Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Akufen - 30 Min Radio Mix for Fabric 17

Marc Leclair aka Akufen has come a long way in the six years since the release of his now-classic debut album, My Way (Force Inc. 2002). In that time he’s garnered a reputation as one of the planet’s most in-demand DJ’s – not to mention one of the scene’s most talented – delivering prime-time sets to exuberant crowds all over the world.
He’s started his own label, Musique Risquée. And bucking all expectations, his follow-up to My Way was not another Akufen mission statement, but an altogether different beast, Musique pour 3 femmes enceintes (Mutek_Rec, 2005), released under his own name, which showcased a more experimental bent to his restless sense of artistry.
You could say that, true to his credo, Marc Leclair still does things his way.
For a lot of producers, the Akufen way has simply become the way to assemble tracks. After the release of My Way, Leclair was humbled by the unparalleled accolades and legions of admiring peers who began paying homage to his micro-sampling aesthetic. And yet, for Leclair, like any true artist, making music has always been a matter of where to go next, to find those stones still left unturned.
“The aesthetic for the Akufen stuff is changing a lot,” he explains. “It’s become much more old-school, funkier and more downtempo, with a bit more hip-hop favour”. To be sure, no matter which way you break it down Akufen is still in the business of making dance music. As for now, he’s meticulously composing his next attack and looking to show us new ways of dancing. He’s gauging the temperaments he culls from the world’s dance floors while DJing and then crafting his response.

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Wishmountain - Bottle
Thomas Brinkmann - Momomexico
Bruno Pronsato - Read Me
Hemmann, Kaden - Earth
Robag Wruhme - Jena Makks (Koerner, Treplec Remix)
Tcs Team - Digital Underground Vox
Rithma - New Logic
Soulphiction - Get It Right

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