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Sandro Galli * Techno X-mas 2012

Sandro Galli is one of the greatest exponents of Techno European scene. His style, always original, involves across techno acid and techno old school. Also know as "uomo bassline", Sandro Galli starts his career, in the middle of 90th, with a single Ep for Hot Trax and in 1995 with a release (2x12) for One of the first experimental-techno labels to emerge from Rome - ACV [Alternative Current]. Subsequent productions are well characterized basically by dark tonalities with cutting-edge techno acid groove; his underground approach about techno music gave him the chance to play
at most important rave party across europe. In 2008 he start a new collaboration with a great Techno label from France - Minimum syndycat and in 2011 he start his own label called Luminar Records.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Thomas Hessler - December 2012 Set

Every so often an artist comes along that perfectly encapsulates the sound of the times. Thomas Hessler’s productions are a fresh, personalized take on deep, pulsating techno & stripped down grooves that mirror the world & these times. In an ever-changing planet, that’s often brutally dystopian,…his sound is true and hard-hitting in style. Born in East Germany, Thomas weaves together early influences and creates unique productions that are balanced components of depth, mood, space & atmosphere.
Steppin up to the present & forward with a formation of releases, he continue’s to develop his craft with integrity. His DJ sets are created within landscapes of deep, dark, memorable techno fused with finely selected, dub saturated house. Teasing the crowd, subjecting them to emotional catharsis, he wants you to space out, dance euphorically & most of all ‘feel it to the core’. His potent blend of techno has taken him across Europe with gigs at the infamous Tresor Club in Berlin, The world renowned festival Nuits-Sonores in Lyon France, Holland, Italy, Hungary etc...& always propelling onwards, increasing support from eminent, DJ/producers globally. Music is his life & he’s gonna share that with you…Let’s go on a mission with him!

Alhek - Rain podcast

ALHEK is Alessandro Sisti, a producer, sound designer and mastering engineer from Italy. His first approach to electronic music production was in the early 2000. For few years he left the production, but in 2008 he returned and attended a course in sound engineering in Rome to improve his professional skills.
After working as sound engineer in various projects, he decided to come back to electronic music production, getting to work with some labels and producers from all around the world. At the begin of 2012 he released his first solo album as"ALHEK" called "Work One" produced by Neurotraxx Recordings. Afterwards he get contacts with important records label such "Genesa Records" and "Soluxion Records" where he released several works, both original and remixes, also in collaboration with Dubit.

Innerspace Halflife at process part 333 (idiosyncratic beating shit)

Innerspace Halflife is a live PA between Hakim Murphy and Ike Release. Totally cosmic and idiosyncratic as we take on the task of channeling and more importantly capturing the spirit of Jack through whatever means we have available to us. A common theme/occurrence throughout our work in its various modest and homegrown technical situations is to allow an ability to be free and to let the cosmos/Jack be our guide that comes through in the final product as all the idiosyncrasies that occur through this process remain for the most part intact. Three machines, two people, taking you to a pocket galaxy all day.

Delta Funktionen at do/nothing exclusive 024

Niels Luinenburg has been releasing music as Delta Funktionen since 2008. For several years before that, though, he worked in an underground vinyl store in the northern part of his native Holland. It was here that he tuned into, and began to be influenced by, rare early Detroit techno and Chicago house pressings before finally getting infected to the point of needing to contribute to the electronic music community in his own right.
Content to go about his business quietly, the Dutchman now spins a genre-defiant blend of Detroit techno, Chicago-licked house, crafty old school electro and sparkling Italo disco at clubs like fabric, Trouw, The Bunker and Berghain/Panorama Bar… “My DJing is all about serious fun” says the man who gained notoriety recently thanks to a powerful warm-up set ahead of techno hero Jeff Mills. Though that night saw him adapt ably to the situation, normal headline gigs for Delta Funktionen are about showcasing a wide variety of electronic sounds, with each one designed for maximum dance floor demolition.
In terms of the man’s productions, there has been a recent shift away from the conceptual offerings of his Electromagnetic Radiation releases and the stern techno seriousness of underground hits like his Silhouette EP and Setup Series on Delsin and Ann Aimee respectively. The results can best be heard on his debut Delsin album, Traces, which covers a lot of ground - and not all of it completely focussed on the dancefloor. With one eye on the past and two feet firmly stamping forward, it touches on everything from house to acid to techno to electro. In other words, it contains traces of everything that has gotten him to where he is today…

