Saturday, April 06, 2013

Van Bonn - Smoke Machine Podcast 079

Concentration, Capture, Release. This sequence forms the basis of Van Bonn’s sound. He applies an obsessive focus on detail, enabling him to establish the various layers in the track that create a unique depth to his music.
Based in Berlin and Copenhagen, the producer and DJ Reimut van Bonn is already gaining valuable recognition for his dub techno releases – with his contributions for labels such as Telrae & Brouqade, his remixes for Trapez, and other work for labels such as Traum resonating in headphones and on dancefloors since 2011.
Van Bonn’s instinctive feeling for sound and timing is inherent in every of his dub influenced techno tracks. The wide open temporal tier allows the listener to dive deeply into the different layers and explore for themselves. Mighty kickdrums, subsonic basses and the trademark chords of Van Bonn drive his tracks forward. The development of rich soundscapes is an integral part of his musical creativity. It provides a basis for his sweeping DJ sets to absorb the dancer and transport them into a world far distinct from reality. The relaxation felt in Van Bonn’s smooth tunes highlights the liquid flow of his music. This is occasionally contrasted with the harder, more ecstatic dub techno tracks – a combination that inevitably creates tension. His distinct characteristics define him to be a versatile and impressive artist with the potential to find his way into the inner circle of Techno.
During the first quarter of 2013 the specifically founded label ‘Van Bonn’ will be born and will release Van Bonn’s future music.

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