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Donato Dozzy liveset at Goaultrabeat after tea [16.12.2012]

In recent years Donato Dozzy has emerged as one of the leading contemporary techno DJs. He has developed a strong following for his distinctive tripping, hypnotic take on techno music. Ignoring fads and trends, Dozzy's approach to electronic music – both as a DJ and as a producer – is based on a deep understanding of what has come before him. Being introduced to Disco, Italo, Reggae, Dub and other forms of electronic music at an early age, he first began exploring DJ'ing in 1983 under the mentorship of a DJ from Bari, called Maurizio Laurentaci. By the late 1980s he was discovering techno and acid with his friend Leo (now producing house music under the name Lerosa).
Despite his love for electronic music, he continued his studies, eventually graduating from the University of Rome with a Doctorate in Politics. This education, combined with his encyclopedic knowledge of music, later earned him the nickname of "The Professor". In 1999, he began an ongoing residency at the famous Brancaleone club in Rome, where he further honed his skills as a DJ. In 2001, he was as part of the band, The Kitchen Tools, which were signed to Virgin records and had some commercial success in Italy.
This was not enough to satisfy Dozzy, and in 2004 he moved to Berlin. From 2004 to 2006, Dozzy held a residency at Panorama Bar, where extended sets at the end of long nights of partying allowed him to further develop his slow-burning, hypnotic groove.
A watershed moment in his career came in 2007 when he was invited to play at the Labyrinth festival, an outdoor electronic music festival in Japan. While 2007 went well, its main purpose was laying the foundations for his return in 2008, when Dozzy would play the closing set at Labyrinth. It would prove to be a turning point for Dozzy, as he played one of the most memorable sets of techno that had ever been witnessed at the festival. This set went on to be podcasted by mnml.ssgs and Donato's popularlity grew exponentially.
Since then, Dozzy has quickly developed as a producer and a DJ, since playing at many of the most important clubs around the world, such as Berghain and Fabric. He has become popular not only for his DJing, but also because of his distinctive productions: like his sets, they explore the trippier side of acid, techno and ambient. In 2008, after experimenting with his first label (Dozzy Records), he started Aquaplano, a label that has quickly gained a cult following for its limited pressings and high quality mix of ambient and techno. He has released on a wide range of other labels, including: Mental Groove, Curle, Time to Express, Mule, Further, and Prologue.

In 2010 he completed his debut album, "K", which received high praise. He played live for the first time at the 2011 Labyrinth festival as Voices from the Lake (with Neel). Much like the music he plays and produces, Donato Dozzy is in no rush: developing slowly, moving further and deeper. Having found considerable success as a DJ and producer, Dozzy is not searching for fame or hype, he just continues to look or those special transcendental moments that can be created through electronic music.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Deepbass @ Erratic Podcast 36

Deepbass found his passion for techno through clubbing in the Glasgow underground scene places like the Sub Club, Club 69 and The Arches.
He has been heavily influenced by artists such as Speedy J, Jeff Mills and Robert Hood.
At the age of 18 he started running his own illegal parties and club nights all over Scotland, soon after he tried his hand at production, trying to put his own take on what he thinks techno stands for, his underground parties influenced his style drastically and he started making extremely deep, dark, atmospherical techno.
In 2009 he started his own label called Dark Beat with production partner Roman Toletski as they knew it would give them the experimental freedom they needed to explore deeper into the realms of techno. There releases have received support from some of the the biggest names in the scene and have had tracks from Mark Broom and Edit Select on the label.
Deepbass is now in the process of starting a new label called Informa Records which will be a platform that will allow himself and other artists the express themselves through the form of techno and electronica.