Wasteyouth // Inward series vol.17 [Lucy]

+++ tracklist +++

Lucy - Decad
Lucy - Eon
Lucy - Dub Man Walking
Lucy - Beautiful People
Lucy - Tetrad
Lucy - Wytonia
Lucy - Milgram Experiment
Lucy - Stanford Prison
Lucy - Kalachakra (Version)
Lucy - Pentad
Lucy - Falling Empire
Lucy - Happiness Is A Prison
Lucy - Lav
Lucy - Gas

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Keith Tucker @ La Cheetah, Glasgow [28.09.2012]

The music scene in Detroit has a long history of producing many forms of music. Detroit has long been influential in the celebrated “Motown Era,” to the globally influential age of “Detroit Techno.” Detroit will always in some way drive the world in music. Detroit DJ’s and Producers, in their unique ability, strive to progress into the future by putting a little of themselves into each track. This ability allows some to feel a special vibe that produces visions of the future by embracing the past. Keith Tucker, an Artist and DJ, has captured this vision in his recordings. Tucker, co-founder of AUX-88, and also known as DJ K-1, Alien FM, KT-19941, and his (Alter Ego) futuristic movie score sounds of Optic Nerve. During the early part of the 1980’s, Tucker focused his talents on playing his exclusive music via mobile DJ’ing. These transmissions of his exclusive music were most effective through street parties and various underground venues. Spinning the likes of Kraftwerk, Cybotron, Parliament, Human League, Derrick May, and the Soul Sonic Force, to name a few. On the radio, in and around Detroit, this music was playing, and Tucker discovered that keyboards and various drum machines had taken over his life. Various other aspiring artists, Ron Cook, Tommy Hamilton, and Anthony Shakir, helped redefine Techno with wicked drumbeats and synthesized bass tracks strictly for parties. In 1985, Tucker, Tommy Hamilton and Tony Horton formed RX-7, a local Detroit Techno band. While creating a new identity on the Techno scene, AUX88 brought about new feelings among other Techno artist. This was demonstrated through a truly historical event brought about through Juan Atkins of Metroplex Records. Tucker (K1), Tommy Hamilton (Tom Tom), and Mike Banks (Mad Mike) were approached by Juan Atkins to help organize and perform Atkins first ever-live performance as Model500, on October 13, 1995 for Metroplex Records 10th anniversary celebration. Tucker’s vision of unity came together during the DEMF. Through Tucker‘s many releases, interviews, reviews and performances in the U.S and Europe, Techno has now given him the recognition he deserves. This has promoted Keith Tucker as an artist, a writer, and a performer. Tucker’s love of music shows that there is truth in the music. Call him what you want but by any other way, but don’t call him blind. This visionary from DETROIT has brought his unique brand of dance music to the awaiting ears of the world since 1990. He has also pulled together the members of AUX88 and other well known Detroit artist to form many different factions of Detroit techno. Tucker has had his hand in the mechanics of the groups FREQUENCY (Metroplex), ALIEN FM (430 West), SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT (430 West), the ever changing AUX-88 (Direct Beat), and AUXMEN projects (Puzzlebox), NICO Marks, Eddie Folks, Strand, members of P-funk all-stars, members of the house, Mike Grant, Max Durante (Fuzion Project), A Number of Names (Shari Varri), Patrick Wacher (Southern Outpost Records), and Model 500 Live. The former GM TECH grad has had affiliation, and is currently an inductee of DETROIT HISTORICAL Museum’s "TECHNO: DETROIT'S GIFT TO THE WORLD EXIBIT". The ELETRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL vet now concentrates on his renewed musical kinship with Tommy Hamilton to reform the original AUX88 duo lineup of the group and there new techno incarnation Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo.

