music. Kevin also pioneered the art of the "REMIX," changing the face of how remixers revamp songs. His very first remix for The Wee Papa Girl Rappers "Heat It Up" went on to pick up 'DMC Remix of the Year' in spring 1988.

In 1987 Kevin, then at only 22-year-old recorded a backing track in a makeshift studio stuck in the basement of his apartment. He needed a girl vocalist who could also supply lyrics and his friend Chicago house producer, Terry "Housemaster" Baldwin, suggested Windy City Chanteuse Paris Grey. Paris agreed, flew into Detroit, came up with lyrics and "Big Fun" was born. Incredibly the tape was then filed away and almost forgotten until months later when UK dance aficionado, Neil Rushton, visited the Motor City to put together a compilation album, "Techno – The New Dance Sound Of Detroit" for Virgin Records. He freaked when hearing the song and made sure "Big Fun" was on the LP. Soon afterwards, it was released as a single and went on to become a World wide smash. But despite it’s sudden success, Paris hung on to her job as a sales assistant in a Chicago store - only quitting when the follow up, "Good Life" outsold "Big Fun".

The third single "Ain't Nobody Better" retained Kevin's techno-logic microchip feel, topped by Paris's soulful voice. Their debut album, "Paradise" cemented this prosperity and highlighted the Detroit techno blueprint.

In 1993, INNER CITY parted company with their label, Virgin Records. The label released the "Testament" "93" remix album to celebrate their time together. Also in that year they were voted, by the readers of Mixmag Magazine, the "Best International Act of the Year" and a "homecoming" deal with their manager Neil Rushton's SIX6 label was finalized. Another UK Tour followed in August '93, including a headlining appearance on the Reading Festival's dance stage and the top slot at the European Dance Weekender in Paris the following month. It was also at this time that Kevin's work with his other group THE REESE PROJECT was greeted with equal glee by journalists and clubbers alike.

With his latest two productions, Inner City ‘Say Something’ (Concept) and Reese Project “This Means That” (SuSu) both providing late summer 05 hits in Europe, it all reaffirms Kevin's standing as one of the 'INNOVATORS', and a leader in the industry.

Stefano Infusino - Amazone Podcast15

Stefano Infusino is an italian producer of the new techno generation. He loves to experiment new and different sounds often dark and deep without forgetting the groove that is characteristic of his productions. He works with labels such as Machine Box Recordings, Gynoid Audio, Amazone Records, Heaven To Hell Records, Parallel 125, Frucht, Shout Records.

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The Noisemaker liveset at TheFrag #01 *

Riccardo was born in 1987 in Treviso, a town near Venice.
He had his first approach with electronic music at the age of 11. A simple interest turns into something more at the age of 14, when he starts performing his DJ sets. In 2007, after a few appearances at some local clubs and underground parties, he decides to turn his attention towards the construction of a Live Set, without however omitting the charm of vinyls in his DJ sets. From 2009 onwards, you can find several works on various labels under the name The Noisemaker. He is currently working with labels such as Par, M_rec, Raw Waxes, Wood n Bass. In his LiveSet he brings out an hypnotic and aggressive atmosphere.
In 2010, feels the need to deepen his knowledge in the arts and decided to enroll in the course of New Technologies for the Arts Academy of Venice. 2013 is the year of the launch of his own label NMKrec, that will be the main holder of his work.

