Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Black Dog - Arranging & Processing Bleep. 01

The Black Dog was founded by Ken Downie along with Ed Handley and Andy Turner. Regarded as legends by some, the group are pioneers who, along with acts like Autechre, Aphex Twin, µ-ziq and LFO, came to define the techno movement known as intelligent dance music (IDM) in the early 1990s. In 1989, The Black Dog was unable to find a label to back its releases and started its own, Black Dog Productions, which released four vinyl records. After a few vinyl EPs on General Production Recordings, The Black Dog released its first full-length album Bytes on Warp Records on 15 March 1993. The albums Temple of Transparent Balls (GPR) and Spanners (Warp) followed. The music was often produced under a number of different names, such as Close Up Over, Xeper, Atypic, I.A.O., Balil and the Discordian Popes. The group did numerous remixes, notably for Björk, with whom it collaborated on "'Sweet Intuition" and "Charlene". In 1995, Handley and Turner left to focus on Plaid but Downie continued working as The Black Dog on his own for a while, releasing the solo album Music for Adverts (and short films). With new management, and an increased vigour, Downie then teamed up with Steve 'Hotdog' Ash and Ross Knight ("thek1d"). Though they completed over a dozen critically acclaimed remixes during this period, only one album was ever released: Unsavoury Products featured the talents of Parisian beat poet Black Sifichi on vocals.

Berber at Prototype Sequence Episode 012

Haunting atmospheres characterize the Berber’s work: an errant resercher in continuos evolution between past and future, bridging time and space gaps with consistent output under the most various influences, wether it be the desert wind or the mountain breeze.
After several years of djing and production, Berber was requested to take part in the Trivmvirate activities as master architectural supervisor: his sound sculptures have been selected to showcase the upcoming global vision of new possibilities arising from technical developments after the start of our outputs.

Dany Angelelli at Qlub Radio Podcast - Alternative Club [26.02.2013]

Born into a family of musicians, he approaches the world of DJing at the age of 13 years and after several years of hard work to define his mixing technique, Dany has playes for first time in a rave in 1992. Dany has gone through many experiences in the Roman scene… Insanity, Arisottontreno, Hypnosis, Bresaola, Kill the Rose, Global Event...
2006, dany plays as warm up for Lory D every saturday night, stay on safe keep moving around the Roman underground scene in subsequent years.
Only in 2010 began collaborating with various labels: Submoover Records, Luminar Records for last Trivmvirate Records under the pseudonym Alchemist.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Marco Baldassarre at Italiansgroove Radio Show #20

London based Marco Baldassarre is a young yet extremely successful London based DJ and music producer who manages to create a unique vibe and exciting environment wherever he plays or brings his productions. Originally from Italy he started djing in bars and clubs in 2003 in his hometown Bari. To gain more knowledge and music sensibility Marco decided to take a course and achieved a "IMW Diploma and BTEC Certificate Music Technology" (Islington Music Workshop) in 2009 and the BA (Hons) degree in Music Technology Specialist at University of West London (present). At present times MB is concentrated on his own productions and collaborations with other artistsand in the meantime he keeps his longtime weekly residency every Friday night at No-Attitude Nomad, one of the most successful parties in London.

Casual Violence - Gestalt Mix [ * 023]

Deep, dark and visceral Techno / Rhythmic / Industrial/ Drone musics from Manchester UK

+++ tracklist +++

Whirling Hall Of Knives - 2-Bar Heater And Smoke - Nute
Vromb - Transformation - Pflichtkauf
Derlich - Unavoidable Truth - Singularity
Peder - Introduction (Raven Remix) - Mesheland
Whitehouse - Cut Hands Has The Solution - Susan Lawly
Pan Sonic - Parturi - Blast First
Ancient Methods - Dammerung Der Parhelia - Fondation Sonore
British Murder Boys - Don't Give Way To Fear - Counterbalance
Mslwte - Discorded - Trust Recordings
Orphx - Vortex - Pflichtkauf
Svreca - Vilna (Orphx Remix) - Semantica
Isodyne - Ullien Drone - Unreleased
Forward Strategy Group - Metal Image - Perc Trax
Truncate - Modify - Truncate
Talismann - Ancient Storm - Talismann
Stanislav Tolkachev - Yes, Today - Pohjola
Allan Nonamaka - Come Near - Tescoba
Casual Violence and Allan Nonamaka - Gestalt (edit) - Unreleased
Silent Servant - The Strange Attractor - Hospital Productions
I/Y - 0000.015 - I/Y
Lapse - Third Virtue - Unreleased
Wraetlic - Rats - Convex
Imaginary Forces - The last Mimesis - Sleep Codes

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A45 aka Alberto Castellana - Born to be simmetrical #2

