Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ink aka Nicola Ruffino // Process Part 336 (the gates)

When I play music or create something, it mean finding a personal space, disconnected from ordinary life and way of thinking. When I’m playing (or doing some other creative activity), I don’t think of what I’m doing. Rather, it’s a sort of dialogue with my unconscious in an altered state of mind.

Creativity for me is not a particular act and it doesn’t have rules. It begins with imagination and an intuition that opens a channel to new possibilities, often emerging from daily routine. Like a dream flowing below the surface, it slowly erupts with an impulse, an explosion. Like a way of seeing through the dullness of what you know, other universe exist beyond the veil.

I’m the gate through which these universe can be entered. Each one of us can be a gate, if we choose, and art is a way to discover these portals. It allows us to enter the unknown and to bring something out when we return.

When I create, I become an open gate and the music I make represents the experience of my discovery. When I play music, I love to discover portals built by other people – the authors of the sounds – and travel into new territories.

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