Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ritzi Lee @ Aquasella Podcast 2013

Ritzi’s style of spinning and choice of records has a wide range. He likes to play funky techno but he has no problem whatsoever with putting the needle on deep, harsh and dark records. Whether he is scheduled as opener, primetime or closer of the night makes no difference either, his versatility makes him as complete as they come. fluently mixing downtempo records or rocking the working tools that only work when handled by a DJ with turntable skills makes no difference to Ritzi, he loves it all just the same.
After four years of producing the Underground Liberation label came to live with the release of the bitter Sweet EP, worldwide distributed with help of Jamie bissmire, who took care of some tracks himself. In the past year several tracks from Ritzi appeared on top 10 charts of artists in the likes of Dave Clarke, ben Sims, Oscar Mulero, Luke Slater, and are played on many impressive festivals around the globe. Ritzi also remixed several tracks from legends like Orlando Voorn and Juan Atkins. After years Underground Liberation is still growing with already 12 releases on the catalogue. A new chapter in his musical career will be written. It is obvious, if you try hard enough, eventually you will succeed!

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