Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Federico Leocata - Zarathustra [AFS_0.15] Exclusive review at Where is the Club?

Federico Leocata is an italian audio-visual artist. As a visual artist has exhibited in Athens, Thessaloniki and Catania, and then expand his artistic research in the field of sound, based on analysis within the human psyche. Discovered by Heinrich Mueller (Dopplereffekt, Drexciya), released its first EP in 2010 for the belgian Wémè Records, attracting the interest of labels like Frustrated Funk and Last Known Trajectory.
Federico makes scientific electro sinewaves with dark attitude and melodic outfit, his music comes in the folds of the mind. His performances consist of a live show where the sound and video works in sinergy.
The art of Federico Leocata rappresents the psychotic state of the contemporary man with references to unconscious and to jungian studies but giving a personal interpretation of them. His artworks communicate a sense of coldness and a state of alienation, but they are full of mystical and esoteric elements; they project on psychotic dimension that expresses the hidden dark side of the human mind.

Exclusive review at Where is the club ?

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A1 Untergang
A2 Ephemere
A3 Hinterwelter
B1 Zarathustra
B2 Vapore
B3 Haufenschluss

Release date : Coming Soon
Media: Vinyl, 200 copies
Distribution: dnp-music, Germany
Release/Catalogue Number: AFS015
All tracks written & produced for Abstract Forms Music.

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