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Vito Arpino at Wunderkammer Label Night - Italiansgroove Radio Show #27

Vito Arpino liveset at Sinewave Session // Svarioniopremeditati Blog Party [24.08.2013]
Wunderkammer Label Night - Italiansgroove Radio Show #27
exclusive on STROM:KRAFT RADIO 

Literally “room of wonders”, Wunderkammer is the place where the collector of the past encloses and guards the result of his searches, his collection of unique and extraordinary objects. Each reacording is a memory of a journey granted in the wunderkammer of human mind. Founded in 2006 in Bari, southern Italy, as collective of djs and electronic music producers, Wunderkammer began its activity producing musical events and promoting artists belonging to the electronic musical scenery of different european countries. In 2008 WK published the first release as a digital label, distributed on its website in free download. Nowadays its features have taken place on the main online store.

Vito Arpino, a self-taught composer with twenty years of experience, was born in Bari (IT) in 1971. The dawn of his music career dates back to the late '80 and is massively influenced by the emergent techno scene of Detroit and its European derivations.
Thanks to collaboration with FEZ - Italian cultural association inspired and directed by Nicola Conte, aimed to gather artists belonging to different music scenes - and due of his eclectic attitude, between '90 and '95 Vito Arpino explored new genres like Jazz, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dub and Junglelist-Techno. In this period he collaborated with different projects as "Fez Combo", "Quintetto X", "Correct Abstract Collective" and "Zona 45", which was released on 1994 the e.p. "Fine Millennio" on "Right Tempo" record label. In 1995, together with trombonist Gianluca Petrella, Arpino gave birth to "Edmondo" project. After Fez experience he founded with guitarist Antonello Maggi "Chrystal Psyche" ensemble, a meeting point between psychedelic rock and electronica. In 1997 the collaboration with the dj and producer Fabrizio Ippolito a.k.a. Doraemon gave birth to "Kolinhar", techno inspired project that released the self-produced album "Meno 3". In 2005 reaches the digital-art collective "Lab 080", born and operating in Bari. In 2007 founded with Andrea Fiorito, Doraemon and Lillo "Four Dialogue", a eight-hands live/djset performed in important Italian music festivals as "Streamfest", gaining success of public and critics.
The last solo works of Vito Arpino are the self-produced e.p. "Boicot" in 2005, and "Untitled Promo" in 2009, used as soundtrack for the feature film "La Loggia Di Pilato", directed by the newcomer Italian director Alessio Giannone. In 2008 his track “Inspi Reate” was released on the WK001 “Various Artist”. Now Vito Arpino is working on his debut album for Wunderkammer Recondings – Release date 25 October 2012. More info at www.wunder-k.com. Currently Vito Arpino lives and works in Bari, where his production studio is based.

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