Surgeon liveset at Boiler Room [20.11.2012]

Birmingham techno artist Anthony Child has rapidly built a solid and, to a certain extent, innovative catalog of minimal dancefloor techno since his Surgeon releases began appearing in 1991. Compared favorably with Detroit original Jeff Mills from his earliest Downwards singles on forward, Child's tracks have been a mainstay in the popular Motor City DJ's sets. Although Surgeon releases have worked an increasing affectation for acid and trance, an economy of sound and basic hardness combine his and Mills' sound.
A noted and increasingly popular DJ himself, Child grokked his skills from hip-hop and electro jocks ("Tour de France" is a mainstay of his DJ sets), filling out his style with a driving toughness and appreciation for rapid cutting and flipping. Surgeon's entry into production was also noteworthy; urged on by producer Mick Harris (Child is a fan of Harris' Scorn project), the former Napalm Death drummer locked Child in his tiny studio, imploring him to "go mad." The result, the self-titled debut EP, was released on Downwards, and was instantly hailed as some of the highest quality U.K. techno of its time. Releases for Soma, Blueprint, Ideal Trax, and the ultra-exclusive Tresor label followed, with the debut LP, Basic Tonal Vocabulary, appearing on Tresor in 1997. Balance followed in 1998, as did Force & Form in 1999.
More recent additions to his repertoire include releases on his Counterbalance imprint as well as collaborations with Regis as British Murder Boys, resulting in tracks which take a tone far darker, denser, and more industrial than those from his Tresor years.
Equally influenced by early electro-pop innovators like Tomita and YMO, experimental groups like Can, Faust, and Suicide, and the tough grit of American electro and techno (Robert Hood, Hashim), Surgeon's mash-up is both straightforward and subtly experimental. Further influences from Coil, Psychic TV, and Whitehouse in recent works and DJ appearences do not go unnoticed.

Patrick DSP liveset at DJAX Fabrik, Madrid [15.12.2012]

Patrick DSP has been smashing sound systems around the world for several decades, starting in his native Canada, and finally landing himself in Berlin, where he currently resides. Beginning his campaign of techno in the mid 90s in Toronto, he soon delved into the production side of things, and eventually managing. A quick study in the technical realm, he fast found himself manning the buttons for renowned labels such as Kne' Deep Records and Unknown Forces, providing mastering, production and remixes for various labels, all the while building his repertoire of twisted pristine sounds.
In between jumping from Canada, to Brazil, to Berlin, Patrick managed to expand his abilities, not only making music from film scores to blistering techno, but also using his mastery of production to teach others their way around a studio, giving classes and lectures around the world. Never one to rest on his laurels, he was also performing across Europe, South America and North America, spreading his techno sound from intimate local clubs to festivals such as the Love Parade in Germany, ADE, MayDay, Awakenings, Fabrik, Tresor and many more.
His musical skills, along with his diverse range of technical ability, have not only resulted in an impressive discography of international releases, but have also allowed him to collaborate with some of the most talented names in techno, earning him the reputation of a true techno Renaissance man. DJ, Live Performer, Producer/Composer, Remixer, Sound Designer, Audio Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Label Manager, and Teacher; Patrick is a force to be reckoned with in the techno world.

Different World liveset at Tresor Berlin

Different World (Claude Young + Takasi Nakajima)
2 brothers born in different countries but of the same mind who encompass an entire wealth of electronic music history in their performance.

Claude Young (Detroit USA)
one of the most respected and accomplished DJ / Producers to come from the home of techno. His solo Dj sets are the stuff of legend and he has remixed and produced records for some of the greatest names in the business from Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig, 4 Hero, Octave One, Sven Vath, Alter Ego and a host of other names to long to mention. His DJ mixes are among the most popular on the market having compiled DJ mixes for K7!, Jeff Mills AXIS records, Sony Music Japan and may other labels. He has headlined almost every major event globally and entertained audiences in America, Spain, Germany, Slovenia, China, Scotland, Austria, Australia, France, Croatia, Switzerland and many other countries.

Takasi Nakajima (Tokyo / Fukui Japan)
one of the greatest DJ / Producer in Japan. Nakajima began playing dj and making track at the age of 16 with he's brother Yukio Matsuyama. He learn the turntable skill and music history from Matsuyama.In 1997 he was a finalist in the DMC regional DJ competition in Japan. He has one of the finest and varied collections of music in Japan playing everything from Dub, House, Techno to Hip Hop,Funk,Soul anything black music.