Alberto Castellana a.k.a. A45 (born on Feb 8th 1992) got in touch with the world of music for the first time at the age of 8, when almost for fun, he started to listen to his father’s CDs, more specifically to the Pink Floyd’s “The Dark side of the Moon” and “Echoes”.
Captivated by the rising sounds of ‘electronic music’, he began to discover the real beauty of Techno. In 2002 he was impressed by some tracks from “Jazz N’ Groove- Soulfuric Session”, and, in those years, he decided to devote himself to the world of music production and entertainment. Thanks to some digital software he created his first work that gave him satisfaction and a stronger stimulus to continue along that road.
He then started to work and improve himself and to take his knowledge further, discovering, as a consequence, the deeper essence of the Deep House with Frankie Knuckles, Kerri Chandler, Louie Vega, Miguel Migs, Roger Sanchez and all the major exponents of the movement. Improving his knowledge, he understood how modern music has been influenced by the music of the past. He is enchanted by Miles Davis’, John Coltraine’s, Charlie Parker’s, Bill Evans’, Oscar Peterson’s e Niels Pedersen’s Jazz, but also by Jeff Mills’, Octave One’s, Surgeon’s, Kenny Larkin’s, Derrick May’s and Carl Craig’s Techno Detroit.

Svreca at PoleGroup Radio [01.02.2013]

Svreca is a Madrid-born Dj that combines the coolest and most sophisticated electronica with the most abstract and complex techno, and sometimes his experimentation leads him towards the most unusual textures and rhythms for the dancefloor.

In 2006 started his own label, Semantica Records.

Los Hermanos Network * Decsendants Of The Resistance

Los Hermanos was originally a collaboration between Gerald Mitchell, Dj Rolando and Mike Banks of Underground Resistance. They raised the standard and destroyed the boundaries between Techno and House by fusing the funk and soul of Detroit Techno with the feel of latin rhythms and melodies after Rolando’s Departure to pursue a solo career, Gerald moved Los Hermanos in a slightly different direction without sacrificing any of the sound individuality or quality. Gerald Mitchell born and raised in Detroit’s West Side is a Musician Producer Dj, Band Leader, and Sonic visionary whose music has made a huge impact on Detroit house and techno.
From his early work on Underground Resistance's Interstellar Fugitives (UR 044 aka Soul Saver) project to his Celestial Highways classic on Metroplex and early house productions on Soul City records 1997,1998 distributed by 2030 submerge. his music has always been recognized by it soulful strength. Gerald’s work with Underground Resistance/ Mike Banks and Dj Rolando led to the anthem 'Knights of the Jaguar; and now he has brought his experience as a live musician into a group that expresses jazz fusion, gospel and funk into stunning electronic music worldwide know as LOS HERMANOS. for discography www.discogs/loshermanos After the release of the album “On Another Level” and international tours as Los Hermanos Live, Gerald has begun his solo career with a new project ready for release late fall 2010

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

EPM Podcast #39 | Alter Ego Sessions present Mark Flash

Mark Flash always knew where he needed to be. When other kids were running the streets, he was trying to figure out how to get into the clubs. There were DJs in the neighborhood who would let the younger kids who knew what was up hang out with them, watch them practice spinning at home. And, from time to time, some DJs would let Mark handle their records, carry them into the clubs. With underground parties and raves, the word began to spread that Mark Flash was a name to be loved if you were a party or club goer. Thanks to a tip from a longtime friend, DJ Rolando of the techno terrorists, Underground Resistance, Flash began flexing his musicianship as a behind the scenes producer for the house music label, Soul City. Merging house, techno, and funk, Mark Flash stands as one of the few DJ/producers who can legitimately play an instrument and read music.
Mark Flash has since joined forces with Gerald Mitchell and Ray 7 which make up, Los Hermanos. Travelling internationally, he has shown the world that there’s more to him than just the typical DJ. With skills in keyboards and percussion, Mark Flash puts on a unique show utilizing his talents to form a musical hybrid. As a member of Underground Resistance [UR-078], Flash has taken on multiple projects, from remixes, new releases, mix cd’s, collaborations with other producers, performing at local/ international events as well as charity benefits…just to name a few.

Leo Anibaldi liveset at Strike Club Release Party [26.01.2013]

Leo Anibaldi was born in 1972 and at the age of 15 discovers his passion for electronic music.
Thanks to the advent of the first computers like Commodore Vic 20 and 64, he begins to create his first loops. After one year Leo start to play in outskint’s clubs under the pseudonym Dj Mc, when was impossibile to find in rome any trace of electronic beat.
He becomes a big analogics synths collector and he decide to spend his daily life into the creation of beat groove. In 1990 leo begins his recordings career at Acv records where he will make more then 20 albums like: Attack Random, Riders of the future, Noise Generation, Muta, Cannibald and Aeon.
In 1991 Leo meets Lory D and in a small garage located in the north of rome, they start the alternative music movement universally known as The Sound of Rome, who spread the Techno music in Rome and whole Italy.
In those years Leo is concentrated to bring his analogic Live set around the world, he plays in the best techno parties like one the the first Love Parade edition in Berlin.
In 1995 Leo decides to cut the relation whit Acv records and moves to Rephlex , label of his friend Aphex Twin where he will make the Album Void.

2008. Cannibald records was born, leo’s personal record label and he is back with a new Ep with two tracks. On the Site A you will find Feed 1 an ipnotic techno sound and on the Site B you will find Feed 2 a modern minimal acid sound.