Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Svart1 at Svarionipremeditati Podcast#24 [Jihad]

We have the big pleasure to present on our podcast series a versatile producer who works in the fields of Ambient, Dark Ambient, Industrial, live-performance and visuals - Svart1 aka Raimondo Gaviano.

He generates it from field-recordings, synthezisers, guitar, dulcimer, pc or other interesting stuffs. He currently lives and works in Cagliari, Sardinia. Based in Cagliari, but with frequent international Svart1 is one of the few dark-ambient musicians that starting from Sardinia was able to have a gig in May 2009 in one of the most popular European club of industrial music, the "Gyari Club" of Budapest for "Hyperborea Festival" with well-know Scivias. Returned to his native Cagliari was guest of the two major festivals of electronic music and culture of Sardinia in 2009 "Music in touch" and 2010 "Signal Festival". In 2011 was in Zagreb, Croatia at "Tvornica Culture" guest for Art & Strategy and Miljenko Rajakovic (Tehom-Principia Automatica) and in March 2012 in Prague, Czech republique at "Cafe V Lese" guest of Arkham Productions with Czech groups Fuck Tv and SWF. It features several international collaborations in purely music and video (Sturmast, Scivias, Alice Angeletti, Nanako, Shattered Hand, Kenji Siratori, Dirk Geiger, Lisa Cervi, Svartsinn, Haus Arafna, Haate Kaate, Ilaria Pezone, Klangstabil, Lara Trevisan, Daina Dieva, Grauraum Hotaru Bay, Schattenspiel, Tehom) and mainly with italian artists like Roberto Belli, Claudio PRC, Saffronkeira, Uncodified, Noisedelik, Deison, Arnaldo Pontis, Gianluca Becuzzi, Retina.it, Giulia Casula, Waves on Canvas, Compagnia di Danza Varitmes (2008-2011), Teatro Alkestis(2004-2008), Funivie Veloci (2007-2008). His sounds, nordic-style typically, are the result of a microcosm of dark and gloomy sound characterized by minimal movements between low evolutionary where used in a thunderous, metallic roar, shadowy presences that materialize sound, like the experience and the feeling of alienation between dark presence floating around the ears of the unconscious passenger. Starting from his collaboration with Sardinian dj and producer Claudio PRC his sounds began to evolve toward more rhythmic and minimal themes abandoning real musical instruments and working more on the technical aspects of music production as well as canceling or almost every improvisation and working using a rigid schematic audio-video approach.
After some net releases in 2009 he released with the German label "Skullline" a cd-r split "Spring Wind Brings water" with American neo-folk artist Shattered hand. On 2010 is his first professional cd-r with Romanian "Valse Sinistre" label "Non tutto ciò che tace è morto". The cd-r originally printed in only 100 copies is already in its third reprint, confirming the goodness of his dark debut. In 2011 is his first industrial-noise 60 copies tape release "Der Schnitter" for Transilvanian "Mask of the Slave" records. Also in 2012 his "Praha" live set was released in 30 copies for Bosnian label "Mrtvaja records". 2013 is his first 300 copies CD release "Satanische Helden " for German label "Industrial Culture", an intense mixture of dark brooding ambient, organic ritual and rhythmic-harsh industrial straight from the deep pits below.

As visual artist working with performance, videos, sounds and photography, Svart1 investigate the confrontation to otherness and its inter-thematic using nature beauty, social yokes, dominant/dominated relationships, codes and what happens to them out of their context; gender and its limits and ambiguities, issues of the double and of the multiple characters under a single skin, or yet the identity, status and image of humanity. A new decadent era.

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Muslimgauze - Druse (Pansonic rmx)
Zoviet France -This Moment Obscure
Rapoon - Waddi Haj
Abdulla Rashim - Asayita 2
Zoviet France - Le Mur Mur Nu
Muezzin chant- Berlin 2007 (Field recording)
Ness/Rasmus Hedlund - Verso Pohjois
Juho Kahilainen - Depressed City
Milton Bradley - Trapped In Eternity
Shifted - Chapter 69
Rrose - Bare Hand

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