Young and Nakajima became close friends after Young relocated from Glasgow to Tokyo in 2005. Both having a strong love of music the two decided to form Different World in 2006 and began playing at their own resident events in Japan gaining a loyal following of hardcore music lovers. It is still a fresh memory when Different World played at DEMF in year 2007.Their new Vinyl has been released from A.R.T the label of Kirk Degiorgio 2011.

Los Hermanos Detroit - Digital Radio Weekend 3

Los Hermanos was originally a collaboration between Gerald Mitchell, Dj Rolando and Mike Banks of Underground Resistance. They raised the standard and destroyed the boundaries between Techno and House by fusing the funk and soul of Detroit Techno with the feel of latin rhythms and melodies after Rolando’s Departure to pursue a solo career, Gerald moved Los Hermanos in a slightly different direction without sacrificing any of the sound individuality or quality.
Gerald Mitchell born and raised in Detroit’s West Side is a Musician Producer Dj, Band Leader, and Sonic visionary whose music has made a huge impact on Detroit house and techno. From his early work on Underground Resistance's Interstellar Fugitives (UR 044 aka Soul Saver) project to his Celestial Highways classic on Metroplex and early house productions on Soul City records 1997,1998 distributed by 2030 submerge. His music has always been recognized by it soulful strength. Gerald’s work with Underground Resistance/ Mike Banks and Dj Rolando led to the anthem 'Knights of the Jaguar; and now he has brought his experience as a live musician into a group that expresses jazz fusion, gospel and funk into stunning electronic music worldwide know as LOS HERMANOS.

Jerome Sydenham at Slam Radio - 012

Few producers/DJs measure up to the legacy of Ibadan Records' Jerome Sydenham. With a career launched from an A&R position with Atlantic Records during the peak of the 90s New York house era he is today regarded one of electronic music's premier modern visionaries. Hits like the award winning house tracks 'Sandcastles' and 'Timbuktu' - both co-produced with Dennis Ferrer - and the monstrous techno slammer 'Elephant' co-produced with Rune has cemented him as a master craftsman of the global dance music spectrum. Kerri Chandler stated about his skills that "Jerome has an impeccable sense of arrangement - he's up there with Quincy Jones on that!" Besides producing Sydenham is often touring with regular appearances at Berlin's famed Berghain/Panorama Bar . He has still found time to work on a new Nagano Kitchen album focusing on his growing passion for techno and his fist solo album, Animal Social Club, a deep house album which will be dropping end of 2012 on Ibadan Records.

Paul Mac - TVC Podcast 005

After following the familiar UK path of Electro/Hip Hop/Acid House/Techno it has now been 24 years since Paul Mac started dj’ing and he has been producing for nearly 17, having recorded for over 50 labels including Sino, Theory , Ingoma, Kb Records Inc and Kanzleramt to name only a few and with nearly 140 release’s to his name its probably fair to call him a veteran of the scene.
After over 20 years of playing with records Paul has now made the jump to Ableton this has opened a lot of new doors musically and has reinvigorated his passion for the music. As well as his normal solo performances the future will see more performances with; Ben Sims as they finally bring the K.B Productions sound out of the studio and into the clubs, Mark Williams as the now infamous Sou Tai duo one of the more intense Techno performances on the circuit and finally as part of The Essex Rascals with Ben Sims, Tony Anderson and Mark Broom with more old school party influenced sets of Disco, Funk, Hip Hop and whatever else.

Roberto - Invite's Choice Podcast 085 [liveset at Berghain]

At the turn of the millennium a 16-year old Roberto invested his precious savings in his first set of turntables. The years that followed saw him honing his craft in DJing and then, influenced by the likes of Steve Rachmad, Samuel L Session, and Robert Hood, moving into production.
Over the last few years he has played alongside Cesar Merveille, Robert Dietz, Jamie Anderson and many other across the UK and Europe. His sets encompass styles from techno through to deep house, with a strong emphasis on the Detroit-groove. Roberto has seen critical support for his releases on Affin, Artform, Outland, and Architronica Records from DJs like Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Steve Rachmad, and many more.

