Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stanislav Tolkachev - Addicted Podcast #10

Ukrainian techno pioneer. A follower of the Detroit style. Also interested in black and white alternative photo processes and hand printing. Designer.

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S100 at Smoke Machine Podcast 059

From a cellar in the center of Stockholm, with a love for machines - S100 is a collective with a D.I.Y attitude, carving sounds, noise and visuals from digital and analogue hardware. With a broad spectrum, drawing influences from their previous work within techno, dub and experimental electronics, S100 continues their search without defined boundaries.

Sandro Galli * Future Techno part II

Sandro Galli is one of the greatest exponents of Techno European scene. His style, always original, involves across techno acid and techno old school. Also know as "uomo bassline", Sandro Galli starts his career, in the middle of 90th, with a single Ep for Hot Trax and in 1995 with a release (2x12) for One of the first experimental-techno labels to emerge from Rome - ACV [Alternative Current]. Subsequent productions are well characterized basically by dark tonalities with cutting-edge techno acid groove; his underground approach about techno music gave him the chance to play at most important rave party across europe. In 2008 he start a new collaboration with a great Techno label from France - Minimum syndycat and in 2011 he start his own label called Luminar Records.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ness at ERFUNDEN | Pod 001

This is the first podcast that starts the project "Erfunden". And the first guest is the Ness.

Few words about this set by Andrea: "This mix was recorded in Japan during the opening of Rural 2012, it's an extract from my 2 hours session. Being there for me it was really inspiring, the atmosphere, the people and the stage all connected with nature around,have made it as an unique experience."

Ness became interested in electronic music in the late 90's. In 2004 he started djing, taking inspiration from various genres going from trance to pure experimentation. The interest in music led him to attend various courses and audio engineer for some years and the conservatory of his hometown.The need to express his emotions through music led him to experiment and research in recent years that better reflect his sound.Since 2009 he founded his own label Mono Records with his friend Bettosun, and releases music in labels such as Prologue, Sonata and Varianz.The experience gained over the years leads to define his DJ sets that are characterized by a strong array of techno and house at the same time.

Marco Ferrazza & Claudio Porceddu - Flatlandia (Edwin A. Abbott)

Flatland: A romance of many dimensions (Edwin A. Abbott), with Marco Ferrazza and Claudio Porceddu.

Audio/visual performance based on the novel by Edwin A. Abbott, Flatland: A romance of many dimensions, with Marco Ferrazza and Claudio Porceddu. Festival Spazio Musica, June 2012, centro culturale Il Ghetto, Cagliari, Sardinia. 


Experimentation and sound research have always been key points of growth in art and music for Claudio PRC. Raised in a small Sardinian town (Italy), he has always been in close contact with all kinds of music, but the influences received by the strong Techno wave coming from Detroit and the special attractions for Concrete and Electroacoustic music definitively marked the development of his current musical ideology. The experiences that derive from his personal observations in the field of electroacoustic music are combined with the continuing study of lean and simple rhythmic structures. His feelings and adventures turn into deep and hypnotic atmospheres that are intertwined with abstract and sharp rhythms. Claudio currently releases music on German label Prologue and also appeared on labels such as Aconito Records and Stroboscopic Artefacts. His DJ sets are characterised by the same concept that distinguishes his music, and range from complex Ambient to sophisticated Techno.

NX1 // Addicted Podcast #9

NX1 is the first project of Nexe Records that was born as an artist and label at the end of 2011.

Coposed by Samot and Surit, is the result of many years of experiences in the electronic music scene where techno was the main soundtrack.

Interpreting the deeper and more serious side, merging the classic sound with a clear evolution without losing the essence and strongly marked with their concept.