Friday, June 14, 2013

MTD liveset at Delta [26.01.2013]

Nicola Belligoli borns in Mantova in 1986. His name MTD derive from the words "method", as he wants to express with the style of one's own, his music method, his idea of techno. Constantly researching new sonorities to integrate in his productions and always devoted to experimental world. His "career" is marked to the launch of the label "Sonntag Morgen" together with Tracy (partner and friend since the youth), that permit him to introduce his music in the techno scene, in Italy and foreign. In reality, he starts some years before, with dates in his city and in some club of north Italy. Immediately after, he approaches with programs and instrumentations that join him in the productions world. Another important step was the inclusion of "Sonntag Morgen" in a label management that nowadays boasts notable consideration in the european techno scene, K1971. His production are rigorously techno, with dub, experimental and dark influences. His dj set is composed by four channel mixing, sometimes by loops
integrated with additional sounds with Maschine, so that he can further on personalize it every time. Although he is in favour of digital world, one of his biggest passions is and always will be the vinyl. In fact, still now his vinyls collection is increasing. At the moment, MTD is collaborating with a lot of labels well-known in the european techno scene.

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