Sunday, July 21, 2013

Alhek at Arborescence podcast 004

ALHEK is Alessandro Sisti, a producer, sound designer and mastering engineer from Italy. His first approach to electronic music production was in the early 2000. For few years he left the production, but in 2008 he returned and attended a course in sound engineering in Rome to improve his professional skills.
After working as sound engineer in various projects, he decided to come back to electronic music production, getting to work with some labels and producers from all around the world. At the begin of 2012 he released his first solo album as"ALHEK" called "Work One" produced by Neurotraxx Recordings. Afterwards he get contacts with important records label such "Genesa Records" and "Soluxion Records" where he released several works, both original and remixes, also in collaboration with Dubit.

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Peter Van Hoesen - To alter a vector 
Kangding ray - Cercle
Alhek - Syn10
Rrose - Worn/Scarred
Alhek - What if 

Sendai - EP2012-4
Bas mooy - Fasad
Realmz - Roaming the mental plane
Sendai - Refusal to celebrate a statistic probability
Daniele Crocenzi - The raid (Dubit remix)
Dadub - Beyond the veil
Untitlet2music - Gates of hell
Ken karter - Synaptic x3
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