Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fabrizio Lapiana at K1971 Videopodcast #1 - Recorded at Musik Bunker Berlin.

Fabrizio Lapiana - Born in Rome in 1975, he grew up listening to disco and new wave vinyl records bought by his father. He subsequently developed a passion for house music, acid and rap. This first contact with the Motor city cutting-edge music was an intense experience that pushed him to start to play records. The decision to start producing music only came in 2008 when he launched his personal label “Attic Music”,
characterized by deep and dark techno sounds. In 2012, Fabrizio launched another label called “Sustain”, mainly focused on dub sounds. Fabrizio’s dj performances reflect his consolidated experience as a fine and tasteful artist, providing a deep techno journey into unexplored soundscapes.

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