Giorgio Gigli live at Goaultrabeat After Tea [16.12.2012]

After a deep exploration of several kinds of electronic dance music, in a broad evolutionary path, Giorgio Gigli's music has assumed an intense and personal form of communication.
The modules emerging from his compositions run across a process where moods are transformed into waves, layers and substrates that are ready to catch and overwhelm the listener without changing original content. His skill is to transmit an accurate signal using undiscovered frequencies inspired by desolate and noir tinged landscapes.
Giorgio transforms his material. Voids, pitfalls, drones and dilated melodies become intricate, sophisticated, and hypnotic rhythmic equipment that runs the risk of constantly changing classicist techno aesthetics in a conceptual derivation close to his soul.
Giorgio loves ambient music that dues to its descriptive power allows him to analyze and render every vibration and vision, both during production and his long dj sets, where he explores empty rooms that are filled with vintage recordings, ethereal drones and field sonority. This particular working method is also reflected in his harder sets, where rhythm increases tension while it is moving forward unchallenged through industrial echoes, robotic tricks and building grooves that produce shaped variations of his meaning.
Substance thickens to provide a thoughtful and reflexive listening experience.
All these elements are poured into his project "Zooloft Records", a platform in constant update and in constant assimilation between old-school ethics (strongly linked to vinyl usage) and futuristic sounds which owe much to the futurist aesthetics of sixties sci-fi movies.
Zooloft is the materialization of a precise idea through a precise message: We Still Try !

Abstract Division @ Berghain Klubnacht [29.12.2012]

Abstract Division is a young and exciting collaboration between two veteran techno artists; Paul Boex and Dave Miller. Paul is label-boss of the respected Dynamic Reflection imprint, experienced DJ and producer, and the driving force behind the series of succesful Mental Evolution events in the Netherlands. Dave has earned his stripes through his longstanding career of (vinyl-only) DJ-sets, productions with Damian Keane and as part of the Audiosculpture collective. Combining their love of and keen ear for techno that stands out from the gray majority, Abstract Division knows how to surprise, teach and get people dancing their faces off all at once.

Conveying a characteristic sound that stems from a mutual background in Detroit, Berlin and Birmingham techno Abstract Division merges a basement vibe with a warehouse feel; drones and soundscapes meet straightforward uplifters in a way that simply makes sense. With well over twenty years of shared experience in playing out and producing tracks under their belt, Abstract Division knows their game and fits any bill perfectly. Getting a room in the right mood, building on an present vibe or tearing a club a new one; leave it to them to deliver on all occasions.

Abstract Division is actively putting out new material at the moment after having released their first lauded trilogy “Form and Function” containing original tracks and remixes by among others Norman Nodge, Mike Parker, Ben Sims and Delta Funktionen on Dynamic Reflection. They are set to release their “Relevance” EP on Labrynth shortly and more material, including a remix on Orbis Records is planned for the near future.

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Ness @ Rising Podcast 05

Ness became interested in electronic music in the late 90's. In 2004 he started djing, taking inspiration from various genres going from trance to pure experimentation. The interest in music led him to attend various courses and audio engineer for some years and the conservatory of his hometown.The need to express his emotions through music led him to experiment and research in recent years that better reflect his sound.Since 2009 he founded his own label Mono Records with his friend Bettosun, and releases music in labels such as Prologue, Sonata and Varianz.The experience gained over the years leads to define his DJ sets that are characterized by a strong array of techno and house at the same time.

Kangding Ray - Smoke Machine Podcast 073

Kangding ray, born 1978 in France, he lives and works in Berlin. Ray, envolves as guitarist and drummer in bands whose influences ranged from noise-rock, to jazz, before buying a sampler and moving on to electronic music.
Kangding ray's music reflects his wide musical background, and a particular way of merging beats and atmospheric soundscapes into slowly evolving compositions.
KR combines machines with « real instruments » in a subtle and rythmic suite, integrating noises, walls of distortion, massive bass lines, voices and field recordings, blending techno grooves with dark textures, always on the edge between experimental music and club culture

