Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Dubit / Hidden Recordings Podcast 27

Alfeo Pier, a.k.a. Dubit was born on September 21st 1985 in Molfetta (Ba), Italy.
Born from the meeting between the sound design, the techno and IDM, the project Dubit ranges from dub techno to industrial and intends to preserve the groove as a stimulus to the movement by creating melody with dynamic percussion, clicks and glitch influences.
The intent is to tell a story upsetting the canons with atypical changes but direct. The creation of the sound has no limits: from hardware to software,from analog to environment recordings. Potentially all the elements that we use in life are instruments for our music.
Always involved in new types of live performance act with the use of midi controllers and microphones, owner of Soluxion Records [www.soluxionrecords.net] he lives in Berlin and is active playing in Europe.

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