Thursday, July 04, 2013

Minimum Syndicat dj set for Pareto Park

French underground Dj and producer collective, composed by Programmable Polyphonic Panda, Sugar Skull and Wes Raven, dedicated to oldschool techno, acid house & rave sounds, heading the eponymous label Minimum Syndicat.

+++ tracklist +++

SCAN X // Wasteland
The Mover // Planetary burial
Minimum Syndicat // Claustrophobia
Tomohiko Sagae // Two O'clock Man (Original Mix)
Cospagon // Plankton EP
Tomohiko Sagae // Lanikai Beach (Original Mix)
‪DJ Argonic vs DJ Chich // Pulse One ‬
Virgil Enzinger // Move Beyond
George Lanham, Mr. Jones // Collab 4 (Original Mix)
Age // Strange Insight EP
Tomohiko Sagae // Endurance Original Mix
Ø ‎– Kuvio
Minimum Syndicat // HARFANG BL
Tomohiko Sagae // Eyestrain (Original Mix)
‪Dynamic Structure‬ ‪// Dark Sync‬
F.U.S.E. // Train Trac 1 (Original Mix)
British Murder Boys // Rule By Law
Disintegrator // dark black ominous clouds
George Lanham // This Sceptical Isle (Original Mix)
Thimothy Alexander // Sentience I Original Mix
‪Fifth Era // ‬Untitled
E-Man // E-Ville
Beroshima // we who are opressed-byble
Virgil Enzinger // mind control
Beta Evers // Paralyzed

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