Inigo Kennedy - 2013 Token Podcast

Born in North London 1972, Inigo Kennedy was playing with a Fisher Price turntable by the age of two and spent the majority of my early years taking anything electronic, computerised or robotic apart - progressively things around me turned into a laboratory. During the late 80s I took more than a passing interest in the first wave of hip hop as it developed into a more experimental and electronic format. Mantronix 'Bassline' remains an all time favourite. Inspired by the sound Paul Hardcastle's '19', first heard on the Radio One hip hop show and seeming to defy categorisation, there unfolded an extended period of experimenting with tape dubbing, manual and labour-intensive editing and the misuse of cheap guitar effects pedals. Next came the energy of acid house and break-beat hardcore which was for me a natural progression and firmly planted the seeds of what was to later become a great passion for techno. Throughout this time I was equally fanatical for all kinds of obscure alternative, industrial and electronic music and spent much of my time trawling through record fairs for unusual material. Listening to John Peel's shows on Radio One became a regular source of inspiration and this has come full circle more recently with John Peel regularly playing my material on his shows. The beginnings of my studio, the acquisition of a Roland D-50 and Casio FZ-1 in 1994 and the assembly of a rudimentary home made mixer and filter unit lead to the start of techno production in earnest - and a seriously deep knowledge of how these machines could be used and misused. This period of production culminated in winning of the 1996 Fosters Ice Breaker for Techno on John Berry's Techno Show on Kiss 102 in Manchester, UK. Winning the Fosters Ice Breaker lead to my first release 'The Bond EP' in June 1996. A bright orange record that some people in Manchester at the time may have remembered appearing in their hands outside a few club nights. Throughout this period, early in 1997, several pseudonyms sprang into existence to support a number of different projects - from the harsh industrial sounds of Tomito Satori on Exhibit and Helki Torsnum on Sheer to my increasingly experimental loop based output as Reducer on Instillation. In their own right, these alter egos have received much praise and continue to develop. 

Aphex Twin liveset at All Tomorrow's Parties 2007

Richard D. James, known by many as Aphex Twin, began his career in the mid 80's composing jungle, industrial, and ambient techno for the U.K. dance scene. He began creating music using custom synths and components. As his early album titles indicate, such as Analogue Bubblebath, he used analog synth equipment to create his sounds.
In the early 90's he shifted from doing dance-ish tunes to more abstract rhythms, using sampled sounds. While the fundamentals still remain in place, his new computer generated tunes have more depth and dimention. The 1996 release of "Richard D. James album" features entirely computer composed music. Songs range from graceful melodies backed by insane drum patterns, such as the "Girl/Boy Song", to raunchy jungle, such as "Peek 824545201", to his singing debut in soungs such as "Beetles" and "Milk Man." Many of Aphex Twin's early albums appeared under different names, such as Caustic Window and Polygon Window. While his early albums such as Analogue Bubblebath are no longer in print, Polygon Window is still available at many music stores worldwide. His best works really begin with the album Classics and Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (aka Vol. 1). These two albums are still available in North America on import, which means they'll be costly, but worth it. Classics explores his early analog tunes, many of which are jungle-ish. One of his most well known jungle style dance tracks is "Digeridoo" (track 1 on Classics). The album also features one of the most well known Aphex Twin tunes entitled "Analogue Bubblebath 1." Selected Ambient Works 85-92 is a collection of mellow ambient dance tracks. While I can't explain it in detail, it's worth checking out. Aphex Twin then released Selected Ambient Works Vol.2. While some praised this as "music for the new milennium" many thought Aphex Twin lost his touch. The album is a 2 disc set of abstract beats and sounds. Have you ever seen the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"? Remember the sound the monolith made? This album is similar. Not exciting, but some enjoy it.
Following SAW2, Aphex Twin released two maxi-singles (4 maxi-singles overseas), entitled "On" and "Ventolin." On his currently one of Aphex Twin's most famous tracks. On is an ambient tune backed by analog drum beats. The On maxi singles feature some abstract (yet annoying) tracks, but On and its two remixes (by Reload and mu-ziq) are worth the price. Following On came the Ventolin maxi-single (which was divided in two for overseas release). Ventolin is 12 tracks of jungle and ambient-ish tunes, created using odd instruments such as a Casio drum synth. It's not for everyone, but interesting to say the least.
Aphex Twin blew away critics of his SAW2 album with the 1995 release of "... I care because you do." The album featured straight up jungle tracks, such as "Icct Hedral" and "COME ON YOU SLAGS!", ambient grooves, such as "MOOKID" and "Alberto Balsam", and tracks that were somewhere in between, such as "Start as you mean to go on." This album was hailed by many has his best work and recieved rave reviews.
Then came the release of the much awaited "Richard D. James album." This album was a bit of a change, as Aphex Twin chose to use computers almost exclusively to create his music. The tracks are all relatively short (about 3 minutes or so), but sweet. Some beautiful melodies grace the album, such as "4", "Girl/Boy Song", and "Fingerbib." There are no jungle tracks to speak of, but the majority lie somewhere in between jungle and ambient, laced with orchestral sounds. This album also marks the singing deput of Aphex Twin in the songs "Beetles" and "Milk Man." And ya know what? He's pretty good at it, too! It's a wonderful album that shouldn't be missed.
As Richard (Aphex Twin) has admitted, he will continue to use computers to create his future music. Expect interesting things in his future releases including more singing! He has also stated that he plans to release some older tracks, including THE FIRST TRACK HE EVER MADE!, under the old Caustic Window name sometime in the future.
Aphex Twin is a unique artist who somehow manages to walk the tightrope between jungle and ambient while still remaining cutting edge. He is an artist that has a cult following throughout the world, and it's clear why. He creates music that is unique and so different from anything available today.

