Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Berber at Prototype Sequence Episode 012

Haunting atmospheres characterize the Berber’s work: an errant resercher in continuos evolution between past and future, bridging time and space gaps with consistent output under the most various influences, wether it be the desert wind or the mountain breeze.
After several years of djing and production, Berber was requested to take part in the Trivmvirate activities as master architectural supervisor: his sound sculptures have been selected to showcase the upcoming global vision of new possibilities arising from technical developments after the start of our outputs.

+++ tracklist +++

ZZZZRA - Donjon 64
Survex - W112
Ed Friman - Lightless
NX1 - 01_002
Unbalance - 2001
Oscar Mulero - Disinformation
Dadub - Hadean
Shapednoise White Light White Head
Kevin Gorman - Cast (Jonas Kopp High Octane Mix)
Reig - Submania
Vril - UV
NX1 - 02_006
Deepbass Nova (Psyk remix)

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