Stefano Infusino - Metodiq Podcast 001

Stefano Infusino is an italian producer of the new techno generation. He loves to experiment new and different sounds often dark and deep without forgetting the groove that is characteristic of his productions. He works with labels such as Machine Box Recordings, Gynoid Audio, Amazone Records, Heaven To Hell Records, Parallel 125, Frucht, Shout Records.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mike Stern - Electronic Propaganda #4

Mike Stern discovered house and techno music at the start of the 90’s through Laurent Garnier’s shows on the French FM radio Maxximum. Intrigued by these new styles of music, he began to form his own personal musical tastes spending his spare time in record shops and rave parties. He began djing in 1994 and his love quickly grew for the underground techno sound which was coming out of England, Germany and US. In the late 90’s, bored by the techno sound, he discovered drum & bass/jungle and started to dabble in these genres. After a 6 year break from music, he went back to business. He refined his style and began to mix seamlessly between genres (techno, industrial techno, electro and UK Bass) in his sets. In 2011, his meeting with Tyler Smith aka Black Smith Craft allowed him to become resident of the B-Side show on and moderator of the Technotherapy group, a rising musical group on Soundcloud. At the same time, he makes some podcasts and some sets for other radio shows, and continues his musical quest.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Conrad Van Orton - Analogen Podcast 3

Conrad Van Orton born in Rome in 1985. His real name is Andrea Zanchetta, and his aka is a Fincher's "The Game" tribute, and a tribute is also the one that gives the name to the label he opens with his partner VSK aka Francesco Visconti: the Consumer Recreation Services Recordings. Since he was just a boy, CVO always been interested in djing, focusing on scratch, and for this reason he follows both the electro music and the Italian rap evolution in the later 90's.
In 2000, when he's fifteen he totally goes clubbing, which he anyway followed since Daft Punk's "Homework" album and the purchase of the first Technics' turntables. After some arrangement year between several kind of electronic club-oriented music as House, Italian Progressive and Elcectro House, he identifies in Techno and Minimal Techno his real music personality, also thanks to the rising friendship with VSK. In 2006 they starts to work together in a studio but job, issues and "life stuff" obstructs the project finalization.
At the beginning of 2010 some law issue, after a short period in jail, forces CVO to stay several months locked in his house. Here he starts to work on a lot of project, improving his producing technics and focusing all the blue mood, the rage and frustration in the music he creates. The anger, the will to evade (literally), the growing sense of heaviness raised just from the chance to make music every time he wants and all the obstacles he finds on the way to freedom will become his life thread and "main topic" of his sound. Soon his touch becomes darker, industrial and with a definite negative mood. The absence from live clubbing allows him to start an introspection and self oriented path regarding the music he picks for the dj-sets he records in his room, that will be his personal prison until November 2012.

Ed Vertov - This Sad Place

ED KARAPETYAN was born in Moscow in 1977 and moved to Los Angeles in 1998, where he went to school to pursue his dream to become a filmmaker, but in 2003 Ed and his old time friend Anton Kubikov of SCSi-9 (Kompakt) decided to set up an international electronic music record label PRO-TEZ RECORDS. It was launched in 2005 and became first Russian /American exclusive Kompakt label. Now the record label is getting world wide recognition and with number of releases proved to be an exquisite music vessel for young and never heard before musicians.Ed also works at Amoeba Record store in Hollywood where he is deeply involved in electronic music department , keeps djing around LA and making music which will come out one day.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Andrea Atzeni - Svarionipremeditati Podcast #19

we have the big pleasure to present one of the youngest and interesting sardinian's producers of the italian techno scene on Svarionipremeditati Podcast Series - Andrea Atzeni [Somewhere Recording - AY Tokyo]

Andrea Atzeni, Class '90, Sardinian, is the co-founder with Andrea Porcu of SOMEWHERE. RECORDINGS and SOMEWHERE EVENTS. Fascinated since childhood by the landscapes and the nature that surrounds him, Andrea decides to draw fruit from his sense of observation just throwing himself into the music. His sound is open, without a necessary style to encompass many genres that influence the artist himself. He's also a member of the Band 'The Smiling Strangers' with Andrea Porcu. The band released the debut EP 'Where The Stars Do Not Fall' in Japan for the record label AY based Tokyo. In 2012 he published his first Album lenght on SOMEWHERE. RECORDINGS, "Venus Transit" in which he collaborated with Marascia, Katsuyuky Taguchi and James Shain (Lilmanjs).