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Surgeon - Rinse FM [13.11.2013]

Birmingham techno artist Anthony Child has rapidly built a solid and, to a certain extent, innovative catalog of minimal dancefloor techno since his Surgeon releases began appearing in 1991. Compared favorably with Detroit original Jeff Mills from his earliest Downwards singles on forward, Child's tracks have been a mainstay in the popular Motor City DJ's sets. Although Surgeon releases have worked an increasing affectation for acid and trance, an economy of sound and basic hardness combine his and Mills' sound.
A noted and increasingly popular DJ himself, Child grokked his skills from hip-hop and electro jocks ("Tour de France" is a mainstay of his DJ sets), filling out his style with a driving toughness and appreciation for rapid cutting and flipping. Surgeon's entry into production was also noteworthy; urged on by producer Mick Harris (Child is a fan of Harris' Scorn project), the former Napalm Death drummer locked Child in his tiny studio, imploring him to "go mad." The result, the self-titled debut EP, was released on Downwards, and was instantly hailed as some of the highest quality U.K. techno of its time. Releases for Soma, Blueprint, Ideal Trax, and the ultra-exclusive Tresor label followed, with the debut LP, Basic Tonal Vocabulary, appearing on Tresor in 1997. Balance followed in 1998, as did Force & Form in 1999.
More recent additions to his repertoire include releases on his Counterbalance imprint as well as collaborations with Regis as British Murder Boys, resulting in tracks which take a tone far darker, denser, and more industrial than those from his Tresor years.
Equally influenced by early electro-pop innovators like Tomita and YMO, experimental groups like Can, Faust, and Suicide, and the tough grit of American electro and techno (Robert Hood, Hashim), Surgeon's mash-up is both straightforward and subtly experimental. Further influences from Coil, Psychic TV, and Whitehouse in recent works and DJ appearences do not go unnoticed.

Mike Stern at Adventures in Techno Soul Radio Show #3 @Strom:kraft Radio

Mike Stern discovered house and techno music at the start of the 90’s through Laurent Garnier’s shows on the French FM radio Maxximum. Intrigued by these new styles of music, he began to form his own personal musical tastes spending his spare time in record shops and rave parties. He began djing in 1994 and his love quickly grew for the underground techno sound which was coming out of England, Germany and US. In the late 90’s, bored by the techno sound, he discovered drum & bass/jungle and started to dabble in these genres. After a 6 year break from music, he went back to business. He refined his style and began to mix seamlessly between genres (techno, industrial techno, electro and UK Bass) in his sets. In 2011, his meeting with Tyler Smith aka Black Smith Craft allowed him to become resident of the B-Side show on and moderator of the Technotherapy group, a rising musical group on Soundcloud. At the same time, he makes some podcasts and some sets for other radio shows, and continues his musical quest.

Sonics' microcosm, digital snapshots,neon signals and noise's fragments who come from radios or dismissing factories.... Once more landscape will obtain meaning * the immaterial, the spirituality and electronics are synonyms * Adventures in Techno Soul is borned during a nignt of discussion, plots of past experiences, sharing intents …. in 2 words : TECHNO MUSIC 
a new monthly appointment on stormkraft radio ….. a new rhizome to decline a new immaterial geography made on comunication between tribes of people who think the techno music....

Max M - Invite's Choice Podcast 145

Max M is a dj/producer and graphic designer; born in Rome but lives in Milan and has been part of the techno/electronic scene since the early 90s. His cultural and artistic background comes from both the Detroit Techno (in the lights of Underground Resistance, Jeff Mills, Robert Hood) and the British scene (see James Ruskin, Regis, Surgeon…) By going and working through clubs and raves around Europe, Max M grew a personal and uncompromising style without being compromised, a “maximalist” and radical techno way of life which can be heard through his record label M Rec Ltd and the sub-labels M_Rec Digital, M_Grey, with the 12” vinyl being THE format that helped Max M getting his name through the most prestigious and important charts, sets, magazines, digital radios. . Without any shadow of a doubt Max M is a radical artist and a true representative of the real techno in its style and culture

Luminar Record Podcast Series

The Luminar Records is an idea of DJ and producer Sandro Galli
already producing several albums with the label ACV Records one of the most 'important in the global techno scene for 90 years. Innovation, research and testing to 360 degrees of acid techno dark techno sounds and experimentation are the foundation of this label, which is a twenty-year experience of its founder in the same world of electronic music .

