Tuesday, February 12, 2013

EPM Podcast #39 | Alter Ego Sessions present Mark Flash

Mark Flash always knew where he needed to be. When other kids were running the streets, he was trying to figure out how to get into the clubs. There were DJs in the neighborhood who would let the younger kids who knew what was up hang out with them, watch them practice spinning at home. And, from time to time, some DJs would let Mark handle their records, carry them into the clubs. With underground parties and raves, the word began to spread that Mark Flash was a name to be loved if you were a party or club goer. Thanks to a tip from a longtime friend, DJ Rolando of the techno terrorists, Underground Resistance, Flash began flexing his musicianship as a behind the scenes producer for the house music label, Soul City. Merging house, techno, and funk, Mark Flash stands as one of the few DJ/producers who can legitimately play an instrument and read music.
Mark Flash has since joined forces with Gerald Mitchell and Ray 7 which make up, Los Hermanos. Travelling internationally, he has shown the world that there’s more to him than just the typical DJ. With skills in keyboards and percussion, Mark Flash puts on a unique show utilizing his talents to form a musical hybrid. As a member of Underground Resistance [UR-078], Flash has taken on multiple projects, from remixes, new releases, mix cd’s, collaborations with other producers, performing at local/ international events as well as charity benefits…just to name a few.

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Mark Flash - Intro
Garrett's Crew "Nasty Rock"
Cybertron "Alleys Of Your Mind"
Cyborg Unknown "Year 2001"
Chaos & Dopplereffekt "Afrogermanic & Cellular"
Cybertron "Clear"
Aux 88 "Clones"
Dj Assault "Shake It Baby"
Mad Mike "X2 Electric Soul"
Body Mechanic "Peaceofmine"
Mr De' "Whonleeone"
Aux 88 "Tom Tom Beats"
Model 500 "Nightdrive"
Aux 88 "We Make Beats"
Model 500 "Future"
Channel One "Technicolor"
Aux 88 "Posatronix" (Side A)
Kraftwerk "Tour De France"
Aux 88 "Posatronix" (Side B)
Interstellar Fugitives "Babylons Gift"
Ice-T, Glove & Dave Storrs "Reckless"
Cybotron "Cosmic Cars"
Kraftwerk "Numbers (Remix)"
B.O.S.E "Don't Knock It Till You Try It"
Planet Detroit "Invasion From Planet Detroit" (Outro)

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