Monday, April 01, 2013

Roberto Figus - Brothers Techno

Born in 1976, in 1990 he began a passion for Techno,Dub Techno,Minimal,Electro,Deep his style was created by various artists such as Pink Floyd,Kraftwerk,Jeff Mills,etc. ..... big fan of vinyl. the vinyl is part of his nature as a DJ lived in different cities of Italy and Switzerland, France! In 2001 it's time to take his style as a producer begins to compose his music with machines groovebox from Roland and Korg. In 2007 he moved to his native Sardinia,trying to find his own style as novation begin the first productions in digital format its first production in 2011 is on CD is his first vinyl in limited release  In 2012 comes up with Parralel Clouds EP with a remix by Jeroen Search is produced by the label Cannibald of Leo Anibaldi techno pioneer made Italy; Roberto Figus collaborates with several labels looking to extend his style

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Renato Figoli - Morning Express // Amam
Renato Figoli - Night Express // Amam
Andrea Ferlin - Reduced To The Core // Mindshake Records
Fabrizio Lapiana - Dark Visions [Ness Remix] // Attic Music
Francesco De Franco - Step By Step // Etichetta Nera
Mekas - Hamburgo // Par Recordings
Ralph Mirto - I Dont Combo Dolls // Cannibald Records
Luigi Acidmachine - Strong Sister // Cannibald Records
Francesco De Franco - Setup // Etichetta Nera
Luigi Acidmachine - Planned Obsolescence // Cannibald Records
Dave Clarke - Wisdom To The Wise Red 2 [A Mochi Re-Edit] // Boysnoize Records
Aphonico - No Money No Life // Kidnapping Netlabel
Plastikman - Spastik // Novamute
Tim - Introspection [George Apergis Remix] // Etichetta Nera
Skudge - Man on Wire // Skudge Records
Roberto Figus - Monoceros // Rohs! Records

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