Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Future Underground Show With Stefano Infusino and Markus Bohm

Stefano Infusino is an italian producer of the new techno generation. He loves to experiment new and different sounds often dark and deep without forgetting the groove that is characteristic of his productions. He works with labels such as Machine Box Recordings, Gynoid Audio, Amazone Records, Heaven To Hell Records, Parallel 125, Frucht, Shout Records.


Markus Bohm, is an avid music listener, since always he listens to music at 360 degrees from Techno to Hip Hop from House to Funky, Pop, For Markus it means to get rich of new contamination sound. Lover and curious of Nature , Markus feels the essence and describes his current sound through tribal notes and the emulation of the language of animals.
Bohm makes of all his knowledge a musical background that allows him today to have a certain artist profile and to be able to impose himself on the world stage with a lot of perseverance and firmness.......and hence its motto: WORK HARD and PLAY HARDER.  The goal of the music of Markus is to transform the dancefloor in a unique setting, in a kind of parallel universe in which the public can be himself and have fun without thinking about anything but Psycho physical journey that only the notes can give.

+++ tracklist +++

Stefano Infusino

Energun - R58x16 (Original Mix) Ketra Records
Obscure Live - Room 26 (Original Mix) Kaputt
Mono.xID - Jackbox (Original Mix) Heaven To Hell Records
Stefano Infusino - Ocula (Original Mix) Android Muziq
John Mitchell - The Frenzy (Alfred Kopke Remix) Propellant Music
Energun - Full of memory (Original Mix) Energun Records
Mark Morris - Indysine (Future 16 Remix) Dystopian Rhythm
Manu C. - The Point Of No Return (Timothy Alexander Remix) Reaktivate
Eric Fetcher - Rec (Original Mix) Audiokraft
Daegon - What Are They (Original Mix) LCR Records
Weld - Untitled Aab (Rraph Remix) Android Muziq
Kereni - Plateau (Urbano DTRT Mix) Mechno Music
Sirio Gry J - Void (Scam. Remix) Kaputt
John Mitchell - Probation Period (Original Mix) Propellant Music
Stefano Infusino - Spherical System (Echologist Dub) Inst Theories
Flex - Building The Efforts (Daegon Remix) Crunch Control
Mark Morris - Tribal Fusion (Original Mix) Dystopian Rhythm

Markus Bohm

Yan Stricker - Smooth a Surface (Max Cooper Remix)
SID - Faule Socke
Hans Bouffmyhre - Hypnosis (Drumcell Rework)
Psyk - Surface
Lewis Fautzi w/ Nuklear Default - Turn
Shifted - Telic
Stevie Wilson - Sick Mind (Albert Kraner Remix)
Kardinal w/ Lowkey - Traces To Nowhere (Mars Bill w/ Anthony Castaldo Remix)
Mintech - Silicium (Skober Remix)
Octave w/ Dolby D - ZF04
Clouds - Gang 49
Gary Beck - Video Siren
Frankyeffe - Dee Lay
Markus Bohm - Hotlanta (unpublished)
Slam - Azure (Carl Craig C2 Remix)

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