Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dino Sabatini at Sonotown Podcast 076

Dino sabatini, dj, producer and sound designer, he gives the project "Modernheads" birth together with his partner Gianluca Meloni back in His solo-debut EP, "No more", inaugurates the new "Prologue records" label based in Munich, the record gets enthusiastic reviews all over the worldwide press with a renowned magazine such as "DeBug" describing it as "Techno masterpiece". Again, his second release "InVaders", still on Prologue imprint, reaches the most important techno djs charts whom regularly playlist both its sides. Within few weeks since the two releases, Dino Sabatini appears djing @ Prologue labelnight at Berghain club, in Berlin as well as in many other highlighted clubs such as Panorama Bar - Tresor - Suicide Circus - Mikz. His most recent work on Prologue records, a double EP titled "Daughter of Phorsys" and conceived almost like an album split in two clearly different volumes, is the result of months spent in his Berlin-based studio, researching for a new level of sonorities that would undee defined personality which blends dark techno with an industrial noise touch surrounded by hypnotic sequences. A mature product which Resident Advisor, Fact magazine and Beatport don't estate to review as one of the most capturing in its kind. In the meanwhile, the collaboration with Gianluca Meloni keeps on going: as "Modernheads", the two italians have recently came out with the works "Mooger", also on Prologue and "1969" on Stroboscopic Artefacts label, with a bunch new tracks that, once again, confirm the solid talent of the duo.

+++ tracklist+++
G.Meloni aka Modern Heads - Moments for Japan - Unreleased
Anders Ilar - Hazard Ahead (Original Mix) - Level Records 

Omar S - Triangulum Australe (Original Mix) - FXHE Records
Jeff Mills - Cantazzo (Unreleased Mix) - Purpose Maker
Anders Ilar – Endast - Audio.nn
Baby Ford & The ifach Collective - Bad Friday - Klang
Tadeo - Considering A Fact - Another Intelligence
Hertz - Astatine (Original Mix) - Atom
Dino Sabatini – Ritual - Prologue
Dino Sabatini – Totem - Prologue
Dino Sabatini meets Donato Dozzy – Telemacus - Outis
Ness - Diagnostic Sequence - Prologue
Shifted - Structure - Original Mix - Mote Evolver
Function – Gradient – Ostgut Ton

Lucy – Pentad – Stroboscopic Artefact
Mikkel Metal - Kenton (Marcel Dettmann Remix) - Echocord Colour 

Unknow - Traccia 01 - unknow
Donato Dozzy – Edera - Railyard
Dino Sabatini & Donato Dozzy – Nocturnal -Prologue
Marcel Dettmann - Range (Original Mix) - Ostgut Ton
Plastikman - I Don't Know - Minus
Cio D'or - Pailletten (Sleeparchive Remix) - Prologue
Massive Attack - Angel - EMI Virgin

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