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Ashh Ist at Italiansgroove Radio Show * One Year Stromkraft

Sgobba Giacomo aka JEMB aka Ash Istr starts his experience as a DJ in Bologna in the early 90's through the radio experience of 'K Centrale Radio' and format KONTAINER
The radio becomes an important professional experience for JemB, where he matures and refines his djing technique . The radio also became an important meeting point where JEMB can deal with a lot of djs, producers, promoters and where important collaborations and friendships were born. Jemb gained his experience working together with labels such as Mixtophonico lab, [LED] Link Electronic Department, Italian Bassline rec., Afun rec and Tz records. He also shared the microphone with the Unzip Project (shape / Cocoricò club) and who will also attend the Street Rave in 2003 in Bologna. Thanks to these strong relationships, JEMB brings in the studios of 'K Centrale Radio' International Djs such as Norm Talley (Beatdownsound rec.), Khan (matador rec - playhouse rec.), Daniel Meteo (Meteo Sound), dj K Rock (Rephlex rec), Vladimir Ivkovic (Important rec), Amon Tobin (ninja tune), dj Food(ninja tune), Bad Company( B.C. Rec), Usual Suspect feat Mc.Verse (Hardware Renegade rec.), Cause 4 Concerne (C4C rec), Danilo Vigorito (orion), Wang Inc (sonig rec), Panacea (position Crome rec.) just to mention some. In addition to to these experience, Jemb worked closely with the LINK, an historical multicultural center of Bologna, where he enriched his musical training. Encouraged by Mauro Borella (H_uge), jemb in collaboration with Alessandro Merola(IRMA records), gave birth to the COOLER project. After this experiences, Jemb returns to his hometown, and thanks to the friendship of Vito Arpino (Arpino) and fabrizio Ippolito aka Doraemon, JEMB joins the collaborative project LAB080, active in the production of events and communication and dissemination of cross-cultural scene in South Italy. Today JEMB,in collaboration with Gennaro Tosto aka Vonboot, works at the blog "Svarioni Premeditati”, a Bari/Italy based blog. Together they share their point of view about electronic music plugging mixes, livesets, podcasts and radioshows.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Andrea la Bombarda at Italiansgroove Radio Show * ONE YEAR STROM:KRAFT

Andrea la Bombarda, since childhood, he cultivated an seriously attitude to electronic music and in 2010 he graduated by SAE International Institute of Milan with qualification in technical djing analog and digital including Ableton Live. Inspired by a blend of sounds on a dark minimalist techno, whose melody gives way to repetition. Andrea La Bombard has been making live set/tracks with samples of ambient sounds modified by software in order to give a custom imprint in its work.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Machine @ Italiansgroove Radio Show * One Year Stromkraft

Tommaso Marasma aka Machine is born in 1987; is a versatile musician and an activist of the Italian electronic scene. the relationship with music began as a child with classical music studies, only twelve years old began to produce and mix sounds techno, jungle and drum'n'bass, based on a philosophy from another world of sound: that of hiphop. Parallel to the musician is also applicable in designing and promoting events and reviews of electronic musici like: Loveland,Synth-etics, Funk You, Partyqular, Movement Milan, Intellighenzia Electronica. Since 2009 has been artistic director of the main litalian tchno-electronic festival called Maximal.
thanks to his inventiveness and ability to involve thousands of people within his musical and entertainment was actively involved in creating a true techno scene in Milan and Italy, in line with those presented in the various capitals of Europe and worldwide.
Machine draws on the imagination of the old-school Detroit techno and electronic music "caught" and then play with the language of techno which is reflected in the current European industrial and urban scenery with dark, tribal, deep sounds.