Conrad Van Orton - Invite's Choice Podcast 089

Conrad Van Orton born in Rome in 1985. His real name is Andrea Zanchetta, and his aka is a Fincher's "The Game" tribute, and a tribute is also the one that gives the name to the label he opens with his partner VSK aka Francesco Visconti: the Consumer Recreation Services Recordings. Since he was just a boy, CVO always been interested in djing, focusing on scratch, and for this reason he follows both the electro music and the Italian rap evolution in the later 90's.
In 2000, when he's fifteen he totally goes clubbing, which he anyway followed since Daft Punk's "Homework" album and the purchase of the first Technics' turntables. After some arrangement year between several kind of electronic club-oriented music as House, Italian Progressive and Elcectro House, he identifies in Techno and Minimal Techno his real music personality, also thanks to the rising friendship with VSK. In 2006 they starts to work together in a studio but job, issues and "life stuff" obstructs the project finalization.
At the beginning of 2010 some law issue, after a short period in jail, forces CVO to stay several months locked in his house. Here he starts to work on a lot of project, improving his producing technics and focusing all the blue mood, the rage and frustration in the music he creates.
The anger, the will to evade (literally), the growing sense of heaviness raised just from the chance to make music every time he wants and all the obstacles he finds on the way to freedom will become his life thread and "main topic" of his sound. Soon his touch becomes darker, industrial and with a definite negative mood. The absence from live clubbing allows him to start an introspection and self oriented path regarding the music he picks for the dj-sets he records in his room, that will be his personal prison until November 2012.

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Fabrizio Lapiana at K1971 Videopodcast #1 - Recorded at Musik Bunker Berlin.

Fabrizio Lapiana - Born in Rome in 1975, he grew up listening to disco and new wave vinyl records bought by his father. He subsequently developed a passion for house music, acid and rap. This first contact with the Motor city cutting-edge music was an intense experience that pushed him to start to play records. The decision to start producing music only came in 2008 when he launched his personal label “Attic Music”,
characterized by deep and dark techno sounds. In 2012, Fabrizio launched another label called “Sustain”, mainly focused on dub sounds. Fabrizio’s dj performances reflect his consolidated experience as a fine and tasteful artist, providing a deep techno journey into unexplored soundscapes.

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Ink aka Nicola Ruffino // Process Part 336 (the gates)

When I play music or create something, it mean finding a personal space, disconnected from ordinary life and way of thinking. When I’m playing (or doing some other creative activity), I don’t think of what I’m doing. Rather, it’s a sort of dialogue with my unconscious in an altered state of mind.

Creativity for me is not a particular act and it doesn’t have rules. It begins with imagination and an intuition that opens a channel to new possibilities, often emerging from daily routine. Like a dream flowing below the surface, it slowly erupts with an impulse, an explosion. Like a way of seeing through the dullness of what you know, other universe exist beyond the veil.

I’m the gate through which these universe can be entered. Each one of us can be a gate, if we choose, and art is a way to discover these portals. It allows us to enter the unknown and to bring something out when we return.

When I create, I become an open gate and the music I make represents the experience of my discovery. When I play music, I love to discover portals built by other people – the authors of the sounds – and travel into new territories.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Akufen - 30 Min Radio Mix for Fabric 17

Marc Leclair aka Akufen has come a long way in the six years since the release of his now-classic debut album, My Way (Force Inc. 2002). In that time he’s garnered a reputation as one of the planet’s most in-demand DJ’s – not to mention one of the scene’s most talented – delivering prime-time sets to exuberant crowds all over the world.
He’s started his own label, Musique Risquée. And bucking all expectations, his follow-up to My Way was not another Akufen mission statement, but an altogether different beast, Musique pour 3 femmes enceintes (Mutek_Rec, 2005), released under his own name, which showcased a more experimental bent to his restless sense of artistry.
You could say that, true to his credo, Marc Leclair still does things his way.
For a lot of producers, the Akufen way has simply become the way to assemble tracks. After the release of My Way, Leclair was humbled by the unparalleled accolades and legions of admiring peers who began paying homage to his micro-sampling aesthetic. And yet, for Leclair, like any true artist, making music has always been a matter of where to go next, to find those stones still left unturned.
“The aesthetic for the Akufen stuff is changing a lot,” he explains. “It’s become much more old-school, funkier and more downtempo, with a bit more hip-hop favour”. To be sure, no matter which way you break it down Akufen is still in the business of making dance music. As for now, he’s meticulously composing his next attack and looking to show us new ways of dancing. He’s gauging the temperaments he culls from the world’s dance floors while DJing and then crafting his response.

