Friday, September 20, 2013

Dj Bone at SlamRadio - 051

DJ Bone is one of Detroit's most coveted underground vinyl technicians. This very talented and highly sought after artist plays events and clubs worldwide, has held a residency at four of Detroit's top clubs and produces music inspired by the city in which he hales from, Detroit. His record label Subject Detroit is futuristic and unearthly while still displaying the true essence of Detroit's Techno Soul.
Bone's observation of the trend to book producers to spin, as opposed to actual DJs, prompted him to go against the grain and establish himself as a DJ first and foremost. He believes that an individual's talent should speak for itself and not be overshadowed or misconstrued by hype.
DJ Bone describes himself as "an uncompromising, hype hating, 100% independent, real Detroit native come auditory striker and soul controller that cannot be bought".
"If the gig is set-up with the music as the main focus (as it should be), then I have total control over the vibe. That's my duty. I'm not worried about having a Hollywood production going on or special effects with video images, smoke, etc. Just playing the best possible music as well as I can. I feel the need to constantly progress skill-wise and I feel my 3 deck sets are truly unique. Many DJs have 3 decks in front of them but how often do they actually have 3 records playing all at once (with the levels up)?” – DJ BONE

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Rhythm, Soul, Funk - DJ Bone -Unreleased
Inspired by Spray Paint - Gary Martin - Teknotika
Lead Me - Stephen Brown - Unreleased
Music Is - Stephen Brown - Subject Detroit
Bout Time - Al James - 430 West
Motechnique 2 - Itokim - Subject Detroit
Untitled (Bonus Track) -Green Velvet - Relief
Strings of Life (Special SD edit) - Rhythim is Rhythim - Unreleased
Sing - Oliver Ho - Meta
Medusa - K. Alexi -Trax
Play with the voice in the USA (Joey Beltram Remix) - Joe T. Vannelli - Sorted
Sinthotika - Gary Martin - Teknotika
DaGama's Voyage - Tony Brown - NSC
Goodly Sin feat. Elif Bicer (Robert Hood Remix) - Ben Klock - Ostgut Ton
Flood - Jeff Mills - Axis
Superman - Robert Hood - M-Plant
Museum - Robert Hood - Axis promo
Struggle - DJ Bone - Subject Detroit
Tru Warriors (Ritual mix) - DJ Bone - Subject Detroit
One more tune - DJ Bone - Subject Detroit 

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