Dadub @ process part 331

Dadub is a meeting of two minds, Daniele Antezza and Giovanni Conti, a duo whose output is underpinned by a mutual curiosity. The result? Startling electronic music productions, one of the best live acts in the scene and the innovative Artefacts Mastering studio.
The collaboration started not in their native Italy, but in Berlin. Daniele arrived in Berlin with the kernel of Dadub, a project he'd begun in 2008 with a release on the label A Quite Bump. Daniele came via Rome where he'd plunged himself into production, studying electronic music. Giovanni had been drawn to Berlin to work on interactive digital arts projects, honing his knowledge of hardware and software. Once they met it was only a matter of time before Dadub became a two-men project.
Twinned by a fascination of process, and a love of Lee Scratch Perry's mix board experiments, they take dub and push it into the deepest corners of techno and out to the ambient fringes. Frustrated by identikit sounds in electronic music they set about pouring their technical knowledge together in search of innovation.
They describe their approach in the studio as 'like making scent'. Dadub take sound and process it to extract depth and expose human warmth. With this studio outlook it was natural for Dadub to move into mastering. They delved in and Artefacts Mastering emerged: mastering that involves no presets and a policy of adjusting every track entirely from scratch. It's exactly this type of discipline, their use of open strategies instead of formulas that also makes Dadub so dynamic live. Live they layer dubbing and synthesis, they take Dadub material and deconstruct or reconstruct it spontaneously. Their sets are seriously deep and have been showcased internationally at Barcelona's Sonar festival, Germany's Melt! festival and in clubs from Berlin to Moscow and New York.
There's something alchemical about Dadub whether live, on record or when commanding the studio. And when considering their mixes for CLR or Electric Deluxe and Electronic Explorations, it's clear that when given space and length they're ambitious. This adds anticipation for the forthcoming Dadub productions, particularly their first album, which they are currently synthesizing into existence.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Malkavath @ Italiansgroove Radio Show * One Year Stromkraft

Saverio Lattanzio a.k.a Malkavath was born on 12th September 1979 in Bari, southern Italy. Since young he felt attracted towards the world of music: when he was only 13 years old he bought his first turntables and he started playing ‘90s house dance music in several clubs of the city. At his 21, his approach to music evolved until reaching the production of his own electronic music, composing lounge and ambient music. He also started collaborating with different musicians. From their cooperation was born the Kobayashi Porcellain project, meeting- point between chamber-music and electronica. After a period of absence, the 25 year old Saverio resumed to play electronic and dance music in various clubs all around Italy, supporting international Djs. In 2006 gave birth to WunderKammer, a electronic music collective that became digital label in 2008. In the same year he moved to London with the desire to extend his artistic horizons always looking for new sources of inspiration. He started collaborating with
Bread/Butter (club events organization and promotion) and afterwards together with other London based artists he created Sub Genus Electronic Arts, collective made up of a selection of the best new DJs, VJs, producers, musicians and installation artists whose mission it is to explore the weird and wonderful world of electronic arts, ranging from deep techno to futuristic psychedelic.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Modes liveset at ItalianGroove Radio Show - 1 Year on StromKraft Radio

Guido Modanese aka Modes was born in Treviso, Class 1987. Began studying piano at the age of 10 years. In 2003 strats to participate at the first underground parties and electronic festivals. In 2006he decided to start producing its own music, brought his first groovebox and starting with first musical experiments. From 2008 he began his electronic live music project. From 20120 he began his studies at the University of Visuals and Performing Arts – IUAV. His style is based primary in hypnotic atmospheres and futuristic sounds

Friday, December 07, 2012

The Noisemaker @ ItalianGroove Radio Show - 1 Year on StromKraft Radio

Riccardo was born in 1987 in Treviso, a town near Venice. He had his first approach with electronic music at the age of 11. A simple interest turns into something more at the age of 14, when he starts performing his DJ sets. In 2007, after a few appearances at some local clubs and underground parties, he decides to turn his attention towards the construction of a Live Set, without however omitting the charm of vinyls in his DJ sets. From 2009 onwards, you can find several works on various labels under the name The Noisemaker. He is currently working with labels such as Par, M_rec, Raw Waxes, Wood n Bass. In his LiveSet he brings out an hypnotic and aggressive atmosphere. In 2010, feels the need to deepen his knowledge in the arts and decided to enroll in the course of New Technologies for the Arts Academy of Venice. 2013 is the year of the launch of his own label NMKrec, that will be the main holder of his work.