Andrea la Bombarda at Wunderkammer Podcast 02

Andrea la Bombarda, since childhood, he cultivated an seriously attitude to electronic music and in 2010 he graduated by SAE International Institute of Milan with qualification in technical djing analog and digital including Ableton Live. Inspired by a blend of sounds on a dark minimalist techno, whose melody gives way to repetition. Andrea La Bombard has been making live set/tracks with samples of ambient sounds modified by software in order to give a custom imprint in its work.

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Sunil Sharpe - 180

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Alien Rain - Alienated 1A
Truss - Clytha
Paul Birken - Trudging Thru Tha Snow
Lee Holman - Kawl 4.2
Supagrupa - Moliere
Svreca - Post Madrid
Skin Up - Make Me Scream
Rum & Black - I'm Not In Love
Lerosa - Slavery
Marco Shuttle - Dontuwant
Mr Lee - Pump Up Chicago (JD Twitch edit)
Neil Landstrumm - Brutality
Fix - Dope Computer
Regis / Ian J. Richardson - Untergang
SW37 - SW37 [A1]
Regis - Speak To Me
DJ Hyperactive - Reptilian Tank
Beltram - Gravitate
Messiah - There Is No Law (Hard mix)
DEQ - Inferno
Edge Of Motion - Overvolt

Modern Tapes at Italiansgroove Radio Show #19

Modern Tapes - A fresh duo composed by a sound engineer and a computer engineer. Vito and Tarcisio, guided by their passion for techno and ambient sounds, created the project "Modern Tapes" in September 2012.

Axel Karakasis - Molotov Cocktail 066

Axel Karakasis is the most recognisable Greek name in the Techno scene. His career is marked by a number of classic themes and a series of appearances that have established him as an international DJ.
The rise to his present status did not happen overnight, but goes back to the 80s and the 90s, when Techno made its first appearance. Fascinated by this new wave, Axel’s courtship with electronic music saw a very different light… By the late 90s, he was already known through various DJ residencies in Athens, as well as through his regular events with his team “Bubbles” –to be remembered to this date by many! This was when the techno wiz-kid earned his place among the top Greek DJs and appeared in numerous events in the biggest clubs of the Greek capital! He soon became the most wanted Greek Techno DJ, playing regularly in the biggest venues in Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Crete and all over his native Greece.
Being a restless spirit led Axel to new avenues in music production. He always wanted to play unique music in his sets. That’s what drove him to get into the studio and begin his own productions. In 2000, he had his first release on Pornographic Recordings and this was only the beginning, as a string of classic releases followed in the likes of MB Elektronics, Primate, Intec Records, etc. to establish himself in a genre he referred to as “Groovy Techno”!
At present, Axel releases his music in top record labels, like Kombination Research, 1605, Respekt Recordings and others, whereas his tracks have featured in well known compilations and mix CDs, such as Extreme Euphoria (Ministry of Sound), Cream Ibiza, I Love Techno, and many many more. However, his work wouldn’t be complete without his own imprint! In his first venture, he was the co-founder of Omega Audio Recordings, which received rave reviews and support by top DJs world-wide, as well as being a platform for new talents to see the spotlight. In September 2007, Axel decided to channel all his energy into his very own brainchild, Remain Records, which is gradually transforming into a brand encompassing both vinyl (Remain Records) and digital (Remain Records and Remain Limited) releases by Axel, The Advent and Industrialyzer, Marco Bailey and Tom Hades, APaul, as well as newer talent.

