Saturday, March 09, 2013

iFormat - AUMcast 002

Joseph McGeechan, aka iFormat, began his career in 2008 as one half of the BCR BOYS they released on their own Backwater Community Recordings label and also on Perc Trax. With further releases on Synewave and Sleaze, 2011 saw them headline both Berlin heavyweights, BERGHAIN and TRESOR.
Joseph’s new solo project iFormat has a darker, more aggressive, industrial sound. Heavily influenced by the sinister and eerie soundscapes of sci-fi and horror movies, these give a disturbing sense of foreboding to McGeechan’s dystopian, post-punk exploration of the decay of society.
Receiving support from a worldwide array of artists such as RICHIE HAWTIN, SPEEDY J, ADAM BEYER and CARI LEKEBUSCH to name but a few, and with remixes by PERC and MIKE HUMPHRIES and most recently an ANCIENT METHODS remix of his “Failed by the conformists” on Prosthetic Pressings, this is IFORMAT’s year and his debut album “As the lines break” on Nachtstrom Schallplatten is one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of 2012.
His music has received the support of DJ's worldwide, including being included on the special anniversary CLR podcast.

+++ tracklist +++

Jeff Mills - Alarms.
X101 - Sonic Destroyer.
Surgeon - Those Who Do Not.
FUSE - Substance Abuse.
X501 -X501.5.
Christian Wunsch - Sleeper Cell.
Mpia3 - Acid Badger
Truss - Hackney.
Mpia3 - Ely.
Subjected -TG33
James Ruskin - Erotic Misery.
Surgeon - Badger Bite.
Voynich - First Blood

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