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Young at Sardinian's Night #2 - Italiansgroove Radio Show #28 - Strom:kraft Radio

Exceptional technique and fine musical taste is his business card. Inspirer and soul of Harder Times, the biggest underground movement of electronic music in Sardegna.  Gifted with talent and extraordinary creativity. He is someone to be reckoned with. Every performance is a piece added to his mosaic. Unique and unrepeatable, enriching the expressive pallet with unexplored sounds and rhythm rich in unexpected deep groove which transports and amazes those who dance or listen.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Samuel Kerridge - Train Wreck Mix

Samuel Kerridge has quickly made a name for himself, responsible for one of 2012's most remarkable and self assured debuts 'Auris Interna' on the ultra-picky Horizontal Ground. This didn't go unnoticed by Downwards label boss Karl O'Connor, and Samuel followed with two more critically acclaimed EP's.
Kerridge has found a perfect home for his highly original productions of unfettered sonic exploration, re-defining the relationship between rhythm and sound design with decimating kick drums and feedback, and unearthly amounts of distortion until you're left with a dripping, toxic style of techno.  It’s not from Detroit, but it’s more about where Kerridge is at – creating seductive, darkly soulful music.  Not afraid to question people's perceptions of clubbing, he Co-founded the Contort events in Berlin, not only as an outlet for his own artistic vision, but to bring back a level of creativity and magic to a stale club scene. With compilations, remixes, and an album all due out before 2013 closes, the future is extremely bright for this artist. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Gabriele Pinna at Sardinia's Night #2 - Italiansgroove Radio Show @ Strm:kraft Radio

Club & Radio DJ from the second half of the seventies, 
Producer/Remixer from 1996 with last releases on multiColor Recordings and Frisbee Tracks.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Roberto Figus at Sardinian's Night - Italiansgroove Radio Show #28 @ Strom:Kraft Radio

Born in 1976, in 1990 he began a passion for Techno,Dub Techno,Minimal,Electro,Deep his style was created by various artists such as Pink Floyd,Kraftwerk,Jeff Mills,etc. ..... big fan of vinyl. the vinyl is part of his nature as a DJ lived in different cities of Italy and Switzerland, France! In 2001 it's time to take his style as a producer begins to compose his music with machines groovebox from Roland and Korg. In 2007 he moved to his native Sardinia,trying to find his own style as novation begin the first productions in digital format its first production in 2011 is on CD is his first vinyl in limited release  In 2012 comes up with Parralel Clouds EP with a remix by Jeroen Search is produced by the label Cannibald of Leo Anibaldi techno pioneer made Italy; Roberto Figus collaborates with several labels looking to extend his style

SNTS at Reclaim Your City Podcast #45

SNTS is a mysterious duo based in Germany, who want to preserve the absolute anonymity. 

+++ tracklist +++

Red Stars Over Tokyo - A place where people hide [testtoon]
Shifted - Wash over me [Bed of Nails]
SNTS - S8 [Snts]
Svreca - Disorder [Warm up]
Milton Bradley - Emotional state of shock [K209]
Fabrizio Lapiana - Cobots [Attic]
Yuji Kondo - Infinitely discreet [Par wax]
Vatican Shadow - Remember your black day [Hospital Prod.]
These Hidden Hands - Kheium (SHXCXCHCXSH remix) [Hidden Hundred]
Yuji Kondo - Know where [Par wax]
Donato Dozzy - 200.3 [Electronique]
Tunnel - The ritual [Etichetta nera]
Ascion - Xatatonic State [3TH]
Desonanz - Shogun HD [Starkstrom Schallplatten]
Sawf - Trivoli [Pole]
Fausten - Punisceration (Dadub remix) [Ad Noiseam]
D.Carbone - Deeply Obsessed [Freitag Ltd]
Vatican Shadow - Not the son of dessert storm but the child of Chechnya [Hospital Prod.]
Psyk - Eclipse [CLR]
Regis & Female - C Chaos [Live at the ]
SNTS - Intro I [Snts]