JemB [deephouse warm up for friendly people] 01.01.2013

Sgobba Giacomo aka JEMB aka Ashh Ist starts his experience as a DJ in Bologna in the early 90's through the radio experience of 'K Centrale Radio' and format KONTAINER
The radio becomes an important professional experience for JemB, where he matures and refines his djing technique . The radio also became an important meeting point where JEMB can deal with a lot of djs, producers, promoters and where important collaborations and friendships were born. Jemb gained his experience working together with labels such as Mixtophonico lab, [LED] Link Electronic Department, Italian Bassline rec., Afun rec and Tz records. He also shared the microphone with the Unzip Project (shape / Cocoricò club) and who will also attend the Street Rave in 2003 in Bologna.
Thanks to these strong relationships, JEMB brings in the studios of 'K Centrale Radio' International Djs such as Norm Talley (Beatdownsound rec.), Khan (matador rec - playhouse rec.), Daniel Meteo (Meteo Sound), dj K Rock (Rephlex rec), Vladimir Ivkovic (Important rec), Amon Tobin (ninja tune), dj Food(ninja tune), Bad Company( B.C. Rec), Usual Suspect feat Mc.Verse (Hardware Renegade rec.), Cause 4 Concerne (C4C rec), Danilo Vigorito (orion), Wang Inc (sonig rec), Panacea (position Crome rec.) just to mention some. ( here the complete line up). In addition to to these experience, Jemb worked closely with the LINK (, historical multicultural center of Bologna, where he enriched his musical training..Encouraged by Mauro Borella (H_uge), jemb in collaboration with Alessandro Merola(IRMA records), gave birth to the COOLER project. After this experiences, Jemb returns to his hometown, and thanks to the friendship of Vito Arpino (Arpino) and fabrizio Ippolito aka Doraemon, JEMB joins the collaborative project LAB080, active in the production of events and communication and dissemination of cross-cultural scene in South Italy.

Today JEMB,in collaboration with Gennaro Tosto aka Vonboot, works at the blog "Svarioni Premeditati”, a Bari/Italy based blog. together they share their point of view about electronic music plugging mixes, livesets, podcasts and radioshows.

Placid // Acid Classics

An acid head though and through...currently run a website with a friend dedicated to the sound of chicago between 86-89, in my opinion the best acid house. Love deep house, detroit techno and basically anything deep....

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Sandro Galli at Italiansgroove Radio Show #19

Sandro Galli is one of the greatest exponents of Techno European scene. His style, always original, involves across techno acid and techno old school. Also know as "uomo bassline", Sandro Galli starts his career, in the middle of 90th, with a single Ep for Hot Trax and in 1995 with a release (2x12) for One of the first experimental-techno labels to emerge from Rome - ACV [Alternative Current]. Subsequent productions are well characterized basically by dark tonalities with cutting-edge techno acid groove; his underground approach about techno music gave him the chance to play
at most important rave party across europe. In 2008 he start a new collaboration with a great Techno label from France - Minimum syndycat and in 2011 he start his own label called Luminar Records.


Italiansgroove Radio Show is a podcast radio created with the intention of sharing a place aimed the promotion of Italian djs and producers of electronic music [in its various declinations] around the world. Our first node is stromktaft radio the new cooperative project of Peter STROM (Zurich) and SCHUBKRAFT (Hamburg). We broadcast the first thursday, monthly on STROM:KRAFT RADIO

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NX1 - Invite's Choice Podcast 088

NX1 is a Surit and Samot´s project, as artist and a sub-label
of the Nexe Records:

Nexe means “nexus” in our language.
Nexe is our link with the music and the scene.
Nexe gets involved with the techno and its origins, adding our
experiences, our vision and evolution. Nexe defends the vinyl as a format
par excellence, living with digital format and futures that may come.
Nexe is a union between music, visual and graphic arts.
Nexe Records have two sub-labels: “NX1”, with which we star the project,
and “A-Nexe” yet to come. Nexe is the juntion between those who
sympathize our doctrine and help to expand it.
Nexe is above all, an independent
electronic music label.

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Brando Lupi - Smoke Machine Podcast 072

Producer, musician, dj, photographer, Brando Lupi’s influences range anywhere from post industrial-rock, experimental electronic to modern classical. The Italian native has had a history working alongside a number of talented artists.
Brando’s releases have been picked up by the likes of Orange Groove, Kompakt, Samuvar, Dewtone Recordings, Mental Groove, Detune Records and Elettronica Romana. He has recently composed a score for the movie “La Solitudine Dei Numeri Primi”, distributed by Medusa,with the soundtrack signed by Mike Patton ,leader of Faith No More,and presented at the 67th Venice Film Festival. He currently resides in Rome, spreading experimental spiritual frequencies across the world.

