Monday, December 10, 2012

Machine @ Italiansgroove Radio Show * One Year Stromkraft

Tommaso Marasma aka Machine is born in 1987; is a versatile musician and an activist of the Italian electronic scene. the relationship with music began as a child with classical music studies, only twelve years old began to produce and mix sounds techno, jungle and drum'n'bass, based on a philosophy from another world of sound: that of hiphop. Parallel to the musician is also applicable in designing and promoting events and reviews of electronic musici like: Loveland,Synth-etics, Funk You, Partyqular, Movement Milan, Intellighenzia Electronica. Since 2009 has been artistic director of the main litalian tchno-electronic festival called Maximal.
thanks to his inventiveness and ability to involve thousands of people within his musical and entertainment was actively involved in creating a true techno scene in Milan and Italy, in line with those presented in the various capitals of Europe and worldwide.
Machine draws on the imagination of the old-school Detroit techno and electronic music "caught" and then play with the language of techno which is reflected in the current European industrial and urban scenery with dark, tribal, deep sounds.

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