Terrence Parker at Melbourne Deepcast 104:

Detroit has been credited as one of the Soul Music capitals of the world, spawning legendary artists like The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross just to name a few. In the mid 1980s, Detroit's Underground Music Movement has brought rise to artists such as Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Kevin Saunderson, Blake Baxter, Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes, UR, Jeff Mills, and a host of others. But unlike the aforesaid names, Terrence Parker has established himself as a producer, remixer and DJ of the classic sound of Detroit House Music, and is known as the pioneer of the music genre known as “Gospel/Inspirational House Music”!  As a DJ, Terrence Parker (known to many as "TP") has become legendary for his quite uncommon yet skillful turntablism style of playing House Music. TP has also become widely admired because he uses an actual telephone handset as headphones; causing some to give him the nick name, "Telephone Man". TP has performed as a DJ in hundreds of cities in more than 25 countries throughout the world. These events range from night clubs (large and small) to music festivals with more that 100,000 people.  Since 1988, TP has released more than 100 recordings on various labels, and has had top 20 hits with his songs "Love's Got Me High", "The Question" and albums like "Detroit After Dark" in the U.K., The Netherlands, Germany, and France. Terrence's high quality of music productions, remixes, and DJ skill has been recognized by organizations such as the Detroit Historical Museum's History of Techno International Exhibit, and Indiana State University's Department Of African American Music And Culture. TP's collective musical works and pioneering efforts have been recognized as a valuable contribution to Detroit's music history, as well as the International History Dance Music.   TP's incredible DJing talents have been features on major FM radio stations such as Channel 955 FM’s "The Pulse" (Detroit's No # 1 Pop FM Radio Station), FM 98 WJLB's "Club Insomnia" Mix Show (Detroit's No # 1 Urban/Hip Hop Radio Station) and Detroit FM powerhouse 107.5 FM WGPR. TP produces his own popular DJ mix shows podcast which can be heard at as well as guest mixes on FM, Internet, and Satellite/Digital Radio stations in various parts of Europe and Asia.  

Claudio PRC w/ Ness liveset at Louver, Tokyo [02.11.2013]

Claudio PRC aka Claudio Porceddu

Experimentation and sound research have always been key points of growth in art and music for Claudio PRC. Raised in a small Sardinian town (Italy), he has always been in close contact with all kinds of music, but the influences received by the strong Techno wave coming from Detroit and the special attractions for Concrete and Electroacoustic music definitively marked the development of his current musical ideology. The experiences that derive from his personal observations in the field of electroacoustic music are combined with the continuing study of lean and simple rhythmic structures. His feelings and adventures turn into deep and hypnotic atmospheres that are intertwined with abstract and sharp rhythms. Claudio currently releases music on German label Prologue and also appeared on labels such as Aconito Records and Stroboscopic Artefacts. His DJ sets are characterised by the same concept that distinguishes his music, and range from complex Ambient to sophisticated Techno.


Ness began his electronic music journey in the late 90's and his evolving interest and passion soon encouraged him to start a dj career experimenting with various genres – from trance to pure experimental. With a background in sound engineering and many years of research and fine-tuning, he gradually developed a distinct personal style with a strong focus on atmosphere combined with hypnotic vibes. In 2007 he opened his own record store in his hometown in Sardinia (Italy) and 2 years later he founded his first label - Mono Records.  Acknowledged for his individual style, Ness has worked with labels like Phorma (Sweden), Synewave (USA), Dynamic Reflection (The Netherlands), M_Rec Ltd. (Italy), Informa (UK), Prologue (Germany), etc. and collaborated with artists like Claudio PRC, Deepbass, Attemporal, Rasmus Hedlund, etc. 
Currently he is running Frames of Thought - a new independent platform for releasing conceptual techno music together with Scam. and Alessio Pili. Ness music and dj sets are well accepted and defined as an exploration of wide range of deep and hypnotic techno and ambient soundscapes.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Dubit aka. UNC0MPR0M153 liveset at Arena Club [25.10.2013]

Alfeo Pier, a.k.a. Dubit was born on September 21st 1985 in Molfetta (Ba), Italy.
Born from the meeting between the sound design, the techno and IDM, the project Dubit ranges from dub techno to industrial and intends to preserve the groove as a stimulus to the movement by creating melody with dynamic percussion, clicks and glitch influences.
The intent is to tell a story upsetting the canons with atypical changes but direct. The creation of the sound has no limits: from hardware to software,from analog to environment recordings. Potentially all the elements that we use in life are instruments for our music.
Always involved in new types of live performance act with the use of midi controllers and microphones, owner of Soluxion Records [] he lives in Berlin and is active playing in Europe.

