Thursday, April 11, 2013

Francesco at podcast #52

The techno DJ and producer Francesco (real name: Francesco Abbove) was born in Moncalieri, Turin in 1990. His passion for the music begins at a young age with a special interest for the black one in its various forms that he still maintains. Its true focalization borns a few years later, when he moves to a little town in the province of Treviso, where he begins to attend the first clubs and partly devotes himself to the electronic music. After a few years spent in the studio writing and recording, he decides to move to new frontiers to explore other realities so he decides to settle for a few months in Berlin. This experience allows him to better understand some important aspects of nightlife and offers him a new open-mindedness that he has never tasted before.
Returning to Italy he does not lose a lot of time in completely devoting himself to the electronic music. Here he starts his own label called "Francesco Series" which includes his works released on vinyl in limited editions.

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Chevel - Reset Two
Par Grindvik - Wyatt ARP (original mix)
Track ID ?
Par Grindvik - Rudy
Shifted - Bloodless
Truncate - Diffraction (Jonas Kopp remix)
Dimi Angelis w/ Jeroen Search - Rhetorica (Jonas Kopp remix)
Traversable Wormhole - Tachyon (James Ruskin remix)
Shifted - Gates
Truncate - Diffraction (Jonas Kopp remix)
Raffaele Attanasio - From Shade To Stardom (Psyk edit)
Track ID ?
Truncate - Diffraction (Jonas Kopp remix)
Unam Zetineb - Subway
Function - Voiceprint (reprise)
DVS1 - Running

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