Orphx - Secret Thirteen Mix 050

Since the mid-1990s, Rich Oddie and Christina Sealey have been creating a unique fusion of techno, industrial, and electro-acoustic music. Using modular and analog synthesizers, software, location recordings and feedback circuits, Oddie and Sealey draw upon the darker tendencies of techno, electro, and dub, and combine these elements with the experimental aesthetics of early industrial music. Orphx has gained an international following as one of the pioneering acts within the European "rhythmic noise" scene and has more recently come to the attention of techno fans through their releases and remix work on Sonic Groove and Semantica. They have performed in numerous countries around the world, appearing at venues such as Berghain (Berlin), Mutek (Montreal) and Qwartz (Paris), and sharing the stage with artists such as Alva Noto, Laurie Anderson, Legowelt, Marcel Dettmann, Monolake, Pan Sonic, Shed and many others. Oddie and Sealey have also collaborated on audio / visual projects and exhibitions related to
their musical work. Orphx have released nine albums and numerous singles on vinyl, cd and cassette. Their most recent work further develops a dark hybrid of techno, dub and industrial that has been met with critical acclaim from many of techno's leading DJs.

Nax Acid / Ness / Deepbass / El Grego @ Dark Beat Factory #041

Dark Beat Factory is a show hosted by El Grego and ULaws. In each show will be placed a awesome guest from France mainly.
The sound is going to resound dark and techno.

The last show for 2012 will be a bit special cause we invite Informa Records and his label owner Deepbass. He choose to present us besids his set 2 artists with whom he collaborate. So for these 2 hours, we will 30 minutes of each one and El Grego will make a short set to close this year.

Dj Psycho - Bwaanzhii/Niimiidiwin (War Dance)

Dj Psycho aka Dezi Magby has been repping the streets for the last 25 years of his life, dedicating himself to the art of not only rocking the crowd, but making a mix that is as complex as his interests. Mike Banks (UR) himself said, after seeing him for the first time, “Look at him! Just look at him! He truly doesn’t give a fuck! Records don’t make him. He makes THEM do what he wants them to do!” He’s been referenced as being “the split difference between The Wizard and The Tazmanian Devil”.His live mixes cross boundaries and genres effortlessly, and his mixes on CD go beyond simply beatmatching records – they tell stories. Being a DJ is not so much how he makes a living as it is how he lives. At this stage in the game, he still practices 3-5 hours daily with no breaks.
Psycho took to the turntables after watching Grandmaster Flash on MTV in 1981. He had already been taking up guitar, piano and percussion, so the musical aspect was already there. He also had uncles in Detroit and Pontiac who introduced him to the game, and by 1983, their training paid off when he started DJing junior high and high school dances. He had co-founded a band the same year, Your’z Truly, playing guitar on stage and various instruments in the studio. In 1987, he met Kevin Klida (DJ Max Jerome), who ended up helping him secure his very first club gig at The Mikatam in Genesee, MI. After that first taste of notoriety, he started smashing everything in sight, touring alongside Digital Underground, Ice Cube and Naughty By Nature, getting his own mix show on local radio station WWCK-105 fm, and procuring the Midwest DMC finals championships 3 years running.
Since then, it’s been a rollercoaster ride, with no breaks in his popularity and respect amongst his peers. He’s thrown parties in the Flint area as part of the SPICE crew between ’91 and ’97. As part of Rev. Right Time (’97-’03), he’s been written up in High Times Magazine, appeared on the Jenny Jones show and shared stages with Parliament-Funkadelic, The Time, Roger and Zapp, Fishbone, WAR, Hed P.E., Coal Chamber and Drowning Pool. As a solo DJ, he’s bumped mixers with DJ Clue, Green Lantern, Skribble, Boy George, Gianni, Michael Myers, and Mix Master Mike, as well as Michigan luminaries such as Punisher, MD!, Billebob, Scan 7, and countless others. He’s also a supporter of low-power FM, helping launch RADIO FREE FLINT in 1999. Psyc is currently a member of Funkilinium, a 6-piece R&B/funk outfit that has been nominated twice for Best Funk Band at the Detroit Music Awards. Early this past year, Vert Clothing chose him as a spokesmodel for their new line of street gear and co-sponsored his “Dissident” club tour for the summer of 2006.