Svreca - Smoke Machine Podcast 091

Svreca is a Madrid-born DJ that combines the coolest and most sophisticated electronica with the most abstract and complex techno, and sometimes his experimentation leads him towards the most unusual textures and rhythms for the dancefloor.

In 2006 started his own label, Semantica Records.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Go Hiyama - One Mix * November 2013

Born in south Japan, Go Hiyama discovered techno music in 1994, when he got exposed to the sounds of such artists as YMO, Kraftwerk, Jeff Mills, Fumiya Tanaka and labels like Warp and Subvoice among others. In 1995, Go Hiyama decided that it was time to start making his own tracks. His thinking for minimalism isn’t reduced to just music, so his tracks are always built by very different ideas and music styles.
Several european artists like Oscar Mulero and James Ruskin have always supported his productions, releasing Go Hiyama’s material on his own labels Coda and Warm Up.
Go Hiyama has released over 30 original productions on many different labels like Perc Trax, Token, Audio Assault, Planet Rhythm and the already mentioned Coda and Warm Up. His demand is rapidly growing worldwide.

Claudio PRC - RRL.001

Claudio PRC aka Claudio Porceddu

Experimentation and sound research have always been key points of growth in art and music for Claudio PRC. Raised in a small Sardinian town (Italy), he has always been in close contact with all kinds of music, but the influences received by the strong Techno wave coming from Detroit and the special attractions for Concrete and Electroacoustic music definitively marked the development of his current musical ideology. The experiences that derive from his personal observations in the field of electroacoustic music are combined with the continuing study of lean and simple rhythmic structures. His feelings and adventures turn into deep and hypnotic atmospheres that are intertwined with abstract and sharp rhythms. Claudio currently releases music on German label Prologue and also appeared on labels such as Aconito Records and Stroboscopic Artefacts. His DJ sets are characterised by the same concept that distinguishes his music, and range from complex Ambient to sophisticated Techno.

Derrick May at 6 Mix BBC [08.11.2013]

Of the Belleville Three, the cadre of early Detroit producers who tested the limits of spirit within electronic dance music and changed the integrity of the form forever, Derrick May's reputation as an originator remained intact despite more than a decade of recording inactivity. While Juan Atkins is rightly looked at as the godfather of techno, with a recording career beginning in the electro scene of the early '80s and encompassing some of the most inspired tracks in the history of dance music; and Kevin Saunderson is the Detroit producer with the biggest mainstream success through his work with vocalist Paris Grey as Inner City, May's position as an auteur eroded slightly during the 1990s due to a largely inexplicable lack of activity. As far as influence counts as part of the equation, however, May recorded the techno tracks which top dance producers point to as the most original and influential. The classic Derrick May sound is a clever balance between streamlined percussion-heavy cascades of sound with string samples and a warmth gained from time spent in Chicago, enraptured by the grooves of essential DJs like Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles. May's Transmat Records label was the home of his best material, cuts like "Nude Photo," "Strings of Life," "Kaos" and "It Is What It Is," most produced from 1987 to 1989 as Rhythim Is Rhythim. And though his release schedule all but halted during the 1990s, he continued DJing around the world and honed Transmat into one of the most respected techno labels in the world.
Derrick May was born in Detroit in 1963, a single child raised largely by his mother. At the age of 13, he began attending school in the suburb of Belleville; there he met Juan Atkins and the two began trading mix-tapes, Atkins providing May's entry into the world of Parliament, Kraftwerk and Gary Numan. When his mother moved to Chicago, May stayed in Detroit with another friend, Kevin Saunderson, to finish school. By 1981, Atkins had taught May and Saunderson the essence of DJing as well, and the trio formed Deep Space Soundworks, a collective existing to present their favorite music at parties and clubs. May and Atkins also began working with a local DJ named the Electrifyin' Mojo — the man who first introduced Atkins to Kraftwerk and early synth-pop — by creating elaborate megamixes for use on Mojo's radio show.

