Sunday, November 11, 2012

The SoulCatcher - Detroit Techno For President

The SoulCatcher - I began in 1998 playing techno and electro stuff especially music from Detroit (Red Planet, UR, Drexciya, J.Mills, Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Infiltrator, Code Red, jay denham, black nation, robert hood, claude young, dj skurge and many more....) . Now i'm playing more minimal dark/deep progressive music from house to techno and electro. have many influences like Quince, minimode, gary beck, richie hawtin, Minus, presslaboys, autistic, microtrauma, fabrizio maurizi, re axis, gaiser, ben klock, Klartraum, Nadja Lind, Konstantin Sibold and many many more..... I always keep an eye on new technologies and new way of making music or mixing. You will find soon my first production.

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