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T. Linder from Detroit Techno Militia * The Grid * Episode 1/2

Detroit Techno Militia is a record label and a street level DJ/Producer collective dedicated to preserving the legacy of true Detroit electronic music and its proliferation around the world. They take pride in contributing to a tradition that has deeply inspired electronic music aficionados the world over. Detroit Techno Militia soldiers work to maintain and preserve the significance of techno made in their native city, Detroit, Michigan, USA.
The collective started as a group of like-minded individuals who have similar inspirations and beliefs regarding to Detroit Techno; where it comes from, where it is, and where it is going in the future. There are currently two united factions of elite DJs, Producers, and Live Performers. The DTM Home Team is made up of performers currently residing in the Detroit Metropolitan Area: T.Linder, Darkcube, DJ Seoul, Neil V., DJ Psycho, and Annix. DTM Recon:313 is made up of Techno Militia members residing in locales across the globe: The Mercenary (Belgium), Doc (New York, NY), Loner.9 (Charlotte, NC), Maxx T (France), Dimitri Pike (Germany), and Shawn Rudiman (Pittsburgh, PA).

In early 2007 Detroit Techno Militia formally launched their record label in a partnership with Cratesavers Muzik. After three very successful 12" vinyl EP releases, DTM001, DTM002, and DTM003, they amicably split with Cratesavers and took all of the responsibilities in-house. Their next two 12" vinyl EPs, DTM004, and DTM005 were independently released and distributed. Many of these releases have been charted and played by some of the biggest international names in techno music. DTM's music is regularly featured by legendary DJ, Dave Clarke on his radio show "White Noise" on the Dutch national radio station, 3VOOR12. Today, the Detroit Techno Militia continues to release music on their own vinyl label, their digital label: "DTM Digital", and other internationally distributed record labels.

"It's a battle for the soul of the music"

+++ Tracklist +++

Andre Holland - Journey To Nowhere - Somewhere In Detroit
Cybotron - R9 - Fantasy
Octave One - Siege - 430 West
Floorplan - Altered Ego - M-Plant
Eclectronic - Solar Flare - Privilege
Mike Huckaby - Baseline 89 - Synth
Phortune - Can You Feel The Bass? - Hot Mix 5
Will Azada - Title Unknown (B2) - Proper Trax Promo
Final Cut - Enjoy This Trip (Instrumills Mix 1) - Full Effect
Front 242 - Neuro Dancer - Epic
Ben Sims - New Blood - Theory
Underground Resistance - Transition (Acapella) - Underground Resistance
Shawn Rudiman - Double Line - Detroit Techno Militia
Kage - This City - Detroitluv
Yvette - Pump Me (May Day Mix) - Lightning
Unknown - Title Unknown (A1) - MMMM White Label
Shake - Frictional Beat No. 4 - Frictional
Di'Jital - The Mind Of The Master - Direct Beat
Detroit In Effect - The Man You'll Never See - M.A.P.
Shawn Rudiman - Ask Yourself The Question - Detroit Techno Militia
Gerd - Arkest's Blaze - Music Man
Dimitri Pike - Russell (Tech Mix) - Detroit Techno Militia
A Guy Called Gerald - Blow Your House Down (B2 Remix) - Split White Label
The Nighttripper - Machine City (Ritzi Lee Remix) - Underground Nation
Franki Juncaj - You Can Run But You Can't Hide (Spiros Kaloumenos Remix) - Motech
Claudio Ponticelli - Mototopo - Planet Rhythm
T.Linder - Broken Border - Motech
Dave Clarke - Wisdom To The Wise [Red 2] (Robert Hood Mix) - Bush
Dave Clarke - Wisdom To The Wise [Red 2] - Bush
House Gang - Work My Body (Remix) - International House Records
Liaz - House Sensation (Kevin "Master Reese" Saunderson Mix) - 10 Promo
D-Lite - Wildtime (Derrick May Remix)
Yaz - Situation (The Aggressive Attitude Mix) - Sire
The Rap Genius - The Saxon Scoundrels (A1) - B-Boy Beats & Pieces Lmtd.
Tricky D - Take It To The Max (Hydraulix Mix) - Debonaire
Electric Soul - X2 - Direct Beat
Laurent Garnier - The Battle (Live) - F Communications

+++ Tracklist +++

Vangelis - Love Theme - W.B.
Drexciya - Dr. Blowfins Experiment - Somewhere In Detroit
The Plant Worker - Beta 02 - Blank Code
Shawn Rudiman - Cheap Science - Detroit Techno Militia
Chaircrusher - Burundi 2 - Cornwarning
Drivetrain - Beat-X - Soiree Records International
Diva - Get Up (Hot House Mix) - Express
Random Noise Generation - Instrument Of Change - 430 West
Floorplan - On The Case - Duet
G. Flame & Mr. G - Pulsez - Moods & Grooves
DJ 3000 - On The Edge Of Love (Ken Ishii Remix) - Motech
Hady Basha - Dusht Yodha (Immerse's Up All Night Remix) - Spaceland
DJ 3000 & Esteban Adame - Midnight Express (Ben Sims Remix) - Motech
Alex Falk - Narnar - Proper Trax
Acid Junkies - Frantic (Claude Young Remix) - Djax
Backdraft - Test 1 - End To End
A Guy Called Gerald - FX (Mayday Mix) - CBS
Tronik House - Up Tempo (The Groove Rider Mix) - KMS
Underground Resistance - UR-046 - NSC
Ghetto Tech - The Might - Ghetto Tech
Di'jital - Automatic Activity - Direct Beat
Aux 88 - I Need To Freak (Di'jital Remix) - Direct Beat
Grey People - Shadow Figures - Proper Trax Promo
Aaron Carl - My House (The Word) - Wallshaker
Floorplan - Funky Souls (Club 246 Mix) - Drama
Rick Wade - Contact - M3
Skatt Bros. - Walk The Night - White Label
Shawn Rudiman - Ibarra (Ebb & Flow) - Technoir Audio
Convextion - Miranda - Matrix
DJ Bone - Shut The Lights Off - Metroplex
Oscar Mulero - Still The One I Was - Tresor
Pounding Grooves - Valvestat (Ground Proof Edit) - ASRX
Gary Martin - Pimping People In High Places (Gigi Galaxy Mix) - Exceptional
Underground Resistance - Punisher Intro (Live) - Network
KMFDM - Godlike - Wax Trax
Public Enemy - Fight The Power - DefJam

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