Friday, November 08, 2013

D. Carbone [liveset Repitch] at Freitag.Recordings Podcast 108

Carbone's sound come from the decay of society and evolves finding dub elements, deep drone and glitch sonority creating raw and industrial sounds. Carbone is one of the labelhead of -REPITCH Recordings- alongside Ascion and Shapednoise, and of the new one 3TH records. Carbone worked with Ascion for years and will appear together again with other aliases as the last -Repitch-

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Fabrizio Lapiana at K1971 Podcast

Born in Rome in 1975, Fabrizio Lapiana grew up listening to disco and new wave vinyl records bought by his father. He subsequently developed a passion for house music, acid and rap.
In 1991 he accidentally discovered techno music, listening to a local radio show that used to broadcast expecially vinyls from Detroit. This first contact with the Motor city cutting-edge music was an intense experience that pushed him to start to play records.
His career as a DJ began in the mid-90s when he started to play in many underground parties across the capital. Essential to his growth was the opportunity to be in contact with many important roman artists, which made history of italian techno scene and influenced him greatly.
The decision to start producing music only came in 2008 when he launched his personal label “Attic Music”, characterized by deep and dark techno sounds. Within a few years Attic Music has already become one of the most interesting underground projects. In 2012, Fabrizio launched another label called “Sustain”, mainly focused on dub sounds. Fabrizio’s dj performances reflect his consolidated experience as a fine and tasteful artist, providing a deep techno journey into unexplored soundscapes.
Actually he is also a periodic resident at Alchemy, one of the most underground and classy party in Italy

Monday, November 04, 2013

Vito Arpino liveset at Svarionipremeditati meets Crime Room

Vito Arpino, a self-taught composer with twenty years of experience, was born in Bari (IT) in 1971. The dawn of his music career dates back to the late '80 and is massively influenced by the emergent techno scene of Detroit and its European derivations.
Thanks to collaboration with FEZ - Italian cultural association inspired and directed by Nicola Conte, aimed to gather artists belonging to different music scenes - and due of his eclectic attitude, between '90 and '95 Vito Arpino explored new genres like Jazz, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dub and Junglelist-Techno. In this period he collaborated with different projects as "Fez Combo", "Quintetto X", "Correct Abstract Collective" and "Zona 45", which was released on 1994 the e.p. "Fine Millennio" on "Right Tempo" record label. In 1995, together with trombonist Gianluca Petrella, Arpino gave birth to "Edmondo" project. After Fez experience he founded with guitarist Antonello Maggi "Chrystal Psyche" ensemble, a meeting point between psychedelic rock and electronica. In 1997 the collaboration with the dj and producer Fabrizio Ippolito a.k.a. Doraemon gave birth to "Kolinhar", techno inspired project that released the self-produced album "Meno 3". In 2005 reaches the digital-art collective "Lab 080", born and operating in Bari. In 2007 founded with Andrea Fiorito, Doraemon and Lillo "Four Dialogue", a eight-hands live/djset performed in important Italian music festivals as "Streamfest", gaining success of public and critics.
The last solo works of Vito Arpino are the self-produced e.p. "Boicot" in 2005, and "Untitled Promo" in 2009, used as soundtrack for the feature film "La Loggia Di Pilato", directed by the newcomer Italian director Alessio Giannone. In 2008 his track “Inspi Reate” was released on the WK001 “Various Artist”. Now Vito Arpino is working on his debut album for Wunderkammer Recondings – Release date 25 October 2012. More info at Currently Vito Arpino lives and works in Bari, where his production studio is based.

Andrea la Bombarda aka Anèr liveset at Svarionipremeditati meets Crime Room

Andrea la Bombarda aka Anèr, since childhood, he cultivated an seriously attitude to electronic music and in 2010 he graduated by SAE International Institute of Milan with qualification in technical djing analog and digital including Ableton Live. Inspired by a blend of sounds on a dark minimalist techno, whose melody gives way to repetition. Andrea La Bombarda has been making live set/tracks with samples of ambient sounds modified by software in order to give a custom imprint in its work. Now is out his first release - Lost in Forest EP . for the roman label Resiliens Recordings