Reig @ ItalianGroove Radio Show - 1 Year on StromKraft Radio

Emilio 'Reig' Carrara was born in Rome in 1978. In 1993 he began to attend illegal rave scene and this gave to him a new birth, a passion for Techno music. He began composing electronic music at an amateur level with software such as Impulse Tracker. From 1999 he began to buy vinyl and playing in the underground scene Capitoline. Since 2005 he undertook with his partner Ed the production process at a professional level, culminating with the recording experience with Leo Anibaldi owner of Cannibald Rec. Now Reis is involved in a new project, Trivmvirate Records

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Italiansgroove Radio Show and Strom:kraft Radio
we proudly present: ONE YEAR STROMKRAFT
thursday 06th December from 3.00pm(CET) to 1.00am(CET)

15.00 - Malkavath

  16.00 - Onval
17.00 - Modes
18.00 - The Noisemaker
20.00 - Andrea la Bombarda
  21.00 - Reig
22.00 - Ashh Ist
23.30 - Machine 

K1971 Tv - Episode 2

K1971 Tv - Episode 2

Max_M (ITA) - M_Rec Ltd
Fabrizio Lapiana (ITA) - Attic Music / Sustain
Perc (UK) - Perc Trax
Angelina Yershova (RU) - Twin Paradox
Recommended Releases (Vinyl / Digital)

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Monday, December 03, 2012

Inigo Kennedy - Addicted Podcast #13

Born in North London 1972, I was playing with a Fisher Price turntable by the age of two and spent the majority of my early years taking anything electronic, computerised or robotic apart - progressively things around me turned into a laboratory. During the late 80s I took more than a passing interest in the first wave of hip hop as it developed into a more experimental and electronic format. Mantronix 'Bassline' remains an all time favourite. Inspired by the sound Paul Hardcastle's '19', first heard on the Radio One hip hop show and seeming to defy categorisation, there unfolded an extended period of experimenting with tape dubbing, manual and labour-intensive editing and the misuse of cheap guitar effects pedals. Next came the energy of acid house and break-beat hardcore which was for me a natural progression and firmly planted the seeds of what was to later become a great passion for techno. Throughout this time I was equally fanatical for all kinds of obscure alternative, industrial and electronic music and spent much of my time trawling through record fairs for unusual material. Listening to John Peel's shows on Radio One became a regular source of inspiration and this has come full circle more recently with John Peel regularly playing my material on his shows. The beginnings of my studio, the acquisition of a Roland D-50 and Casio FZ-1 in 1994 and the assembly of a rudimentary home made mixer and filter unit lead to the start of techno production in earnest - and a seriously deep knowledge of how these machines could be used and misused. This period of production culminated in winning of the 1996 Fosters Ice Breaker for Techno on John Berry's Techno Show on Kiss 102 in Manchester, UK. Winning the Fosters Ice Breaker lead to my first release 'The Bond EP' in June 1996. A bright orange record that some people in Manchester at the time may have remembered appearing in their hands outside a few club nights. Throughout this period, early in 1997, several pseudonyms sprang into existence to support a number of different projects - from the harsh industrial sounds of Tomito Satori on Exhibit and Helki Torsnum on Sheer to my increasingly experimental loop based output as Reducer on Instillation. In their own right, these alter egos have received much praise and continue to develop.
The Reducer project has seen the most success and recognition - the material perhaps being the most timeless and far reaching. By way of example in late 2003 Jeff Mills began to express serious interest in Reducer releases from 1998. Over the turn of the millennium and into the 21st century, output continued apace with acclaimed projects for many other labels such as Rodz-Konez, Cutting Pleasure, Potential, Ergonomix, Urban Substance, Morpheus, Native Diffusion, Blackout Audio, Speaker Attack, Electracom and Fylo including remixes for the Space DJz, Makaton, Robert Armani and others. Often, although of course not always, releases that have come about as the result of strong friendships, shared aims and similar ideas.

Fabrizio Lapiana at ERFUNDEN | Pod 012

Fabrizio Lapiana - Born in Rome in 1975, he grew up listening to disco and new wave vinyl records bought by his father.He subsequently developed a passion for house music, acid and rap. This first contact with the Motor city cutting-edge music was an intense experience that pushed him to start to play records. The decision to start producing music only came in 2008 when he launched
his personal label “Attic Music”,characterized by deep and dark techno sounds. In 2012, Fabrizio launched another label called “Sustain”, mainly focused on dub sounds. Fabrizio’s dj performances reflect his consolidated experience as a fine and tasteful artist, providing a deep techno journey into unexplored soundscapes.